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China can / sea outfit: March toward maritime lamina " innovation upland "

Recently, in coasting of territorial sea of the eastpart part of distance our country the offing of 39 kilometers, china can the East China Sea of group Cheng Dongru is windward and electrical engineering Cheng spot is unusually busy. By China can, what sea outfit develops jointly is homebred change 5 million made of baked clay high capacity be in on group of maritime wind electric machinery intense begin debug the job. The “ on this Taiwan Strait is gigantic without bully ” realized aircrew one class component is homebred change rate 100% , overall and homebred change rate more than 95% , equipment of key of core of group of maritime wind electric machinery is homebred change obtain major breakthrough. Be brave in to face up to contradiction, drive crucial part homebred report of maritime wind of “ of the   that change   develops 10 years quickly, accumulated rich experience, also facing many challenges, should be with the problem now oriented, seize opportunity, walk out of the road of an own innovation. Li Weidong of secretary of Party committee of academy of clean energy technology, president says ” Hua Nengqing. Current, growth of electricity of our country maritime wind is rapid, installation amount of the accumulative total end 2020 already was become the 2nd. However, group of windward electric machinery still has high capacity of great capacity a variety of crucial parts by foreign manufacturer forestall. Power of vast pressure translate into, drive is worn all participator of industry of maritime wind cable dig each technology acme, crucial part is homebred the central issue that turns an attempt to also become attention gradually. China can the group develops one of business as big maritime wind report, establish innovation combine, produce effect of ” of chain length of industrial catenary “ , the station ponders over the future of maritime wind report in angle of industrial catenary whole. Pass detailed assessment and argumentation, group of electric machinery of large and maritime wind is homebred changing will be our country future one of important grasper that maritime wind report develops, also be the important safeguard of energy security. To this, china can the group was established homebred change group of maritime wind electric machinery to develop a project, concentration breaks through group of maritime wind electric machinery homebred change crucial technology, development of report of will maritime wind masters in him person in the hand. China can the group relies on academy of technology of energy of Hua Nengqing clean (Hua Nengqing of “ of the following abbreviation can courtyard ” ) , the unit of much home technology such as associated sea outfit is begun jointly homebred change aircrew to develop manufacturing work, be like the East China Sea in Hua Nengjiang Su Chengdong application of windward electric field sets an example. In developing a process, aircrew got Hua Nengjiang Su Gong department, Xi'an heats up labour academy energetically support and China can the assistance of Zhejiang company. Homebred change group of maritime wind electric machinery to be being caught up with 2021 consign fastigium, arrive from upriver assembly vendor downstream unit general assembly, maritime hoisting, every link is bearing enormous pressure. Of group of electric machinery of maritime wind of “ our country homebred change it is difficult to must borrow this a place with a draught to greet and on, just can be maritime wind report continuously infuse of high quality development is abundant motivation. ” project technology tackles key problem Guo Xiaojiang of committee member of courtyard Party committee, can assistant dean says group group leader, Hua Nengqing. Project group holds to two tactics to catch, two tactics is tough, stress quality single-handed, stress plan single-handed, ensure the technology closes nevertheless not discharged, work overtime at the same time grab catch time node. “ designs aircrew to get offline successfully from aircrew whole plan, project group holds superintend and director to guide every week meeting, superintend and director guides the project makes progress, never interrupt. ” Hua Nengqing can courtyard sea is windward electric department member, assistant director Tang Wei says. Project group stares at fixed target closely, hold to a problem to direct, grab from fundamental technicality, begin detailed technique demonstration, invite the technologist inside the industry to evaluate technical program, for aircrew homebred change plan fine fine feel pulse, eliminate each potential hidden danger. Push development plan in full blast at the same time, every appear a problem is fulfilled directly to relevant technology chief, make countermeasure quickly, assemble force is solved. Grind because of each ginseng just about unit staff member day and night, take on with intense responsibility mission, made sure development evolutional is advanced smoothly. Be brave in focusing core, advance a project to tackle key problem project of new breakthrough   tackles key problem in the process, project group captured an another technical difficulty, broke through bearing of lamina of group of electric machinery of large and maritime wind, headstock, gear case, advocate accuse IGBT of PLC, convertor to wait for a series of core crucial part is homebred change, applied China of can own research and development advocate charge system, unit - mast - the technology such as testing system of perception of intelligence of fundamental integration design, number, obtained aircrew key core component is all and homebred the arrogant person result that turn. —— lamina, as the heart of group of wind electric machinery, undertook is over yield changing replacing to girder carbon fiber. “ is homebred the WB171 lamina that changes aircrew place to deploy is as long as 83.6 meters, cover with tiles be home grows on this level in 5 million. ” China can Xie Zhaoliang of specific responsibility of ministry of market member, science and technology says. “ especially second use data of homebred carbon fiber fabric, existing to us craft line is an acid test. Company of blade of report of wind of ” Luoyang double luck member, Feng Wei of vise general manager says. For this, project group is innovated already some technical courses, bold adopt new-style technology. Blade makes medium applying automation laid technology, the factitious operation error in reducing carbolic cloth laid is affected, reduced the risk of lay up drape and perfusion blemish. In the meantime, accurate control braids craft, be aimed at the character of homebred carbon fiber, custom-built change development craft method, reduced fiber to wear away, make fiber platoon cloth more even, better assurance material function. —— headstock, as the joint of group of wind electric machinery. The headstock external diameter that “ makes this achieves 3200mm, count headstock of homebred wind report, the design makes difficulty tall ” , the sea installs engineer Xiao Changyuan to say. Headstock of so large group of wind electric machinery never has been produced before “ , no matter this designs ability to ours, process capability, heat treatment ability, material function is huge test. Moustache of minister of research and development of new strong couplet occupies ” Luoyang the group says. To this, project group combines relevant unit, the improvement that advanced existing bearing rolled steel jointly works, check class status of fundamental data, nuclear chemistry, perform synthetic mode, personnel of research and development is passed do not know how many times repeatedly experiment, failed again second come again, eventually, the temper by dipping in water of bearing material appears gender and microtherm function to have apparent promotion, became headstock of group of wind electric machinery homebred those who change is strong prop up. —— advocate accuse, as the cerebra of group of wind electric machinery, unit of this second wind cable was broken through homebred change PLC technology, crucial core chip introduces homebred product completely, control a system also by own research and development of company of Hua Nengxin acute. The development of “ homebred PLC needs to begin many development and test job ” from the beginning, country of filial piety of secretary of Party branch of company of Hua Nengxin acute, general manager a surname says. Group of “ wind electric machinery advocate control a system homebred change, the key that is development of report of our country wind one annulus ” , yang Wei of assistant dean of the member that the sea is installed, academy says. The project develops an unit related group combination, in order to satisfy a stage homebred the application that turns set of maritime wind electric machinery is a target, advanced with all one's strength advocate the development that controls a system, promoted advocate the news that dominates a system is safe. —— devises a method, fan - mast - technology of fundamental unifinication design already put forward in domain of maritime wind report old, however in the absense of apply test and verify to this technology, lack plans to the overall technology of manufacturer and designing institute and coordinate, fail to produce its effect adequately all the time. “ makes unifinication design technical standard by owner, the pattern that leader plant and designing institute design in coordination has not been carried out truly inside the industry. This unifinication design method used academy of technology of energy of Hua Nengqing clean the core technology of own research and development, through leader plant and designing institute many rounds of iteration is designed, success application covers with tiles in 5 million on group of the homebred electric machinery that change wind, also will popularize further in project of maritime wind cable. ” Hua Nengqing can courtyard member, Zhang Bo of secondary total industry says department of maritime wind cable. —— monitors a method, group of maritime wind electric machinery gets wind, billow, spread the effect that waits for coupling of multiple environment feature, its generating capacity and breakdown generation element are complex. “ this second be in homebred change reality of group of maritime wind electric machinery blade, change the sea with canister of paddle, hub, main shaft, gear case, dynamo, tower and foundation and located aircrew sails upstream runner band condition was added newly more than 180, safety of the make a present of before using lidar, structure detects wait for monitoring of more than 10 intelligence and all of carry hold together. ” Hua Nengqing can Sun Caixin of courtyard business manager says. This technology reinforced the active perception of group of maritime wind electric machinery to noumenon and environment, promoted group of maritime wind electric machinery the capability that active control optimizes, to raise group of maritime wind electric machinery to generate electricity function and breakdown are diagnosed offerred with early-warning ability prop up solidly. —— hoisting, “ is homebred change 5 million to cover with tiles aircrew will fall May 22 after refute, the spot removed great storms, the boat that lets already left a port originally must answer harbor to take shelter from the wind, just will begin hoisting tower canister on June 4, ” Hua Nengjiang revive Bai Liang of assistant of the member that fill ministry of Dong Rudong project, manager says, the spot when a lamina after “ is only poor had strong wind again, plan was delayed two days or so again. ” falls in the circumstance with spot so abominable condition, hua Nengjiang Su Chengdong if east project ministry play is brave in it is challenge, difficult to greet and the spirit that go up, make hoisting in detail special the programme of construction, overcome maritime environment requirement of changeful, work technological process of difficult, hoisting is complex wait for a lot of difficulty, science is forecasted, bold advance, the window of clench component hoisting period, the maritime task that passes last a period of time 7 days, finish this hoisting job satisfactorily. Homebred change 5 million to cover with tiles the success of group of maritime wind electric machinery is being represented what solving energy field “ to block neck ” problem to go up is solid one pace, to maritime wind report next par change development the sense is great. In the meantime, industry of cable of our country maritime wind also will progress change development to par quickly as the technology, for “30·60” double carbon target contributes greater wisdom and force continuously.

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