Recently, aikesenmei company of chemistry of inspire confidence in sb announces the Aikesenmei below banner of inspire confidence in sb, had bought Materia company, latter production is used at oil and natural gas, chemical industry, car to mix but the Proxima of the industry such as second birth the sources of energy heats up solid sex colophony. This trades include Materia to be in the headquarters of accept of California handkerchief Sa Di and technical center, and be in so that overcome Sa Si Zhouheng Ci Weier's production factory. It is reported, chemistry of dust gram Sen Meifu and Materia begin to cooperate from 2017, development heats up solid sex product than having (like epoxy resin) makings of stronger, lighter, more durable new-style hydrocarbon base material. Company of chemistry of inspire confidence in sb shows Aikesenmei: “ generates electricity in wind-force industry, use these material to be able to design lamina of longer, more durable wind- driven turbine, and this kind of material can replace iron and steel in certain building application. ”It is reported, the key product of Materia still uses the insulating material end Yu Hai. Its heat up polymer of hydrocarbon of solid sex cross-linking structural integrality can maintain below the case that depth of water surpasses 10000 feet.

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15-18 December

New York City