Group of scientific research of Chen Liquan academician is in project courtyard print of project courtyard courtyard " engineering science " write civil, the data of new energy resources that the key studied to with lithium ion material of batteries and fuel cell key is a delegate develops the strategy, summed up the development state of affairs of material of domestic and international new energy resources, analysed the problem that data estate development exists related our country, looked into the development trend of research and development of domestic and international new material and industry. Face asked with the new development 2035 2025, the article elaborated material of key of our country new energy resources to be in the development train of thought of lithium ion batteries and fuel cell domain, refined development target and key task. Article proposal, perfect program carrying a layer on the head, increase innovation drive policy to support strength, cultivate advantage company, begin production to apply demonstrative platform construction, strengthen talent team to build, with period those who realize material of our country new energy resources span development.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
One, material of introductive   new energy resources points to those who support development of new energy resources, have the functional material that energy stores and changes a function or stuff of structural function unifinication. The development of new to promoting energy resources produced material of new energy resources main effect, the invention of material of new energy resources is ecbolic the birth of system of new energy resources, the application of material of new energy resources improved the efficiency of system of new energy resources, the investment that the use of material of new energy resources is affecting system of new energy resources directly and moving cost. Lithium ion batteries is car of new energy resources and electric power adjust competitive store can technology, fuel cell is hydrogen can the core of the times generates electricity unit, accordingly, the article studies the stress to with lithium ion batteries is mixed the material of new energy resources that material of fuel cell key is a delegate develops the strategy. Review development situation, the United States, Japan, European Union develop and area, and the burgeoning economy system such as Russia, Brazil, India and south Africa carries out a series of propping up in succession the policy that industry of data of new energy resources develops and measure, position of the race to control in striving to compete in prospective international. Specific in light of, the United States made innovation of “ electric car plan (EV Everywhere ) the major strategy such as ” of plan of group of ”“ material gene, the near future still was released " “ store draft of route chart of ” of can big challenge " ; Japan came on stage " accept rice and strategy of material technology research and development " " new growth strategy " wait for a program; The European Union regards crucial new material as the main base of advanced manufacturing industry, released “ European Union 2020 strategies ” " batteries 2030+ (BATTERY 2030+ ) " etc. Made technically also " make 2025 " " 935 ” of “ innovation of material domain science and technology is special program " etc, strive to promote industry of data of our country new energy resources to produce structural sex change, weigh model technology means in the round, form the development zoology that open contest adds up to. The course tries hard for years, industry of data of our country new energy resources obtained remarkable development, technical level rises increasingly, industrial dimensions expands ceaselessly, for ion of our country lithium the hi-tech industry such as batteries material, fuel cell material breaks through technical camp, implementation to develop those who offerred adamancy to prop up quickly. From the point of whole, advanced level photograph compares domain of material of our country new energy resources and abroad to still be put in bigger difference. Henceforth, the competition ability of industry of data of our country new energy resources still needs to strengthen, give priority to the own innovation system of body to be perfected urgently with the enterprise, be enslaved to be enslaved to of material of partial core key material of person, high end external depend on sb or sth for existence spends higher issue to need to solve. For this, clutch good luck, sound program, the capability propping up that promotes material of new energy resources the industry is imperative, this develops way to accelerating our country economy the strategic port with enhance low carbonization of green of material of international competition actual strength, implementation to develop a target to have change, principal. Picture   2,   of   of general situation of progress of material of key of model of domestic and international new energy resources (one)   of material of lithium ion batteries is current, the core technology of domain of lithium ion batteries is much be waited to master with the area by European Union, United States, Japan, Korea, among them, japan is early begin to produce lithium ion cell, technical actual strength is abundant. Company limited of industry of the electric equipment below Japanese pine controlled the batteries industry chain of tesla Motor Corporation; Japanese electric company limited (NEC) the lithium ion cell that with Korea LG chemistry the company produces produces motor-car of report of Leaf report motor-car, general Volt to have good safe moving record each in day; The village field place that make is mandatory product certification (3C) batteries supplier, korea happy gold (LG) the brunt supplier that company of chemical company, SamSung SDI company, SK Innovation cell is masses car, BMW car and Benz. Our country takes the research of material of lithium ion batteries seriously all the time, in 20 centuries 80 time label his the priority discipline of 863 plans. In recent years the development as industry of automobile of new energy resources, the investment of research and development of material of ionic to lithium batteries still retains higher strength all the time. With develop to be compared, the product of high end of partial new material in batteries of ion of our country lithium is occupied lower than still be being compared, technical content is not high, the additional cost of the product is inferior, the equipment of high accuracy automation of high-end material and batteries still needs a large number of imports. In recent years, the support in relevant section and drive below, especially the rapid development of car of new energy resources of our country of benefit from benefit from and smartphone domain, inc. already became limited company of science and technology of new energy resources of peaceful heart times and Biyadi the brunt supplier of dynamical cell. In electrode data side, the yield of Inc. of group of new material of limited company of science and technology of Shanghai fir fir and Bei Terui can dimensions already was located in front row, the electrolyte of our country and diaphragmatic produce already can occupy always produce can 50% above. In the respect, the United States, Japan, Korea already undertook comparative be enclothinged in the round in domain of lithium ion batteries, breaking through block is a hard nut to crack that development of cell of ion of our country lithium must want to solve. (2) positive electrode and   of negative pole material are mixed in lithium of phosphoric acid iron in technology of material of 3 yuan of anode reachs low nickel product side, the enterprise produces late advantage related our country, relevant product already got applied extensively in home market, partial product already was exported; In tall nickel multivariate data side, our country still is in pursuant phase at present, relevant enterprise through solving a key the problem is mixed upgrade transform a quantity to produce line equipment, hopeful implementation overtakes. Market of industry of negative pole data is spent centrally taller, the international market of material of our country negative pole is had rate already was in banner level, 74% what the shipment volume of the enterprise occupied total shipment to measure 2019. Representative enterprise if the limited company of science and technology of violet Chen of limited company of science and technology of fir of fir of Inc. of group of new material of shellfish spy luck, Shanghai, Jiangxi research and development in negative pole material and industrialization respect already were located in lead position, can satisfy dynamical cell business to be opposite the use demand of negative pole material. (3) market of electrolyte   electrolyte is main by Japan ministry of eaves of company limited of chemistry of 3 water chestnut, Japan is promoted produce company of SDI of SamSung of company limited, Korea to hold, each company has distinctive additive preparation technology. The design of our country company in partial function additive and the entrance with produce a respect to still exist certain depend on a phenomenon. Look from electrolyte industry point of view, guangzhou is god-given and new and high country of harbor of Inc. of science and technology of nation of new time of material Inc. , Shenzhen, Home Zhang the electrolyte such as finite liability company produces limited company of new material of Tai Huarong chemical industry and material of Tianjin Taurus power source respect of ongoing hair and industrialization already was located in the enterprise, can satisfy company of domestic power cell the demand to electrolyte, the market is spent centrally rise ceaselessly, the industry leads group to already was formed gradually, among them partial enterprise already entered business of international mainstream battery to supply catenary system, achieved the breakthrough of overseas market. Current, carbonic acid ester kind solvent and lithium of 6 fluorine phosphoric acid basically already had production by home, representative enterprise if Guangzhou Inc. of god-given and new and high material, many fluorine is much material of power source of Taurus of chemical Inc. , Tianjin is finite liability company realized electrolyte of lithium of 6 fluorine phosphoric acid saline dimensions turns production, the electrolyte function additive that large-scale applying (be like carbonic acid inferior ester of ethylene of acting carbonic acid of ethylene ester, fluorine, 1, the ester inside acid of 3– propane sulphur, 1, the ester inside acid of 3– propylene sulphur, vitriolic ethylene ester) also had come true homebred change. (4) lithium ion batteries is diaphragmatic material   is current, diaphragmatic material comes from superior lithium battery Xu Huacheng company limited and east light chemical company limited two Japan company. Our country is working a way the market of diaphragmatic domain is had rate already exceeded the United States, Korea and Japan, wet and diaphragmatic enter considerably dilate period. The enterprise such as Inc. of qualitative science and technology of material of source of star of Inc. of science and technology of Jin Lixin energy of limited company of limited company of science and technology of new material of Shanghai favour nimble, data of new energy resources of Suzhou nimble power, Heibei, Shenzhen already formed the industrialization that has distinguishing feature alone to develop pattern, can satisfy company of domestic power cell's diaphragmatic to batteries requirement basically, but the raw material with diaphragmatic production and core equipment still count an import at present. (5) the fundamental material related velar electrode studies   is in fuel cell respect, the primitive innovation of technology of double plate of our country metal is insufficient, the fundamental material related to velar electrode studies main system now presence of as advanced as international level is larger difference, especially proton exchanges film. The proprietor of an enterprise that produces acerbity film of complete fluorine sulphur should be centered in the United States, Canada, Japan, Belgium to wait, among them company of American dagger Er exchanges film to supply in proton lead position is in in the domain. Limited company of Dong Yue chemical industry of our country Shandong exchanges velar research and development and industrialization respect progress in proton faster, formed chain of perfect industry of fluorine silicon data. Limited company of science and technology of Zhejiang Chinese assist has mastered freeboard element quantity to get together the proton such as film of colophony of exchange of the vinyl, proton that contain fluorine, biaxial stretching and film exchanges 4 fluorine the crucial technology of catenary of velar entire industry, own own intellectual property, already began proton to exchange the mass production of colophony and film. The level all has domestic and international velar electrode technology to promote considerably, home overtakes the trend of foreign level is clear. (6) activator   is in activator respect, the oxygen that develops low platinum or the tall active that are not platinum, tall stability is reductive reaction (ORR) activator is cell of fuel of proton exchange film all the time (PEMFC) study a stress. The foreign supplier that at present the car uses activator of fuel cell report basically has British village to believe company of 10 thousand abundant (Johnson Matthey) , group of Japanese tanaka precious metal (TKK) , group of chemical industry of German Ba Sifu (BASF) etc. Activator of domestic fuel cell still is in research to develop level, basically have two kinds of orgnaizations: One kind is an enterprise, be like expensive grind Inc. of platinic course of study advocate platinic activator of battalion car tail gas, already mixed Shanghai automobile group is common activator of cell of fuel of research and development; Another kind is an institute, the activator of Pd@Pt/C nucleus carapace that is like preparation of institute of physics of chemistry of Dalian of academy of sciences, reductive active and stability behave its oxygen exceedingly good. Current, platinic alloy activator is one of research heat of ORR activator. (7)   of base material of aeriform diffusion layer is in diffusion layer respect, the carbolic paper that commercializes on the market or carbolic cloth can regard gas as the base material of diffusion layer, be like Japanese Dong Li (Toray) carbolic paper, germany Xigeli (SGL) carbolic paper, the carbolic paper that is maturity / carbolic cloth material and product of aeriform diffusion layer. Among them, the carbolic paper that Japanese Dong Li group produces has percent of pass of tall conductivity, high strenth, expensive gas, face flowing wait for an advantage, hold larger market share in the market, had carbolic paper is relevant more also. Home still did not commercialize a product in this domain, earnestly needs to develop the diffusion layer product that can control independently. Current, in south the research that the university is beginning fuel cell to use carbolic paper continuously, inc. of new and high technology is based on Jiangsu day bird carbon fiber product has carbolic paper research and development. Picture   3, 2 battery that material of key of our country new energy resources develops the problem   of existence to be a delegate with lithium ionic battery apply extensively at the mobile phone to wait for product of information electron terminal, electric car and electric power to store domain, service at the Information Industry, it is traffic the sources of energy changes more the important support technology with revolution of power energy resources. Fuel cell technology regards our country as one of crucial core technologies of new energy industry, be included " action of innovation of energy technology revolution plans (2016—2030 year) " " 935 ” of “ innovation of science and technology plans " " but long-term development plans in second birth the sources of energy " etc. Current, our country already became big state of material of new energy resources on the whole, but big and not strong, existence ensures ability independently person, resource uses be enslaved to be enslaved to of material of weaker, high end ability is not advanced problem, make those who arranging data of our country new energy resources badly can develop continuously. (one) partial foundation raw material counts an import,   of safety of catenary of industry of data of serious minatory and crucial strategy is in industry of lithium battery electrolyte, the design of additive of function of domestic company share and production count an import on certain level; In domain of high-powered film stuff, basic level is not had spin cloth, get together the raw material such as monomer of polymerization of sulphone, interface counts an import generally. Regard the fuel cell of component of fuel cell core as velar electrode, if its raw material basically counts an import paper of solution of proton exchange film, colophony, activator, carbon. Of domestic own intellectual property ultrathin enhance proton to exchange film large-scale homebred change be in start level; The quantity of electric activator produces ability to already promoted somewhat, but function and wear and foreign photograph have bigger difference than returning; Large-scale use carbolic paper diffusion layer basically counts an import, and abroad is raising carbolic paper price ceaselessly and reduce export considerably, the industrial catenary of material of minatory our country crucial strategy is safe. (2) high-end product is self-sufficient rate is not high, the own safeguard ability of high-end application is not worth technology of material of key of   lithium battery to still lag behind on the whole foreign advanced level, material of partial high end still counts an import. The inadequacy of technical innovation ability, new product that rolls out independently little, product upgrades replacement is slow, relevant reach core technology lack, block up the pace that lithium ion batteries participates in an international market to compete. The resource scarcity such as crucial material Co, Li, black lead, cause the price fluctuant range is big and have rise trend. No matter function, life or cost respect pile in report,our country car uses fuel cell technology, with international advanced level still has bigger difference quite. Product of cell of fuel of foreign high end bans carry out to home at present, earnestly needs to have own design and development, and the core data that place of high-end product research and development requires and component basically still rely on an entrance, if proton exchanges film. Our country is implementing the project of great and special research that faces data of foundation of this kind of high end, predict to be in 945 ” of “ evening, the self-sufficient rate of high-end product and own safeguard ability will rise considerably. (3) primitive innovation is insufficient, “ is produced learn to grind to be deficient in weakness of basic research of data of new energy resources of   our country with ” collaboration platform, small base of existence heavy application, heavy imitate light primitive innovation, heavy iteration light overturn the problem such as the gender, restricted the promotion of level of technology of whole of industry of data of our country new energy resources badly. Additional, lack the “ that is used at primitive innovation and basic research to produce learn to grind to cooperate with ” platform, many innovation achievement stays in the lab to study level only, study fundamental sex to achievement has technology without platform of efficient research and development small trial evidence and in try enlarge to consider, block up of scientific research achievement be changed quickly and industrial application. (4) investment of research and development of fundamental sex innovation occupies technology of core of data of newer than low   our country energy resources and production equipment be enslaved to be enslaved to the person's situation has not get essential sex turn round, what the industry is in value catenary is medium low end. Investment of research and development allocates maladjusted, multi-purpose the research and development at using a technology, investment of basic research research and development is occupied than low, bring about crucial core technology to tackle key problem aftereffect is insufficient. Additional, basic research and viscosity of industrial production union are low, restricted those who study positive result to change, bring about inadequacy of primitive innovation ability. Picture   4, research and development of domestic and international new material and   of   of industrial development trend (one) industry forestall is farther aggravate, crucial material control becomes abroad of   of competitive central issue to cross state-owend enterprise course of study to be extended ceaselessly in domain of material of new energy resources, hold dominant position in the product of crucial strategy material of high additional cost especially, carry out product block or dumping through technology and market industry forestall, clutch the economic construction that restricts competition and major project to carry out. The progress of material technology is the foundation that dynamical cell level promotes, it is with 3 yuan of batteries exemple, be in low nickel at present to tall nickel change period. Monopoly of American minority business Gao Rong measures Fu Li and low cobalt / the technology of material of the anode that do not have cobalt, a few enterprise of Germany, Japan and Korea is in tall nickel low cobalt holds advantage position in material of 3 yuan of batteries, japan believes company of 3M of company limited of more chemical industry, United States to wait for the crucial technology that has stuff of silicon radical negative pole. Our country negative pole material and batteries are produced already can be, but core technology still is lacked. In fuel cell domain, velar electrode (include activator, film and carbolic paper) function and cost are limitation fuel cell is large-scale commercialized bottleneck. The platinic activator that group of Japanese tanaka precious metal produces is had in international market portion rate be on, company of American dagger Er is supplied in proton exchange film lead position is in in the domain. Japanese Dong Li (Toray) group, Germany Xigeli (SGL) Ba Lade of company, Canada (Ballard) the main entrance product that the carbolic paper of the production such as dynamical system company is domain of cell of our country fuel, once had appeared the case that carbolic paper supplies channel to interrupt, constituted serious menace to the safety of fuel cell technology of our country. (2) the new energy industry that green low carbon makes the fundamental trend   that material of new energy resources develops be a delegate with low carbon of energy-saving environmental protection and green rises quickly, the green that drives crucial material industry and application is changed and low carbonization develops. The ceaseless breakthrough of material of lithium ion batteries and technology of fuel cell material makes car of new energy resources walks into an innumberable families stage by stage, in the meantime, of the car dynamoelectric change turn each shining more brilliantly in the other's company with intelligence, the profundity that brings automobile industry and energy industry changes. Future will be the golden age of existing mainstream mixture motivation and development of market of pure electric car 10 years, also be technology of fuel cell car 10 years of rapid development, be sure to drive fuel cell to record the progress of the system that make hydrogen with the car. The fuel cell of efficient, clean, economy is the stress that power position tomorrow develops, improve stage by stage as technology of form a complete set, hopeful of fuel cell car is in the main trend that 15~20 makes car of new energy resources inside year, mix in heavy truck especially intercity bus market, will make hydrogen welcome unprecedented development opportunity with material of high temperature catalysis for reforming. (3) of material of new energy resources high-powered change, most advanced change development to quicken   apparently great achieve achievement to representing good actual strength of science and technology formerly, innovating continuously is the cornerstone that holds position of power of science and technology. As the breakthrough of a series of new and high technologies, the material of new energy resources that with lithium ion batteries and material of fuel cell key are a delegate continues to more high-grade, high-powered way develops. In the technology progress and industry grow double element below joint action, level of batteries system technology promotes apparently, manufacturing cost also is shown continuously downtrend. In recent years, leap of technology of cell of our country power develops, already realized dimensions to turn production; The mild package cell that capacity of 3 yuan of data produces tall nickel achieves 288 Wh/kg than energy; The batteries system that takes the field that use a car is centered in 140~160 Wh/kg than energy, be in group efficiency and energy density respect are widespread the corresponding period of prep above international is other product. The function of caboodle of component of material of fuel cell key, core, report and system lasts to promote quickly. In activator respect, all use alloy domestic and internationally to change and technology of form appearance adjusting control, make function of the activator in our country lab has exceeded American energy department (DOE) the technical target that set 2020. Velar respect is exchanged in proton, compare power to increase fuel cell, company of American dagger Er is fundamental preparation with acerbity colophony of complete fluorine sulphur ultrathin enhance film, make face resistor is reduced further. In velar electrode respect, domestic and international lab considers to already all achieved American DOE to install velar electrode is platinic 2020 dosage index (0.125 Mg/cm2) , but at present abroad commercializes a car well to carry a quantity to still be as high as 0.35~0.4 Mg/cm2 with velar electrode platinum. (4) industrial dimensions expands ceaselessly, what material of new energy resources becomes economy to grow new engine to   innovates as the foundation and apply innovation to study ability is ceaseless rise, the core technology of material of a series of key of new energy resources obtains a breakthrough ceaselessly. Our country already became the material of lithium ion batteries with main international to produce a country. In fuel cell respect, home has many to saved city to roll out hydrogen as can normative as the development of fuel cell. Developing car of new energy resources is the major strategy act that ensures safety of our country the sources of energy, it is the efficient way that reduces car pollution to discharge. 2019, sales volume of car of our country new energy resources exceeds 1.2 million, rank, hopeful achieved 15 million 2030. Lithium ion batteries is car of our country new energy resources span type development and energy security offerred a key to prop up. Because have power density,start quickly below tall, room temperature wait for an advantage, PEMFC is carried in traffic and domain of stationary electric power plant is having wide applied perspective. Picture   5,   of   of route of progress of material of key of our country new energy resources (one)   of development train of thought the article parts two respects come to batteries of Cong Li ion and fuel cell elaborate material of key of our country new energy resources the development train of thought henceforth. In respect of lithium ion batteries, the technology that supports material of dynamical cell key and crucial equipment tackles key problem, test and verify of research and development of material of key of batteries of perfect lithium ion, test, application and analytic platform are built, industry of batteries of ion of the lithium that prop up and product upgrade and cost is reduced; Support the innovation foundation of new-style batteries system and technical research continuously, development compares skill of batteries of energy and high security, low cost higher; Advance an industry to upgrade (if develop advanced equipment, aggrandizement advanced control and carry out advanced managing) upgrade with the product, below the support of policy of car of new energy resources, maintain development of home market high speed; Take seriously and promote exceed wholesale business (or syndicate system) form with development, drive enterprise innovation technology and product, well-known trademark and high-end talent troop breed with education, ceaseless tamp industry becomes the basis of “ strong ” . In fuel cell respect, perfect the technical innovation platform of cell of our country fuel ceaselessly, encourage development application proton to exchange cell of fuel of velar fuel cell, direct methanol to wait for cell of small-sized and economic fuel; The research that supports low cost to make hydrogenous technology and tall look measure Chu Qing technology and demonstrative application, noumenon of development fuel cell and material technology and fuel cell are dynamoelectric technology of car power system, reduce fuel cell to use cost; Widen the applied domain of system of small-sized fuel cell, drive fuel cell to move the demonstrative operation on the car in report, form complete applied industry chain. (2) development target and   of key task   1. The development target 2025 and   of key task   (1) target of development of   of lithium ion batteries is: Strive to be before 2025, in dynamical cell respect implementation solid fluid mixes lithium ion batteries to compare energy 400 Wh/kg, circulate 1000 times, realize the comprehensive application in system of power of new energy resources; 2 times batteries compares metallic lithium negative pole energy 500 Wh/kg; Battery of lithium of metal of whole solid state compares energy 400 Wh/kg, circulate 500 times. 2025, predicting anode material is produced per year can produce per year for material of 2×106 T, negative pole can be 1×106 T, diaphragmatic produce per year can produce per year for 1.5×1010 M2, electrolyte can be 6×105 T. The key develops the task to be: Low cobalt of tall nickel of key research and development or without cobalt manganese of material of anode of pointed spar of manganese of nickel of material of 3 yuan of anode, high pressure, rich lithium base positive electrode material, carbon / the Gao Rong such as alloy measures negative pole material, coating of pottery and porcelain of research and development is diaphragmatic wait for high security diaphragmatic, flame retardant electrolyte, research and development is able to bear or endure high pressure is diaphragmatic with electrolyte. Research and development is based on 3 yuan / high pressure / material of Fu Li anode and high capacity carbon / the batteries of monomer of high energy density of material of alloy negative pole, development is based on a model extremely piece / batteries designs a technology, raise battery power and environmental suitability; Develop high security diaphragmatic, electrolyte and electrode of tall stable low resistance / electrolyte interface technology, density of energy of promotion power cell, power density, life, security and reduce cost to wait. Drive crucial material homebred change, what batteries dimensions makes implementation motivation assure a technology with character is fast upgrade; Offer the design principle of battery of lithium of solid state motivation and data system, clarify kinetic character reachs structural evolution rule in circular process, form system of solid state batteries own technology, launch the applied promotion that waits for a respect in car of new energy resources. Begin cell of lithium ion power reclaim recycle technology research, reduce cost of complete lifecycle of dynamical cell system, build design of green complete lifecycle to optimize evaluate, the green that enhances material is spent and to the environment but durative development. (2) target of development of fuel cell   is: 2025, spot of implementation hydrogenation station makes the standardization of mode of hydrogen, Chu Qing and promotion application; Break through technology of fuel cell key, preliminary the industrial chain that builds fuel cell material, component and system. Activator of platinum radical report was produced 2025 can achieve 3 T/a, satisfy 100 thousand harness an animal to cart to use the need of PEMFC system; Film of acidity ion exchange is produced per year can be 2×106 M2; Carbolic paper is produced per year can be 4×106 M2, velar electrode is produced per year can achieve 2×106 M2. The key develops the task to be: Base oneself upon at current situation of industry of cell of our country fuel, technology of technology of film of technology of cell of fuel of key breakthrough low platinum, ultrathin acidity ion exchange, preparation of high-powered carbon paper, cheap technology of technology of metallic double plate and preparation of electrode of film of high-powered macrobian life. Set out from fundamental material, innovate in catalytic respect on one hand academic, arrive again to nuclear carapace from alloy odd atomic catalysis, raise platinic effective utilization rate to reduce platinum to hold an amount ceaselessly; Upgrade on the other hand technology, the monomer preparation to ultrathin and compound film, base velar synthesis and ultrathin and compound film shape craft has thorough research, enlarge production. Control of academic to the preparation of carbolic paper, craft, quality use interdisciplinary integrated advantage to undertake tackling key problem in tandem; Develop electrode preparation new technology, on the technology base such as electrostatic spray, filature, the layer with stable and reliable development is orderly the dimensions enlarge craft of high-powered film electrode. With fuel cell key the breakthrough of core material is a foundation, break through the technology that catenary of fuel cell entire industry needs and equipment, include pump of pneumatics machine, circumfluence, advanced controller to design change system, aseismatic sex and microtherm environment compositively, gently to get used to facilities facilities to wait character, perfect support system and the unifinication that fuel cell report piles are designed, from component of crucial material, core and support system all-around reduce cost, improve service life, aggrandizement system wear, dependability and adaptability. 2. The development target 2035 and   of key task   (1) target of development of   of lithium ion batteries is: Before 2035, 2 times batteries compares metallic lithium negative pole energy 500 Wh/kg, circulate 1500 times, realize the dimensions application in car of new energy resources and special domain; Battery of lithium of metal of whole solid state compares energy 600 Wh/kg, circulate 1000 times, entire industry catenary is mature; New-style batteries compares energy 800 Wh/kg, circulate 100 times. Postpartum anode material produced per year enlarge 2035 can be 1×107 T, negative pole material is produced per year can be 3×106 T, diaphragmatic produce per year can be 5×1010 M2, electrolyte is produced per year can be 1.2×106 T. The key develops the task to be: Face electric car industrialization, need promotes phosphoric acid sick at heart of Tie Li, manganese continuously lithium, 3 yuan wait the advanced preparation technology of the negative pole material such as positive electrode material and hard carbon, silicon radical and craft, tackle key problem functional electrolyte, high security is diaphragmatic the crucial technology that waits for high-powered power cell, the technology that supports industry of data of lithium ion batteries progresses, campagna of development high water token is measured, nondestructive detects, the resolution between headroom is three-dimensional into resemble detecting with high speed the technology. Build platform of the research and development that dynamical cell engineering technology equips and service, organize entire industry strength to undertake tackling key problem, build the dynamical cell workmanship that shows level manufacturing industry to compare advantage photograph to suit with our country / equipment and standard, use content couplet net, big data and technology of new generation artificial intelligence, solve the quality that dynamical cell and its key material produce, efficiency and cost to wait for a problem. Organize orgnaization of research and development of domestic dominant position, cross a domain to begin ion of lithium of new generation high capacity jointly the basic research of the deepness of negative pole material and the new-style system batteries that are a delegate with batteries of air of air of sulfur of lithium polymer batteries, lithium, lithium, natrium, whole solid state and development of research of production technology technology, the high price that forms our country in next generation batteries and material development process is worth a technology. (2) target of development of fuel cell   is: 2035, implementation is large-scale make the hydrogen of hydrogen, Chu Qing, carry, unifinication that use hydrogen, the standardization that realizes the Chu Qing of hydrogenation station spot, mode that make hydrogen and promotion apply; Master technology of fuel cell core independently, build chain of complete fuel cell industry, hydrogen of large-scale promotion application can be mixed fuel cell, creation breaks through the vendibility of -727379968 yuan of money, hydrogen can the 10%~15% that the car occupies dynamical car gross, assume the energy demand of 10% above. Low platinic activator can ensure enlarge postpartum 2035 the need of system of cell of 5 million fuel to electric activator, produce can achieve 50 T/a, be not platinic activator at the same time can drive a vehicle experiments; Ion exchange film can ensure the need of system of cell of 5 million fuel, produce per year can achieve 7.5×107 M2, velar electrode is produced per year can achieve 7.5×107 M2. The key develops the task to be: Point international forward position, continue to maintain our country in low cost cell of alkalescent film fuel studies the advantage of the respect. The blame noble metal catalyst that develops life of long life of new-style high active density in key of fundamental data side, with transferring miscellaneous carbon of metallic Fe, Co and nitrogen is footing, innovation catalysis is academic, offer the structure of new-style blame noble metal catalyst of density of high volume active, quicken enlarge to reach push to the market; Continue to carry the theory on film of alkalescent ion exchange, design and craft innovation, the high-powered long life that offers green environmental protection is alkalescent velar preparation new technology. The field researchs in preparation craft and mechanism of fuel cell process, draw lessons from experience of preparation of acidity film electrode to develop alkalescent film electrode, the ambient air adaptability that develops alkalescent film electrode mainly and water government process are controlled, leave generation to develop cheap the cell of fuel of high-powered macrobian life of data system lays a foundation. Picture   6,   of countermeasure proposal   (one) layout carrying a layer on the head, increase policy to support strength   to perfect design carrying a layer on the head and program, strengthen science and technology to prop up, level of perfect and relevant system is normative, strengthen ability construction, implementation strategy develops in coordination. Produce the effect of enterprise and place of scientific research courtyard adequately, establish the synergic pattern with benign innovation, raise those who study achievement produces a technology to promote to the enterprise to urge action, strengthen the position of core technology. Guide an industry to establish product standard, normative market, build favorable development environment. In the meantime, strengthen projects of pair of project approving scientific research continuously on the level aid financially, data of supportive new energy resources is relevant technical development, the key pays close attention to crucial technology weak point, publish relevant policy measure, incentive data company increases investment of research and development to make up for technical weak point board, face the competition of the international market actively. (2) executive innovation drive, breed advantage company   to carry out innovation drive, center resource of industry dominant position to tackle key problem in coordination, produce effect of data company main body, increase the technical research and development of advanced material, promote material property continuously, increase investment of data equipment research and development, raise the precision that manufactures technology, consistency and dependability, reduce cost further, improve industrial competition dominant position. In the meantime, accelerate structure of design of structure of structural adjustment of industry of data of new energy resources, organization, technology to optimize, breed a batch of technologies the industry of data of new energy resources that admirable, industry leads abundant, character, boost tie yield be in harmony continuously, implementation spans development. (3) cooperate with linkage, begin demonstrative platform to build   to strengthen the finance that innovates to science and technology to support strength, invest the channel such as fund through of all kinds industry, build innovation center quickly; Plan through science and technology (special, fund) encourage technology of forward position technology, general character core tackle key problem; Collaboration of the technology outside increasing the of great capacity and introduce. Additional, production is begun to apply demonstrative platform construction in key domain, advance industrial transition to upgrade in order, the key perfects condition of application development soft hardware, break through crucial domain general character to use a technology, material of implementation new energy resources and terminal product are the same as test and verify of design, system, batch application to wait cooperate with linkage. (4) flexible with ability, strengthen talent team to build   to condense talent of industrial high end, aggrandizement talent echelon formation is built; Strengthen science and technology to get a soldier education of ability, in short supply talent, encourage an enterprise to increase relevant investment; Executive sea alien just introduces policy, stimulative talent begins international communication. Through flexible gather together with ability innovation expands power, arouse a talent to develop energy, enhance international competition ability, form the talent structure that dimensions of assemble of internationalization, talent changes. Chen Liquan, project courtyard academician. Take the lead in beginning lithium battery and relevant data research in our country, develop battery of successful lithium ion first in home, solved dimensions of lithium ion batteries to turn manufacturing science and technology and engineering issue, realized the industrialization of lithium ion batteries. Second discovery 70K superconductive evidence, development goes superconductor of liquid nitrogen lukewarm area and second announced material composition. In recent years, began ion of natrium of battery of lithium of whole solid state, lithium sulfur batteries, lithium air batteries, room temperature research of the design of the physico-chemical process in batteries and cell of solid oxide fuel and relevant data, synthesis, token, physics and electrochemistry function and its application, mix for cell of power of the generation below development store can batteries laid a foundation. Origin: Author of   of print of project courtyard courtyard: Huang Xuejie, zhao Wenwu, shao Zhigang, old establish a spring

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