On June 11, carry amounts to share the 10MW class of own research and development YD110 of 110 meters of maritime lamina, in in answer even numerous experiment base one-time adopt full measure smoothly static force checks. This is current home long carbon fiber maritime lamina, show a carry to amount to the ability of technical research and development with reliable share again, for the development motive force with powerful infuse of research and development of maritime wind report.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Static force checks: Test of brandish direction limit checks this, undertake strictly according to IEC61400-23 standard, check data and design height be identical, the Gao Ke that lamina of carbon fiber of this 110 meters of class is designed and desired effect card is made relies on a gender. Regard long maritime wind report as blade, YD110 can assure tall Cp not only, fight the admirable pneumatic function such as stall, still use technology of multinomial innovation design, innovation, capture successfully difficulty of a series of maritime lamina technology. This lamina uses double Liang San the configuration that Bo of celiac board, carbon mixes crossbeam, solve a structure to miss firm issue already great raise its to fight stage performance. In the meantime, compositive still and shirt-sleeve excel in buries the technology such as the Xie Gen, 2 systems that prevent thunder beforehand, the dependability of blade and stability get farther promotion. Regard the bibcock of wind cable industry as the enterprise, carry amounts to share technology group to will gallop all the way, ceaseless breakthrough, continuously deep ploughing is explored maritime lamina is designed and make, use green sea wind to drive wind cable industry actively to last healthy progress, power of new energy resources is produced in process of ” of “ double carbon.

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