Recently, group of research and development of paddle of ala of v of aviation industry prosperous passes two years of much technologies to tackle key problem, successful trial-produce gives about 14 meters to exceed paddle of ala of large helicopter composite material coming back, came true from arriving to the design the complete element test and verify of craft trial-produce, indicate the company already had a Chang Fei to develop the capacity that exceeds paddle of ala of large composite material coming back completely independently, fill our country exceeds large the blank of technology of development of paddle of ala coming back, the development that is follow-up helicopter lays solid technology foundation. Two years ago, the composite material that prosperous flies to to be able to produce 8 meters many only comes back alar paddle, go to 14 meters from 8 meters, be length lengthen not just. This need chooses from design of pattern of system of mould pressing of composite material paddle, material, mould pressing of composite material paddle shapes craft, a lot of technology such as paddle pointed Bao Tiecheng tool undertakes tackling key problem, every link is only contented exceed a design to ask even, the composite material that ability ensures development goes high reliability comes back alar paddle. This exploration that its embezzle is containing hardships of personnel of technology of prosperous flying project tackles key problem course. Zhou Yang is rich as super- large project of answer material paddle develops a director, make full use of oneself abounds advantage of experience of model paddle research and development, bold guide a group to initiate a gender to put forward paddle to shape structure of model of cent of mould pressing system and carbon fiber crossbeam replace Bo fine to reduce heavy design program. However carbon fiber crossbeam is in experience of application of domestic paddle project at that time 0, do not have experience to be able to be drawn lessons from, experimenting a discovery when cut is checked carbon fiber crossbeam appears after in-house solidify empty and mould and heat of composite material both expand rate is abhorrent problem. He guides group member to discuss to make craft plan by day, have a test in product line in the evening, develop craft test over and over, fumble repeatedly interval of parameter of solidify of requirement of character of raw material of new material of carbon fiber crossbeam, actor, the lesson is drawn in failing, collect test data, share the result that each pace obtains with everybody at the same time, encourage the travel before group member encourage ceaselessly. Below everybody's make concerted effort, captured eventually relevant core technology, trial-produce Acceptance Test, built standard of new material raw material and solidify parameter system. In the meantime, to shaping the model is used shrink than the design, make the mould is had get used to stretchy function oneself, direction of length of mould of paddle solidify around grows 13 millimeter left and right sides, made sure paddle appearance outline and dimension precision control a demand effectively. Zhang Jie is to prevent / project of paddle of deice composite material develops a director, the technical development that basically is in charge of this project develops the work. When firm intervening project, he guides a group to consult in great quantities domestic and international relevant data, put forward to optimize circuit to devise plan, improve leading edge to defend reduce in-house stress to optimize plan centrally, still put forward to prevent type selecting of material of adhesive bonding of surface of deice component inside and outside to suggest. However, product report deice appears to heat repeatedly in developing a process fill up in-house existence bleb / problem of weak adhesive bonding, yuan Chao gives design target range. He leads group member from heat mat balata finishing, mould matchs the way such as degree of examination to strengthen craft to improve, captured eventually this core technology. Zhou Yang rich, Zhang Jie just comes back the typical delegate in process of development of alar paddle project. Have just about such a flock of project technology personnel, the technology of new forward position that always tracks progress of paddle of ala of domestic outward turning, assault fortified positions overcomes acme of difficult, excelsior, pursuit, just make in 2 years short favorable balance of trade of the development between a long time is large paddle of ala of helicopter composite material coming back, the development that is career of our country helicopter lays solid foundation. Up to now, group of research and development of paddle of ala coming back already had helicopter of prosperous flying company our country helicopter is complete model ability of experience of research and development of chart ala coming back, the development of the paddle of ala coming back such as helicopter of AC313, AC311A out this group, assuming industry and informatization ministry at the same time scientific research of foundation of special, national defence, Jiangxi saves civilian machine the above of the class that visit a department such as plan of key research and development is great science and technology is special the task, have the honor to win paddle of 6 3 class that visit a department and achievement of above science and technology, home to make early or late.

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