Since the beginning of the year, suffer effect of strong cold air, appear weather of snow of warm rain of big Fan Jiang. Persistent pluvial snow weather gives electric field of wind of southern major country to bring a thorny issue - blade Fu ice. Spend hill wind electric field, once enraged often because of day of microtherm rain snow, bring about fan lamina to freeze, reduce set electricenergy production, cause high specified number pecuniary loss; Since introduce deice technology, cure dense disease effectively, make tower aloft the fan between ridge removes dance ” with the wind in the “ in cold wind blizzard, carry cleanness green electricity ceaselessly for local in a steady stream. Carry amounts to share is home early those who be engaged in researching blade deice technology is overall one of manufacturers, have creation of multinomial deice technology, finish wind-force of type of many double make a present of early or late development of unit of technical reformation of system of generation set deice and deice of altitude of freeboard of 4000 meters of above. De-icing System of blade deice system becomes carry to amount to share to fight already freezing model the ” of “ core a magic weapon of wind- driven generation set. Basically apply at our country at present China the area such as medium, southwest, wait for south to get the country wind electric field of freezing calamity easily in Hunan, Hubei, Guizhou especially, this system underwent test below long-term freezing environment. In machinery of 2021 year Zhejiang award of industrial science and technology judges pitch on, the “ that carry amounts to share to chair is fought freezing model the crucial technology of wind- driven generation set and industrialization ” project, have the honor to win second-class award. This indicates the height that gets social industry approbates a technology of company lamina deice with affirmation, move toward mature industrialization gradually. 3 big innovation shine lamina of technical gold calling card is wind- driven generation set captures effectively the crucial part of wind energy. Below environment of microtherm, damp, high height above sea level, super-cooling water condenses into ice to adhere to go up in blade, cause a change blade pneumatic appearance, reduce generate electricity efficiency, increase aircrew trends load. These puzzle the difficult problem with long already industry is carry amounts to share technology personnel must the ” of “ hard bone that “ gnaws ” to fall. The pioneer that regards deep ploughing wind as the road that report does poineering work 50 years, carry amounts to share encourage annals to must take out a solution. Through more than 10 years with great concentration is studied and the spot experiments repeatedly, blade Fu puts this sex difficult problem on the ice to achieve core breakthrough, solve this problem to step solid one pace for systematization. Carry amounts to group of share deice technology to be mixed according to the frozen mechanism of different wind field moving circumstance, custom-built to the project change design deice plan, consider be born give carry to amount to system of deice of the 2nd acting lamina. Say this deice system is equivalent to installing new wind of a “ in blade interior simply circulatory system ” , below the circumstance that puts on the ice in blade Fu, the system can be inside shorter time, achieve efficient conduct heat, the purpose that Fu of purify lamina surface puts on the ice. Be worth what carry is, this system photograph is otherer deice technology, have prevent and kill off to put double mode on the ice, do not affect blade pneumatic appearance, the effect that prevent thunder is good, later period Yi Wei is protected wait for an advantage. The development of 127b1e5a7077612d9fc5112804e9346b.jpg deice system cannot leave technical innovation, in the beginning of design, deice technology group uses system of CFD technology aggrandizement to conduct heat, heat through imitate the air inside blade circulates in blade interior, optimize hot air to be in the flow condition of blade lumen, accurate control steam carries blade frozen and serious area, deliver quantity of heat the surface outside blade. Early-warning of law of the “ adding that monitor, adopt intelligence to accuse lukewarm science and technology. ” carry amounts to introduction of group of share deice technology, company from devote oneself to to make project of blade deice high-quality goods at the beginning, level sex ground rolls out a series of blade Fu to put a solution on the ice, can freeze according to wind field the circumstance chooses plan neatly actually, different level reduces blade Fu to put the influence of pair of fan electricenergy production on the ice, pain spot of industry of exact hit the point. Blade Fu ice is monitored is to perplex the technical difficulty with old industry all the time, be apart from horn to wait for moving data to be a foundation with aircrew wind speed, power and paddle, deice technology group puts the technology that monitor, intelligence on the ice from Fu of lamina of development of germ proceed with lukewarm accuse a technology, put forward “ fiber-optic vibration + the technics that lukewarm probe of feeling of ” of ice of the Fu of big data analysis that monitor, “NTC monitors temperature ” in real time, break through the technical bottleneck of deice system successfully, enhance the core competition ability of this technology. Intelligence is lukewarm accuse a technology to make blade becomes ” of box of heat preservation of a “ , lukewarm stability of blade lumen wind is in 60 ℃ , systematic science accuses lukewarm, average thermal efficiency is as high as 70% above. At the same time no matter anti-icing mode or deice mode, blade is frozen temperature of the wall outside area is average temperature rise 15 ℃ above, warm up rapid, can be fast inside half hours deice. Internet of big data, “ + ”“ wisdom builds ”…… science and technology to endow with can, quality makes aegis, carry amounts to a person how to be wisdom cerebra on every deice aircrew. One branch alone show one's skill of cold wave of beautiful low temperature devotes clean the sources of energy, let an innumberable families enjoy green wind report, it is the mission that carries Da Renming is written down from beginning to end. The innovation of deice system research and development, to sufferred freezing wind electric field for a long time to bring materiality change. China in groove guard of nature of class of office of A wind field, gao Hai unplugs many meters 2200, the Fu that is a model puts wind electric field on the ice. Annual time of ice of accumulative total Fu is in 40 days of above, electricenergy production loss near 5 million yuan, this is the anxiety that perplexes owner all the time. 2019, this project uses carry to amount to deice system ability to change plan. This lets aircrew be in winter full wind speed paragraph hair electric power and efficiency of wind energy changeover promote significantly. Generate electricity with aircrew history data is comparative, ability changes year of equivalent of aircrew to use hour of number to promote 10% above, annual every aircrew can increase profit of 120 thousand yuan of net. Those who adopt proposal of the other side optimize continuously with improve, carry amounts to share to try hard all the time ascend technology commanding elevation. It is with field of wind of E Bei B exemple, this project was finished in June 2021 and the net generates electricity, promote the project of key the people's livelihood that ” of “ green new energy resources builds as place, among them every act is affecting the heart of circumjacent common people. According to the requirement, carry of project design installation amounts to share 20 WD147-2500 aircrew, frozen and serious seat number provides deice set. Quarterly forms for reporting statistics showed 2022, deice aircrew is daily electricenergy production lasts develop a school of one's own, generate electricity than other unit promotion small duration exceeds 150 hours, electricenergy production adds 200 thousand kilowatt hour compared to the same period, carry amounts to the wind resource condition that refuses freezing aircrew to make local winter advantageous to be able to use adequately. Same, in field of wind of our country southwest C, annual winter can appear fan is brought about because of freezing stop the phenomenon of machine for long. Since after using carry to amount to share deice system, the Fu of winter lamina puts “ on the ice to change ” , the firm ” of “ of daily electricenergy production of aircrew, the pain spot “ of owner solves ” . Carry amounts to deice technology, seriation, mutiple level the solution with easy combination, it is our country China electric field of wind of medium, southwest brought good news. In recent years, the company helps the owner unit that to different level ice sufferring Fu perplexes in succession, this also witnesses carry to amount to a person to chase after wind to chase Gaoguang hour of report, the state-owend enterprise responsibility with the full of and low carbon development, affectionate green below precipitation. Current, capture Fu of wind- driven generation set puts the stability that new energy resources of winter of difficult problem, promotion generates electricity on the ice, the company rolls out the solution that puts safety on the ice to protect mode and blade deice system to be a delegate with aircrew Fu. The resource that carry amounts to share to will let more “ freezing ” with technical innovation continuously be able to development of safe, economy is used, to serve our country “ target of double carbon ” contributes force of reliable science and technology.

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