On September 21, chemistry of 3 water chestnut carries chemistry of below the banner 3 water chestnut advanced material (Japan) the company limited announces jointly, development goes fireproof, quantity to produce, what can reclaim is thermoplastic composite material new product. Current, to answer climate change, implementation is energy-saving the goal that reduces a platoon, electric car already made the new industry that each country government advocates energetically. Regard the core of electric car as package, batteries group must be had light qualitative, fireproof two major attribute. To reach afore-mentioned goals, car manufacturer is customary use hot solid sex composite material a future life produces batteries package, but the manufacturing efficiency of this kind of method is inferior, and the product reclaims not easily. The fiber that masters through integrated group interior, thermoplastic colophony and cell development technology, chemistry of 3 water chestnut and subordinate and advanced material (Japan) successful development goes the company limited to be able to bear in the experiment what 1000 ℃ blaze burns more than 5 minutes is thermoplastic composite material product. The company already began to send sample to partial client, begin to develop case of packet of draw together batteries inside applied domain.

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15-18 December

New York City