On June 17 afternoon, center of research and development of Europe of Antai answer material makes international share the success on platform news briefing to uncover a shop sign at intelligence of Changzhou high new developed area.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Center of research and development of Europe of Antai answer material business of the look up before base oneself upon, face high-end carbon fiber light quantify the market, for An Taifu material is in Germany, Euramerican reach high end of carbon fiber composite material to apply a domain to offer powerful innovation to support. On the news briefing, developing zone of economy of Changzhou bank river the party is versed in appoint Zhao Huimin of assistant president of clerical Xu Yawei and An Taifu coffin, vice-president appears on the stage, uncover a shop sign for center of research and development of Europe of An Taifu material jointly. Changzhou high new developed area is in charge of appoint Li Hao of deputy warden of government of district of vice director, can new north expresses: “ Changzhou high new developed area is Changzhou the assemble area of advanced manufacturing industry, demonstrative area that open to the outside world, forerunner area that science and technology innovates. In recent years, changzhou high new developed area accelerates the communication come-and-go of the mutiple level, much theme between, as much as innovation powerful nation channel ceaselessly, get together the area of international collaboration garden with force high quality construction, attend industrial catenary actively to cooperate with division of labour, offer for European enterprise custom-built the integrated service that the carrier platform that change and high-quality goods change. Changzhou high new developed area will be a foundation with this activity, rely on center of technology of project of Europe of Antai answer material to wait for Europe's main resource advantage in Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, break barrier of information, spatio-temporal, culture, the effective butt joint of stimulative technology, capital, talent, strong cooperate with, organic linkage, changzhou new and high area makes the division of go ahead of the rest that makes innovation collaboration and example division. ”

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15-18 December

New York City