Company of chemistry of 3 water chestnut and its subsidiary chemistry of 3 water chestnut is methylic the MMA that acrylic ester already developed a kind of use plant to derive material (methylic acrylic acid armour ester) monomer makes a technology, already began to design pilot plant. Two companies (group) will pass the following the MMA monomer definition that 3 kinds of methods make is “ to be able to last MMA” , devote oneself to to develop its to make a technology. 1. Collect, decompose the acrylic resinous element that has used with recycle to reclaim     2. The   of   of new production technology that uses raw material of plant source sex at having MMA monomer workmanship 3, the   of   of new production technology that raw material of plant source sex makes MMA monomer directly through fermenting uses a method 2 obtained delectable result, make this group begin to design new experiment plant. Derive the plant raw material application to use 100% biology derive carbon to produce MMA quite at having craft aux will be able to. This are pilot factory general at 2023 money year devoted operation, after the feasibility that shows this skill, the target is the commercial scale plant that used its at showing to have 2026. The group still is developing the activator of innovation and technology, in order to improve the productivity that its have MMA monomer to make a technology, the sources of energy in making a process through decreasing hard is used up and discharge the influence that will reduce pair of environments. MMA is raw material of a kind of acrylic resinous, use at box of car chimney, fascia, aquatic animals, paint, housing materials to mix a lot of other goods. Already exceeded 3.6 million tons to the demand of MMA, predict to will continue to grow with as same as every GDP standard. Have the manufacturer of rate as MMA and acrylic colophony industry, this group will dig the latent capacity of this business, decrease together with the interest relative of each district whole the environmental burden that supplies chain, seek lead effort actively to achieve circular economy.

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