On August 21, add up to a car high together chemistry of American contented family name was released jointly material is enclothed to pledge material of leather of ——LUXSENSE organic silicon pledges outside new seat. This kind of new material is character by add up to car and chemistry of contented family name high to be developed jointly, come in the light of demand of fabrics of high-end report motor-car seat, and second application at adding up to HiPhi X(parameter high | Inquiry) above the model.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Issuance new material it is a kind of innovation organic compound that contain silicon, the seat derma fabrics with photograph common comparing, its have better permeability and flexibility not only, promote seat surface comfortable sex, also have better hydrophoby to the coloured dye liquid such as fruit juice, coffee, not easy coloring, this is done more easily to the user of choice white seat. Additional, new material also compares common leather material to have an advantage more character in environmental protection respect. Needle of new material focal point undertakes optimizing controlling to producing field of link and finished product contaminant, without plasticizer, DMF (amine of acyl of 2 methylic armour) , the chemical dissolvent such as benzene, toluene is added, the interior trim that uses new data and seat will reduce VOC effectively of a kind of harmful volatile organic compound release a quantity, assure quality of air of new car interior trim. Besides, new material still is fighting drape function and wear-resisting performance side to have certain promotion. Compare with common leather photograph, new material is better to kneading the ability that level regains after holding energetically, appear not easily drape, and new material already also experienced imitate more than times 50000 at present go up, get off fast experiment, make sure its are fought wear away ability and leather comparative. Hind, because its contain silicon compound character, the seat that uses new data and position of Fu of interior trim bag still have better anti-flammability, safety of the member that this is in what should fall to heating up environment of out of control to multiply to pure dynamoelectric model has certain help. New material that combines car and chemistry of contented family name high to be developed jointly is OK see, prospective auto industry is wanting to seek low carbon and environmental protection not only, quality of the air inside cabin of the member that safeguard is multiplied is superior, need in interior trim tactility and pliability respect more get the better of one prepare, these also will be the direction that stress of skill of material of new era interior trim breaks through, believe before long there can be more environmental protection in the future and the new material of soft, wear-resisting applies in succession, leave from now on tall pollution workmanship and material.

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