Recently, company limited of chemistry of 3 water chestnut announces, should company general and league matches of Japanese football first class (J1 league matches) Osaka steel cling to team collaboration has test of biology material compost, with test and verify resinous of degradation of this company biology circulates function. Chemistry of 3 water chestnut expresses, in this second experiment, this company will be steel of Osaka of 2022 sports season cling to team advocate the stadium that play field is offerred get together Ding Er is acerbity Ding Erchun ester (PBS) paper cup. This kind of PBS changes the biology degradation colophony that learns production for 3 water chestnut, the paper cup supply of every match is 100 thousand. After the match ends, deserted paper cup will be as residual as food together, the food inside stadium is residual ferment decompose device to undertake the first time ferment. The first time ferment content will carry compost field to undertake by chemistry of 3 water chestnut the 2nd, ferment the 3rd times, translate into can be used at cultivating the compost of crop. Respect of chemistry of 3 water chestnut expresses, PBS is one kind comes from colophony of floral biology degradation, by this company research and development and hold is basic. Use PBS data produce by the joint-stock company of chemistry of 3 water chestnut and Thailand PTT chemical industry, the polyethylene that can replace paper cup inside is waterproof lamination layer, raise paper cup thereby can reclaim function. This second with Osaka steel cling to cooperative activity also is Osaka government office and plastic natural resources of the city that play field the one share that boosts an activity circularly.

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