On September 7, times of the car in individual plant continent is electric abbreviation of Inc.   stock: The times is electric   stock code: 688187   is in formally A division achieve board hang out one's shingle appear on the market! Read related: In car times is electric will appear on the market the product covers the   company such as module of wind cable converter, IGBT this second issue a share publicly 24, seven hundred and sixty thousand two hundred and seventy-five, release the price 31.38 yuan / , after issueing total capital stock 141, six million two hundred and thirty-six thousand nine hundred and twelve, collect capital total is amounted to 755, five million and fifty-seven thousand four hundred yuan, it is the A with large scale of capital of collect of Hunan Province throughout history IPO enterprise.   times is electric it is industry of transportation of our country orbit the drawing that has leader place changes shed systematic supplier, production covers field of track of engine, motor-car, city the drawing of a variety of models changes shed a system, reside drawing of domestic town course firmly to change for years continuously shed systematic market. In domain of orbit project machine, the times is electric subordinate subsidiary is a country machinery of 3 old maintain a road or railway selects iron group surely one of manufacturing companies, own 60 administration license, more than kinds of 50 product; In domain of power semiconductor device, the times is electric build the industrialization base that has 8 inches of 6 inches of ambipolar parts of an apparatus, IGBT and 6 inches of carborundum, the complete set that has chip, module, component and application is own technology. Among them, product of high reliability IGBT broke the whole series that the company produces parts of an apparatus of orbit traffic core and special parts of an apparatus of key of project of high-pressured transmit electricity by the situation of foreign business monopoly, solving parts of an apparatus of core of car of our country new energy resources to turn an issue independently at present. Change through drawing of traffic of deep ploughing orbit shed systematic domain, aggrandizement is own technical research and development, the period is electric and current had had system of whole own intellectual property, formed actual strength of outstanding innovation of science and technology. Up to 2020 the end of the year, the times is electric outside churchyard accumulative total acquires accredit amount 2, 810; Chair and participated in establish international standard 33, domestic level 96 (contain a level, occupation standard and group level) ; 2018-2020 year, win the project that approve step 9, obtain award of progress of science and technology, electrical engineering technology to learn award of science and technology, machinist line of business early or late the many important award such as award of science and technology. The field uses in specific industrialization, the times is electric and successful research and development the speed per hour that new generation has completely own intellectual property 350 kilometers “ revives drawing of group of motor-car of date ” standard changes shed a system; Drawing of high speed, heavy-load train controls crucial technology and application to get batch is applied; Drawing of orbit traffic permanent magnetism changes shed systematic key technology to lade successfully the train of permanent magnetism high speed that arranges 350km/h speed grade at international. Pass technology of deep ploughing research and development and industrialization application, the times is electric with one action captures technology of multinomial and crucial core. Among them, drawing of orbit traffic permanent magnetism changes shed systematic key technology to be had for “ by appraisal of hall of Hunan Province science and technology the multinomial former technology that achieve a gender, international of integral technology house is banner level, make our country becomes one of a few a few ” that master this core technology; The research of technology of key of chip of IGBT of high-pressured big electric current reachs application, the expert of hall of science and technology of classics Hunan Province and organization evaluates a group to evaluate, overall technology achieves positive result international is banner level.   times is electric on December 20, 2006 place is reached in Hong Kong couplet advocate board hang out his shingle formally trade (in car times is electric, 3898.HK) , become the company that home of orbit traffic domain appears on the market in Hong Kong. The industry that profit from stabilizes continuously is managed, the times is electric realized ” of double bumper harvest of outstanding achievement and capital “ . The times is electric the company that becomes home of orbit traffic domain to appear on the market in Hong Kong. The industry that profit from stabilizes continuously is managed, the times is electric realized ” of double bumper harvest of outstanding achievement and capital “ .   times is electric on September 7, 2021 land A division achieve abbreviation of board   stock: The times is electric   stock code:   of _20210908092510.jpg of picture of 688187   small letter this, in A during striding high quality to develop, the times is electric land A division achieve board, two ground of the “A+H” that finish layout, will be a times again electric make ” of calling card of gold of Gao Tie “ offer development engine. The times is electric this second collect capital will be applied at the company advocate business Wu, through promoting research and development actual strength and productivity quickly, raise achievement of science and technology to change efficiency ceaselessly, continuously the technical advantage in orbit traffic domain and new industry domain mixes aggrandizement company product advantage. In the meantime, company general with advocate the abidance of course of study develops for the foundation, create value for partner continuously, achieve the steady progress of the company in the round, below the setting that accelerates development of new era economy, those who shape “ country is heavy implement the division of ” achieves figure, the center look forward to that shows ” of “ traffic powerful nation takes on.

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