A few days ago, by Hua Changju company closing matter continues, the Indonesian Ge Lun of construction of organization of limited company of engineering of environmental protection of Shanghai goosefoot graph makes system of to decoke of power plant of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces anticorrosive project construction ends, finish smoothly check and accept, project ministry crew safety goes back to the motherland. Ge Lun hits power plant of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to be located at Indonesian Su Lawei insular Ge Lun hits the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to save boreal Ge Lun to hit county of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces to hold Milituo in the palm on the west divisional Dan Rong adds Lan Cun on upper and coastal coasting, the desulphurization system clean flue that my company assumed set of 1# , 2# , absorb what the liner of wall scale puddle such as the tower reachs 4 cistern to get together job of Niao anticorrosive construction, this also is company of wholy-owned engineering of China prosperous company - “ of travel of carry out of company of engineering of environmental protection of Shanghai goosefoot graph is taken all the way ” ,

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The HCM-1 that the anticorrosion material product of this project chooses Hua Changju to add up to content company to produce, HCM-1D, HCM-1M is high temperature resistant puddle of vinyl ester scale and coating, this series product is own research and development of company of China prosperous polymer and the fist product that have independent intellectual property, going up early the wall anticorrosion that 90 time use the century at the equipment such as tower of flue of system of to decoke of flue gas of power plant of domestic coal fired, to decoke, cistern, accompany “ to be taken all the way ” develops, puddle of scale of series of HCM-1, HCM-2 exports abroad Africa, southeast Asia to wait for more than 20 with the area. Company of goosefoot graph environmental protection is aimed at this abroad project, carry out to ensure a purpose is successful, cooperate total package technically to just optimize the programme of construction, weave measure of anticorrosive construction technology carries out plan of detailed rules, quality, epidemic situation to prevent accuse measure to wait, arrange picked troops to will be mixed by force skilled the worker is familiar with construction blueprint and plan seriously before construction, carefully, had done what use personnel of working trade team and group each to groom with technical tell sb one's real intentions, implement each measure and Indonesian construction site is hurried off to after assessment is eligible. Below the case with overseas so severe epidemic situation, ministry of company Indonesian project takes a variety of epidemic prevention move, below the premise that ensures personnel safety is healthy, the requirement protects the node that puts forward according to owner and total package unit to protected a quantity to complete total construction project character, also finished China prosperous company to make sure to the “ of total Baofang and owner acceptance this project is admirable project at the same time, percent of pass of China prosperous material 100% , the target ” that working procedure pledges accident of 100% of check percent of pass, quality is 0 ” . Indonesian owner and the product that always include an unit to join content company to Hua Changju and construction quality give height reputably. Company of China prosperous polymer and union of company of goosefoot graph environmental protection experience accumulates abroad construction the executive experience that abounded abroad project project, foster and exercised a professional adroitness, construction team that can make tough fight, extend construction of abroad anticorrosion engineering to replenish a base for the company. Hua Changju closes matter   is dedicated high quality colophony 63 years

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