Composite material liquid shapes technical LCM (Liquid Composite Molding) it is infuse of liquid state polymer the shop has fiber to shape beforehand of body close in modular antrum, or heat to put the colophony film inside modular antrum to make its fused beforehand, liquid state polymer finishs pair of fibrous macerate while flow charges a pattern, shape through solidify process the technology of composite material preparation that is goods. The field is created in aviation, composite material liquid shapes the technology has a design to make cost low, make a size control choice accurate, operation is spent freely big, agree with complex structure integration is made wait for an advantage. The liquid shapes the technology basically asks to include to resinous: 1. Low viscosity, liquidity is good, general viscosity control is in 200-300mPa.s 2. Have below inject temperature enough long working life, during filling modular cavity viscosity cannot increase apparently; 3. Good solidify is characteristic: The exothermic when solidify is little, solidify temperature not Ying Taigao, the time that reachs drawing of patterns to solidify from gelation is short, improve manufacturing efficiency; 4. Low volatilize portion content, aeriform by-product does not arise in solidify process; 5. Have good wellability and cohere strength with carbon fiber; 6. Solidify shrinkage is low, assure the dimension precision of goods and exterior quality; 7. Integral performance is superior: Have high mechanical intensity, model quantity, tenacity, be able to bear or endure gentle ageing resistance can, still have the technical demand that contented goods uses. Liquid of MERICAN 3768 of China prosperous polymer shapes index of resinous function characteristic, applicable circumstance, technology is as follows: Function characteristic: 1. Only group share epoxy resin system; 2. 80 ℃ inject, the viscosity 250 MPa.s when 80 ℃ is controlled; 3. Colophony technology working life is long, the viscosity after the 12h below 80 ℃ does not exceed 300mPa.s; 4. Solidify system 180 ℃ 2-3h; 5. Be able to bear or endure admirably function of damp and hot, vitrification transition temperature (Tg) 210 ℃ uses an occasion: MERICAN 3768 epoxy resin basically makes carbon fiber composite material as the matrix colophony of RTM craft, cabin of predestined relationship of the elevator that uses in the plane, around, rudder, faze flows board, rectification cover and relevant bear in force structure. Index of technology of colophony mould body:

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Use case:
China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Wainscot of elevator of carbon fiber composite material, grow 5.5m, epoxy resin of wide place 1.2m MERICAN 3768 (Hua Changju closes matter) carbon fiber fabric: NCF cloth (Sataikesi, saertex) fiber bulk content: 55%

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