Be made up for main body with epoxy resin and epoxy resin adhesive is become. Colophony macromolecule extreme has annulus oxygen base, there are hydroxyl and ether key between catenary, still can continue to produce hydroxyl and ether key in solidify process, benzene annulus and heterocycle are contained in the structure, these structures decided epoxy resin adhesive has superior performance. Epoxy resin adhesive is a kind of use history longer, the adhesive with extremely extensive use. As a result of its intensity, diversity and have superior agglutinate power to varied surface be stickinged, epoxy resin adhesive got the self-identity of extensive user. They had been participated in and accelerated the technical revolution of certain industry department. Epoxy resin can be used at sticking to receive etc of metal, glass, pottery and porcelain, a lot of plastic, lumber, concrete a few surfaces. In the epoxy resin that produces in the United States, 10% above use as adhesive. In the past, people is right the modified of epoxy resin all the time respect of balata of bureau be confined to, balata of fourth nitrile of balata of fourth nitrile of the carboxyl that be like end, upright hydroxyl, get together sulfur balata. In recent years, the modified to epoxy resin is ceaseless and thorough, modified method change quickly, if each other wears network law, chemical copolymerization law to wait, especially liquid crystal adds law of pliable but strong and accept rice particle to add way of pliable but strong is the heat that studies in recent years more. Change as “ dimensions, tall rarefied, essence is refined, special change, the establish that seriation, function changes ” to develop pattern, the modified research change quickly of epoxy resin, already formed the focus that pays close attention to inside course of study at present, it will make epoxy resin farther in economic construction and people life more and more get applied widely. 1, the annulus oxygen with superior performance kind adhesive application field is extensive adhesive bonding (agglutinate, stick receive, cementation, gooey) it is to show surface of coessential or heterogeneous object uses the technology that adhesive joins together, have stress to divide adhesive cloth successive, weight is light, or sealed, most craft temperature is low characteristic. Adhesive bonding is special apply to different capable person the join of qualitative, different ply, ultrathin norms and complex component part. Adhesive bonding is latter-day development is rapid, applied industry is extremely vast, progress to have major effect with daily life improvement to new and high science and technology. Accordingly, it is very research, important to develop and produce of all kinds adhesive. Epoxy resin glue (adhesive of abbreviation annulus oxygen or annulus oxygen glue) it is to point to in an element structure, contain two or the annulus oxygen of two above base, fall in proper chemical reagents and appropriate condition, can form the floorboard of compound of solidify of three-dimensional cross-linking shape. Epoxy resin adhesive the liquid state that waits for composition by agent of epoxy resin, solidify, plasticizer, accelerant, thinner, filler, coupling agent, fire retardant, stabilizing agent or solid state adhesive. Among them agent of epoxy resin, solidify, flexibilizer is indispensable constituent, other deny according to needing to decide to add. The gooey process of annulus oxygen adhesive is a complex physics and chemical process, include the measure such as infiltration, conglutinate, solidify, have a youthful look becomes the condensate of three-dimensional cross-linking structure, tie thing be stickinged into a whole. The sort of annulus oxygen glue is very much, in of all kinds epoxy resin, epoxy resin of double phenolic A is crop the one great variety with big, wide use. According to its element the quantity differs can divide measure epoxy resin for element of low, medium, tall, freeboard (get together phenolic oxygen colophony) . The colophony that small element measures can issue solidify in room temperature or high temperature, but the epoxy resin that high polymer measures must issue ability solidify in high temperature, and exceed what high polymer measures to get together phenolic oxygen colophony does not need dose of solidify of have the aid of, tough film can be formed below high temperature circumstance. As all sorts of gooey theory put forward in succession, and adhesive chemistry, adhesive flows change learn and gooey the thorough progress that destroys the basic research job such as mechanism, make adhesive function, breed and application had the development of advance rapidly. Epoxy resin and its solidify system also with its distinctive, the ceaseless emerge in large numbers of agent of superior performance and new-style epoxy resin, new-style solidify and additive, make property exceedingly good, breed a numerous, adaptability is extensive kind of important adhesive. Some closer year, excel in pledges fiber enhances composite material to be used gradually in ultralow temperature environment gently, consider to also be strengthened increasingly to the ultralow temperature function of epoxy resin. Be in the base material that regards lay aside of hydrogen of composite material fluid as box and in superconduction use as in the domain adhesive, impregnant and fiber enhance the respect such as the base material of composite material, the research of our country already gained a few headway. Pure epoxy resin has very high cross-linking density, although also existing below normal temperature,pledge low, impact resistance differs fragile, tenacity wait for defect. And the colophony matrix that serves as composite material, need to issue solidify in very high temperature commonly. In cooling after solidify process, because heat up interior of contractive colophony matrix to be able to produce thermal stress, reduce from room temperature when temperature to ultralow temperature (- 150 ℃ are the following) when, heat of matrix internal cause is contractive and the internal stress of generation will be more remarkable, and once thermal stress exceeds the intensity of colophony itself, with respect to the destruction that can bring about colophony matrix. Accordingly, the use that raises tenacity to fall in ultralow temperature to epoxy resin is crucial. The method that raises tenacity of epoxy resin ultralow temperature at present basically is to use flexible adipose family tree fat and liquid balata and flexible solidify agent will add pliable but strong epoxy resin. Because temperature of transition of vitrification of this kind of material is inferior, larger free volume is had below normal temperature, come when thermal drop when ultralow temperature, colophony system can produce very big hot systole, cause greater thermal stress, this restricted the application that its issue in ultralow temperature. Below normal temperature high-powered thermoplastic plastic with epoxy resin mix modified in all, can make mix a system to hold concurrently at the same time in all have both superior performance, be in namely maintain colophony of hot solid sex while high standard is measured, hold concurrently again thermoplastic plastic tall tenacity. The adhesive bonding function of adhesive (intensity, hear resistance, corrosion resistance, impermeability) not only be decided by its structure and function, and the structure of appearance of substance be stickinged and gooey character, and wait with the preparation of joint design, adhesive and adhesive bonding craft closely related, return those who suffer surroundings to restrict at the same time. Because the application of adhesive of this annulus oxygen is project of a system. The function of annulus oxygen adhesive must suit with all element photographs of function of afore-mentioned influence adhesive bonding, ability achieves beautiful result. The adhesive bonding of annulus oxygen adhesive that uses identical recipe is different the object of property, or adopt different adhesive bonding requirement, or in different use environment, its function can have huge difference, deal out should be filled to grant to take seriously when application. Annulus oxygen kind adhesive is main by epoxy resin and solidify agent two much are comprised. To improve certain performance, contented and different utility still can join the auxiliary material such as flexibilizer, thinner, accelerant, coupling agent. As a result of annulus oxygen adhesive stick receive strength tall, versatility is strong, ever had ” of “ all-purpose glue, “ energetically of glue ” say, wide application receives in the domain such as aviation, spaceflight, car, mechanical, building, chemical industry, light industrial, electron, electric equipment and daily life. As code of our country environmental protection perfect with each passing day, and of consciousness of people oneself health rise, the mainstream product that adhesive of oxygen of the good, free from contamination, environmental protection that conforms with international standard annulus is in quality to make synthetic adhesive gradually. 2, annulus oxygen kind the molecular structure of adhesive and epoxy resin of breed classification epoxy resin are two are contained in the element or oxygen of two above annulus base the high polymer compound with inferior quality of round and opposite element one, the breed that classifies epoxy resin, brand is very much, but epoxy resin calls aether of glycerine of shrink of double phenolic A normally epoxy resin of double phenolic A is a important kind. 90% what it holds epoxy resin total output. Double phenolic A epoxy resin weighs double phenolic A epoxy resin again general-purpose epoxy resin and standard type epoxy resin, denominate is E epoxy resin, by double phenol (BPA or DPP) as chloric as annulus oxygen propane (ECH) the condensation polymerization below sodium changes in oxyhydrogen and get: Deserve to compare according to raw material, reaction condition and adoption method are different, can make solid body of quality of the ropy liquid of the quality of small opposite element that gets different degree of polymerization and tall opposite element, high softening point. Quality of average and opposite element 300 ~ 7000. The exterior is approximately colorless or flaxen transparent and ropy liquid or piece shape brittleness solid. Epoxy resin itself is thermoplastic line polymer, viscosity of colophony of the liquid when be heated becomes low, solid colophony bate or melt. Dissolve at ketone of second of acetone, armour, annulus already the organic dissolvent such as ester of second of ketone, acetic acid, benzene, toluene, xylene, anhydrous alcohol, glycol. A of double phenol of hydrogen sulfide of A of hydrogenation double phenol epoxy resin epoxy resin changes formal name to call aether of glycerine of shrink of A2 of hydrogenation double phenol, it is the 6 hydrogen that get by hydrogenation of double phenolic A chloric propane of double phenolic A and annulus oxygen changes sodium to catalysis issues condensation polymerization and be gotten in oxyhydrogen. It is a kind of viscosity time of very low, gel is long, be able to bear or endure the epoxy resin that awaits a gender to had comparatived. Double phenolic F epoxy resin changes formal name to call aether of glycerine of shrink of double phenolic F2, abbreviation DGEBF or BPF, be reaction falls to generate double phenolic F in acidity activator by phenol and formaldehyde, change the colorless or flaxen transparent and ropy liquid that undertakes condensation polymerization reaction is made below sodium catalysis in oxyhydrogen with annulus oxygen chloric propane again; Double phenolic S epoxy resin changes formal name to call aether of oil of licorice of shrink of double phenolic S2, abbreviation is BPS or KGEBS, be swing propane to change what make below sodium catalysis in oxyhydrogen by double phenolic S and annulus oxygen, hear resistance of double phenolic S epoxy resin is tall, heat is out of shape temperature compares epoxy resin of double phenolic A tall condensate of 60 ~ 700C very little stability, solvent resistance is good. Double phenolic P epoxy resin is by with 3- chloric propylene and phenol are main raw material to synthesize double phenolic P, change sodium to be made in the condensation polymerization below catalysis in oxyhydrogen with annulus oxygen chloric propane again. Catenary of element of double phenolic P epoxy resin is flexible big, the liquidity below microtherm is good, viscosity under epoxy resin of double phenolic A, compress epoxy resin of A of double phenol of intensity and impact strength prep above. Phenolic aldehyde epoxy resin basically has phenol line phenolic vinegar epoxy resin of epoxy resin and adjacent cresol line phenolic aldehyde, still have a benzene epoxy resin of 2 phenol phenolic aldehyde. Additional, 4 phenol base ethane epoxy resin also belongs to phenolic aldehyde epoxy resin; Epoxy resin of phenol line phenolic aldehyde (EPN) it is colophony of the line that undertakes in acidity medium by phenol and formaldehyde condensation polymerization reaction gets phenolic aldehyde, oxidize to sodium existence issues condensation polymerization and make the ropy liquid of gotten line palm yellow or semisolid in hydrogen with the annulus oxygen chloric propane of excessive again; Epoxy resin of adjacent cresol line phenolic aldehyde is colophony of aldehyde of cresol of the line that adjacent cresol and formaldehyde condensation get adjacent, convert the reaction below sodium existence in oxyhydrogen with annulus oxygen chloric propane again, after be being handled via much measure and the yellow that makes comes amber solid; Name of chemistry of colophony of 2 phenolic formaldehyde calls the benzene between annulus oxygen a benzene 2 phenolic formaldehyde aether of 4 shrink glycerine, be by benzene 2 phenol and formaldehyde are made for activator reaction with oxalic acid colophony of 4 luscious phenolic aldehyde. The orange yellow that changes sodium to existence issues condensation polymerization and be gotten in oxyhydrogen with annulus oxygen chloric propane again is ropy liquid; 4 phenol base name of chemistry of ethane epoxy resin is 4 phenol base aether of ethane shrink glycerine (PGEE) , it is by phenol and second 2 aldehyde exist in acidity activator next reaction are made 4 phenol base ethane, change the reaction below sodium catalysis to be made in oxyhydrogen with annulus oxygen chloric propane again; Epoxy resin of naphthol phenolic aldehyde (EEPN) be with A- naphthol and formaldehyde solution condensation polymerization, synthesis gives colophony of line Cai phenolic aldehyde, change the reaction below sodium catalysis to be made in oxyhydrogen with annulus oxygen chloric propane again; Because introduced fluorine atom,fluorine changes epoxy resin, make molecular structure compact, carbolic fluorine atom is arranged cheek by jowl in colophony advocate all round catenary. Consequently the watch ends tension, grind coefficient, refractive index is very low, have extremely exceedingly good corrosion resistance, wearability, hear resistance, be able to bear or endure contamination, wear. But the price is high cannot serve as general use. Polyurethane epoxy resin calls annulus oxygen colophony of ester of amino formic acid again, be by polyester (or ether) multivariate chloric propane of alcohol and annulus oxygen is generated below BF3 and NaOH action multivariate aether of mellow shrink glycerine is made with condensation polymerization of addition of ester of 2 different cyanic acid again; Organic silicon epoxy resin is the annulus oxide that silicon contains in molecular structure it is You Jujia base alkyl of phenyl silicon oxygen and epoxy resin in all condensation polymerization and into. Toluene is solution, flaxen even liquid; Organic titanium epoxy resin is fourth ester reacts and getting by the hydroxyl in double phenolic A epoxy resin and titanium acid. Because tantalum titanium introduced in colophony, the water imbibition that because hydroxyl existence is caused,solves not only increases, moistureproof sex and electric function are reduced etc asking is, and because colophony is medium,the oxygen atom that has P electron and the titanium that have D electron vacancy are linked together directly formerly, cause the P-D conjugate effect that exists in macromolecule catenary, and make heat-resisting aging behavior rises significantly, interpose report performance is better. The exterior comes for yellow amber tall viscosity is transparent liquid. As the ceaseless development of new and high technology and technology. The modified to epoxy resin is ceaseless and thorough in recent years, each other wears network, chemical copolymerization and accept rice particle to add the method such as pliable but strong to apply extensively, all sorts of high-powered adhesive breed that make up by epoxy resin are increasing also. The breed of epoxy resin adhesive is various, the index of the method that its classify and classification had be notted unite. Press following method to classify normally. Press the configuration classification of adhesive: If do not have solvent adhesive, (organic) adhesive of solvent adhesive, ability in swimming (can distribute the milk that it is water again model with Shui Rong model two kinds) , cream adhesive of shape adhesive, filmy shape (film of annulus oxygen glue) etc. Press solidify condition classification: Cold solidify glue (do not heat solidify glue) . Divide again for microtherm solidify glue, 15 ℃ of solidify temperature < ; Cold curing glue, solidify temperature 40 ℃ of 15 ~ ; Hot solidify glue can divide again for: Wen Gu changes glue in, solidify temperature makes an appointment with 80 ~ 120 ℃ ; Glue of high temperature solidify, 150 ℃ of solidify temperature > ; Glue of other way solidify, glue of glue of the solidify in glue of the solidify that be like light, damp face and water, conceal sex solidify. Press classification of adhesive bonding intensity: Structural rubber is fought cut reach tensile strength is great, and due still higher inhomogenous avulse intensity, make adhesive bonding connect is in long internal energy bears oscillatory, exhaustion and concussion grow carry on one's shoulder. Still should have at the same time taller hear resistance and be able to bear or endure await a gender; Second load waits in sufferring force structure rubber to be able to bear, normally shear strength 17 ~ 25Mpa, inhomogenous avulse intensity 20 ~ 50kN/m; Be not structural rubber, namely general-purpose adhesive. Intensity of its room temperature is higher, but those who follow temperature is elevatory, adhesive bonding intensity drops faster. Can use at accepting the position with not large force only. Press utility classification: General-purpose adhesive, special type adhesive, be like high temperature resistant glue (℃ of use temperature ≥150) , be able to bear or endure microtherm glue (can be able to bear or endure - 50 ℃ or lower temperature) , glue of meet an emergency (stickup meet an emergency piece with) , electric glue, fluid sealant (vacuum is mechanical and sealed, sealed use) , optical glue (colorless and transparent. The type that also can press solidify agent will classify, glue of glue of oxygen of annulus of the solidify that be like amine, acid anhydride solidify. Still can divide for double constituent glue and odd constituent glue, glue of pure annulus oxygen and glue of modified annulus oxygen. 3, annulus oxygen kind the function characteristic of adhesive contains key of hydroxyl, aether to make it has in structure of general epoxy resin stick high receive a gender, as a result of these polar group, because this can make photograph adjacent interface produces electric magnetism, in solidify process little, accompany the chemistry of amiable solidify agent, still can make classics radical and ether key further, have taller cohesive force not only, and the conglutinate force with very powerful generation, so annulus oxygen adhesive is like metal, plastic, glass, lumber, fiber to wait to be had to making a variety of material very strong stick receive strength, common calls “ all-purpose glue ” . The element of epoxy resin is arranged close together, in solidify process not content of separate out small element, and it can make up adhesive of the form of a drug that do not have dissolve, so its shrinkage is compared commonly low. If choose proper filling, but astringe rate falls to 0.1 ~ 0.2 % . The structure after annulus oxygen tree points to to catenary of stable benzene annulus, aether and solidify exist in the structure is compact, the action that decided annulus oxygen adhesive has pair of air, damp, chemical medium, bacterium to wait has very strong resistance, because this applicable is in a lot of relatively harsh environments. Annulus oxygen kind adhesive sticks relay big, stick receive strength tall; Shrinkage is small, dimension is stable, epoxy resin glue gives off small element child scarcely when solidify. Linear expansion coefficient suffers temperature the impact is little, accordingly, stick receive dimension stability is good; The solidify child of epoxy resin glue has exceedingly good dielectric protecties, bulk resistor rate is 1013 ~ 1016Ω.cm, interpose report intensity is epoxy resin of 30 ~ 50KV.Mm-1 ether key is contained in the element, and arrange between molecular catenary close together, cross-linking density big, reason has be able to bear or endure goodly solvent, oil resistant, acid-proof, alkali resistance, be able to bear or endure the function such as water, especially alkali resistance sex is strong; Epoxy resin and very much balata (elastomer) reach thermoplastic sex of colophony photograph dissolve is good, produce chemical reaction even; As dispersive as filling sex is good, the property of epoxy resin glue can be changed inside very big range; Craft sex is good, use convenient, noxiousness is inferior, harm sex is small; A lot of benzene annulus and heterocycle are contained in colophony, molecular catenary is flexible small, the cross-linking structure after together with solidify is unfavorable be out of shape, the tenacity of epoxy resin glue that did not add pliable but strong is bad, brittleness is bigger, come off intensity is very low, not impulse withstand oscillatory. Epoxy resin contains the annulus oxygen with a variety of polar group and very big active base, consequently with metal, glass, cement, lumber, plastic wait for a variety of polarity material, especially the stuff with exterior expensive active is had very strong stick relay, the cohesion strength of annulus oxygen condensate is very great also at the same time, intensity of its adhesive bonding is very so high. Epoxy resin basically does not have generation of small element volatile when solidify. The bulk shrinkage of sub is small, 2 % of ~ of about 1 % , it is one of assortment with small shrinkage of the solidify in colophony of hot solid sex. 0.2 % can fall after joining filling the following. The line of annulus oxygen condensate bilges coefficient is very small also. Internal stress is accordingly little, small to effect of adhesive bonding strength. The creep of condensate of oxygen of together with annulus is small, the dimension stability of sub is so good. The breed of agent of epoxy resin, solidify and modifier is very much, can adopt reasonable and clever recipe design, the craft sex that makes adhesive has a need (the) such as if solidify of fast solidify, cold curing, low temperature, water is medium solidify, low viscosity, tall viscosity, the performance characteristics that has a demand (be like high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure microtherm, high strenth, Gao Rou sex, be able to bear or endure ageing, electric, guide the) such as magnetism, heat conduction. With a variety of organic matter (monomer, colophony, balata) with mineral (wait like filling) have very good consistence and reactivity, undertake copolymerization, cross-linking easily, mix in all, the modified such as fill, in order to improve the performance of sub. Of a variety of medium such as ability acid, alkaline, salt, dissolvent corrode. The solidify agent sort that chooses according to place is different, annulus oxygen adhesive can be in respectively normal temperature, medium lukewarm or the solidify below high temperature. Need to contact pressure only when general solidify 0.1 ~ 0.5MPa, glue of major epoxy resin dregses of rice the agent does not contain solvent, the operation is convenient. The construction viscosity of glue of general annulus oxygen. Applicable deadline and solidify speed can pass recipe adjustment, satisfy all sorts of requirements. This not only assure to stick easily receive quality, also simplified solidify craft and equipment. After epoxy resin solidify, can obtain good dielectric protecties; Puncture voltage > 35kV/mm bulk resistor > 1015Ω.cm, dielectric constant 3 ~ 4(50Hz) , fight electric arc 100 ~ 140s. Epoxy resin adhesive changes his to comprise (the) such as solidify agent, flexibilizer, filling, can get the adhesive recipe of a series of different function, in order to get used to all sorts of different need, and the variety that mix with a lot of modifier and produces all sorts of function to differ. The use temperature of general double phenolic A epoxy resin from - 175 ℃ of 60 ~ sometimes short time amounts to 200 ℃ , if use,be able to bear or endure the new-style epoxy resin of tall, low temperature, use temperature but taller or lower, and the water imbibition of epoxy resin is small. General-purpose the producing area of agent of epoxy resin, solidify and additive much, crop is big, make up simple and easy, but osculatory pressing shapes, can large-scale applying. The main drawback of annulus oxygen adhesive: The condensate when adding pliable but strong slants commonly fragile, fight come off, fight difference of craze, anti-impact properties; Little to polarity material (wait like polyethylene, polypropylene) stick relay small. Must undertake exterior activation is handled first; If some raw material are active the agent of thinner, solidify noxiousness that has different rate and excitant. When devising a recipe, should avoid to choose as far as possible, should strengthen when construction ventilated defend. Afore-mentioned seeing, epoxy resin has good integrated and mechanical performance, especially very agglutinate force of height, small shrinkage, very good stability, exceedingly good dielectric protecties, provided corporeal basis as the goods such as matrix of adhesive, composite material, coating. 4. Adhesive of epoxy resin of heat-resisting of progress of technology of application of annulus oxygen adhesive is a kind of adhesive that use modified epoxy resin to make up and becomes, can use by fits below 250 ℃ , can use for a long time below 400 ℃ even, below 460 ℃ short-term use. The matrix colophony of this kind of adhesive is to introduce more tigidity commonly base group or the cross-linking density that increase condensate. Take ring of fluorene radical, naphthalene for instance epoxy resin and much more luscious round epoxy resin, perhaps use Ma Lai acyl inferior the epoxy resin adhesive of modified of amine, organic silicon is stuck receive all can achieve 460 ℃ short-term the requirement of high temperature resistant, high strenth. Mix as electronic electric equipment in recent years the development of space navigation industry, right high temperature resistant, be able to bear or endure ablation performance demand is higher and higher. Be in when the aircraft in aerosphere when high speed flight, heat because of pneumatic sometimes temperature can achieve thousands of degrees, even if the metallic stuff of heat-resisting also should be fused. Accordingly, to reduce weight, use commonly high temperature resistant composite material will replace metallic stuff. Even if industry of electronic electric equipment, also put forward to be able to bear or endure in succession at present the fluid sealant of 350 ℃ high temperature, put forward to be able to bear or endure even the adhesive of fireproof blaze insulation of 1000 ℃ of 500 ~ . Agent of solidify of oxygen of annulus of series of the agent of solidify of oxygen of F series annulus that head office of our country aviation develops and the B that develop recently, H, HE, all can make model epoxy resin is able to bear or endure the high temperature of 500 ℃ , have exceedingly good flame retardation, be able to bear or endure ablation function and good technical properties. Adhesive of modified epoxy resin reachs preparation method, the brittleness that overcame adhesive of general annulus oxygen, be able to bear or endure the defect with lukewarm poor sex, its are main technical feature is get together beforehand with polyurethane content modified epoxy resin (A constituent) with self-restrained solidify agent (B constituent) by 10 ∶ weight of 1 ∶ 1(compares 1 ~ ) scale makes up the solidify system with old active of good into high temperature resistant, tenacity, reaction. Among them polyurethane gets together beforehand content gets together to carry hydroxyl silicon oxygen alkyl and ester of 2 different cyanic acid press certain proportion to issue reaction to make different cyanic acid in certain condition of ester radical round Feng Duan get together polyurethane of silicon oxygen alkyl gets together beforehand content, use this polyurethane to get together beforehand again content undertakes to epoxy resin modified is handled. And self-restrained solidify agent adds up to coupling agent of alkyl of content, silicon by apperception of Zun of binary amine, Mi, inorganic filling and activator are comprised. Adhesive of this modified epoxy resin but cold curing, can use for a long time below 200 ℃ , or - 5 ℃ solidify is able to bear or endure lukewarm 150 ℃ ; Stick receive intensity to amount to 15-30Mpa; T come off intensity amounts to 35-65N/cm, have exceedingly good oil resistant, be able to bear or endure water, acid-proof, alkaline, be able to bear or endure the function of organic dissolvent, can stick accept damp scale, rubber of fat face and metal, plastic, pottery and porcelain, horniness, lumber. Want to increase epoxy resin strength, add colophony of pliable but strong commonly through adding the 2nd constituent, raise the tenacity of epoxy resin. According to introducing, basically liquid state adds pliable but strong, add tiny ball of pliable but strong, flexibility to add pliable but strong, heat to send liquid crystal (TLCP) adds pliable but strong and polymer to be mixed in all, copolymerization modified. Liquid state balata adds modified of pliable but strong is to point to the carboxyl that contain end, amine radical, hydroxyl, sulfur commonly oxygen of alcohol radical, annulus base balata of liquid state fourth nitrile, get together etc, with dissolve of epoxy resin interblend, in the separate out in solidify process, form the two-phase structure of ” of “ island model, carry active radical group interaction, chemical bond is formed on two-phase interface and rise to add effect of pliable but strong. In recent years, react beforehand besides what use balata of pure active liquid state besides addition matter, already developed the 2nd generation to use tall functionality epoxy resin uses a metal with the 3rd generation luxuriant activator preparation sets hoop of paragraph of copolymerization body modified oxygen gets together beforehand content, after passing such modified not only rose to come off intensity, and integral machinery function and hot property were not reduced apparently. Polyurethane adds glue of oxygen of annulus of pliable but strong is to pass polyurethane and epoxy resin to form stand partly wear network polymer (SIPN) and each other wear network polymer (IPN) , rise to force each other dissolve and synergism, make the polyurethane of tall flexibility and good stick the epoxy resin that receives a gender organic union is together, through complementary obtain the favorable result that add pliable but strong thereby with aggrandizement. Glue of oxygen of annulus of wet solidify of odd constituent normal temperature is a kind with modified ketone inferior the annulus oxygen glue that amine regards solidify agent as solidify, its characteristic is solidify can undertake below moisture and microtherm condition, can improve epoxy resin condensate be able to bear or endure Wen Xinghe corrosion resistance can. Ketone of phenolic aldehyde modified inferior amine solidify agent, it is first by, formaldehyde, 2 amine reaction generates benzene phenolic aldehyde amine, generate ketone of phenolic aldehyde modified with reaction of methylic different fourth ketone again next inferior amine. At present home is studying hard microtherm, low wet the fast solidify technology of the glue of oxygen of fast solidify annulus below. The glue of oxygen of annulus of double constituent cold curing that at present home develops, can be able to bear or endure 260 ℃ of 200 ~ temperature, gao Keda arrives 275 ℃ , 6min of below 25 ℃ 2 ~ can gel, complete solidify 3 ~ 8h, get together ether of 2 amine solidify come off intensity can achieve 4 ~ 5kN/m. Be made up by epoxy resin of double phenolic F and glue of oxygen of annulus of microtherm fast solidify is become, it and inferior phosphoric acid ester of 2 phenyl the last of the ten Heavenly Stems, DMP-30 cooperate, be in - 5 ℃ temperature but rapid solidify, already was developed at present and apply at building to construct a field. Basically use at ” of project of concrete “ whole to stick receive, the building fills, goods is repaired and housing materials is stuck receive etc. In building a project, it is replaceable rivet, solder wait for structural connection craft, use at sticking to receive all sorts of, marble and man-made plank. Technology of rehabilitate of high strenth composite material is the tendency that outside not was defeated by oily conduit transporting gas, technology of anticorrosive layer rehabilitate develops, it is with high-powered colophony matrix felt enhances material to form defend structural technology, have consequently taller fight pressure, tensile strength and felt force. Conduit does not need to stop when repair construction be defeated or decompression moves, have an operation to go to the lavatory simply at the same time, construction personnel grooms easily, fill strong result is good wait for an advantage significantly with economic benefits. Technology of composite material rehabilitate can undertake the spot twines construction and solidify of on the spot, construction process is bright fire, safe, convenient. Again, the Yuan Chao of composite material intensity that fibre glass, carbon fiber or fabric enhance crosses common rolled steel, make composite material rehabilitate and fill strong efficiency is taller; Composite material is had can design a gender, can damage according to blemish degree undertakes with circumstance getting power ply, number of plies, fiber distributings the specific aim design that waits for a respect, the reliability that its repair is high; The colophony that fibre glass or carbon fiber enhance base the layer of composite material asks adhesive and metal have good interfacial caking property, sealing and exceedingly good corrosion resistance, can reduce conduit 2 times inside carry date of departure to corrode greatly destroy. In technology of composite material rehabilitate, of adhesive choose defend to its function has crucial effect. When polyurethane undertakes adding modified of pliable but strong to epoxy resin adhesive, polyurethane catenary paragraph perforative to epoxy resin catenary paragraph in, form each other to wear polymer network structure (IPN) or half each other wears polymer network structure (SIPN) . Because polyurethane and epoxy resin solubility are different, IPN data appears the photograph depart of different level, but as a result of the network mutual and intricate, produce “ to force ” of each other dissolve, make consistence increases; And polymer once after cross-linking, mutual and intricate network makes photograph area is secured, because polyurethane grain is dispersedly in successive epoxy resin photograph, make systematic tenacity increases, dispersed the stress concentration of condensate, fight shear strength to increase. Add the addition of the quantity as polyurethane, fight shear strength to increase gradually, but when the content when polyurethane exceeds 13.04 % , as a result of polyurethane / the each other that the each other that epoxy resin forms wears polymer network structure wears degree to had reached saturation. Increase polyurethane dosage further, each other wears polymer network to be able to appear each other is crossed degree, polyurethane and epoxy resin photograph are detached, form break, the consistence of polyurethane and epoxy resin drops quickly. Accordingly, antagonism shear strength, the polyurethane dosage of beautiful is 13.04 % . Come off intensity discretion basically can reach flexibility to concern with the caking property of epoxy resin adhesive, the metabolic rule that wears system of polymer network structure by the each other that polyurethane and epoxy resin form is knowable, add the increase of the quantity as polyurethane, the change that after the flexibility of condensate appears to be added first, falls, so the comes off intensity can follow polyurethane accretion of epoxy resin adhesive is measured increase the current that after appearing to increase first, reduces. After achieving 20 % when polyurethane, the addition that comes off intensity adds a capacity as polyurethane begins to drop. Accordingly, to coming off intensity, the polyurethane dosage of beautiful is 20 % . Skill of pliable but strong is added in numerous epoxy resin in, the effect adding pliable but strong of the elastomer that is a delegate with polyurethane is remarkable. But epoxy resin is a line model thermoplastic colophony, itself won't be sclerotic, add solidify agent only, make it by reticulate of line structure cross-linking or bodily form structure, ability realizes solidify. Accordingly, using while polyurethane undertakes adding pliable but strong to epoxy resin, need adds solidify agent, make its satisfy the to solidify function requirement when construction. Epoxy resin contains many benzene annulus or heterocycle, molecular catenary is flexible small, the epoxy resin after solidify has high cross-linking structure, this cross-linking writtens guarantee compose is out of shape not easily, bring about epoxy resin kind adhesive existence tenacity is insufficient, easy fragile crack, come off intensity is low wait for defect with impact resistance difference, make its application is restricted by huge, because the modified adding pliable but strong of this epoxy resin is to its in conduit rehabilitate,application has important real significance to reach its to apply foreground. Often need to be able to be in already in practice the adhesive that cold curing can use in high temperature environment again. Build used structural adhesive for example, ask to be able to be able to bear or endure not only suffer high temperature to collapse with preventing a building to break down in the whole in fire, because stick,still receive an area to heat impossibly greatly solidify. But adhesive of cold curing EP cannot be used below high temperature commonly, and the EP adhesive of heat-resisting often needs to heat ability is complete solidify. Alleged cold curing, it is to point to normally can be in room temperature (30 ℃ of 20 ~ ) below the condition a few Min or the gel inside a few H, be in 7d less than is complete solidify, obtain the solidify means of usable intensity. Although the cold curing, adhesive that high temperature uses already gained a few headway, but still have quite large space with need, will strengthen henceforth begin research of pair of mechanism of EP adhesive solidify, develop the active solidify agent of much functionality; Synthesize new-style much functionality EP matrix colophony, exploration EP resinous is new-style modified method and new-style filling; On the base that improves performance, make the research and development of adhesive forward resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model way develops. 5, epoxy resin adhesive has the last word to be stuck exceedingly goodly receive function and chemical stability to win wide application consequently, the adhesive of development demand EP of modern industry holds concurrently a cold curing and be able to bear or endure the ability that gets high temperature. Origin of base material of epoxy resin adhesive is extensive, applicable stick receive a variety of base material, have strength low, anti-corrosive, thermal stability reachs shrinkage of tall, solidify dielectric protecties is good wait for a characteristic, and have construction technology handy, work efficiency tall, specific power consumption small, cost is low advantage, can reduce labor intensity greatly, save manpower cost, market potential is tremendous applied perspective is wide.

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