Fall October, if azure is washed. Amount to share Tibet from the carry that is as high as 5139.1m altitude Cuomeizhegu 2 period the project transmits news of victory: Hoisting of 7# seat number is finished satisfactorily. This is carry amounts to share and the sources of energy of Tibet of 3 gorge group to invest limited company after first phase prototype, finish consign job satisfactorily hand in hand again. Ancient town of sagacious of beautiful county of arrange of the city austral the hill of the Xizang Autonomous Region that this project is located in the Himalayas north to the foot of a hill or mountain, seat number altitude is as high as 5139.1m, it is to go up at present height above sea level is high and the project that approves whole of the aircrew that finish to be installed formally. The project uses WD131-2200 unit, it is the “ that carry amounts to share to be downy, Gao Han, anoxic environment product of private and custom-built ” . Before installation, this aircrew v/arc be on the throne at the sources of energy large wind report and network system research and development (experiment) base of experiment of central Zhang Bei undertakes each parameter checks. In the imitate of 45.0C°+ of temperature of altitude 6000m, environment bad situation falls, labour frequency withstand voltage examines, concussion withstand voltage examines, temperature rise examines, one-time through. 2 period the project is the same as first phase same blade design uses the special wing section with pneumatic superior performance, install the eddy current generator with defer detached air current at the same time, improved lamina of group of wind electric machinery effectively to spend the stall function below in low altitude airtight, combine control strategy to optimize, elevate electricenergy production effectively. What install the task this is satisfactory finish, cannot leave 3 gorge Tibet can the support of department of agree place relevant function to company project and help, it is carry amounts to share to build the force, concentration that carries out force and remarkable ingenuity formidably excellently to reflect more. In force of promotion area brand while, carry amounted to share and Tibetian brethren to build deep friendship, will make persistent efforts, by situation and on, for Tibetan highland electric power construction escorts the Emperor convoy.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City