1 setting summarizes   in recent years, the sporting goods used sophisticated data system increasingly to develop taller property, pledge gently to having especially the carbon fiber of excel in character, in the development application of the sporting goods, won wide application and extend gradually. Company of person of the Supreme Being took the place of to begin professional work of utility of carbon fiber sports from 1970, among carbon fiber and carbon fiber material is used extensively at the product such as lever of fishing pole, golf, tennis racket. Be based on afore-mentioned historical setting, strengthen the career of sports domain to will last henceforth at the same time, ” of transplanting of material technology “ goes to sports utility among the carbon fiber that company of person of the Supreme Being will face aerospace utility to develop, founded for this “TENAX PW” of two new brands (TENAX puissant series) with “TENAX BM” (series of TENAX beam of light) . The characteristic   of material is current among 2 new-style carbon fiber the meaning that company of person of the Supreme Being is made and the “TENAX” carbon fiber of the sale is representing ” of “ Jiang Ren in Latin, its intensity is 10 times of iron, and the 1 / that weight has iron only 4, hold a high strenth and small amount sex concurrently, and material character is as follows among two kinds of carbon fiber of new development: 1) , “TENAX PW” (TENAX puissant series)   this model the product is the brand that founds in the light of the user that seeks force and rate, among the carbon fiber that it used the Jiang Ren that aviation aircraft place needs to change a technology material. Its characteristic is the resin that used amount of model of high strenth, tall drawing, through absorbing wallop to be able to control damaged area, compare with the standard product photograph of company of person of the Supreme Being, the compression of material intensity is able to improve, can carry the strength that increases a sporting goods and rate, make contribution for the user. 2) , “TENAX BM” (series of TENAX beam of light)     TENAX BM is the brand that offers to seek the user that controls a gender, it is used carry the carbon fiber at orbiter product technology intermediate material, have exceedingly good tigidity, straight into gender, operation sex, stability, oscillatory absorbency. Its characteristic body is had now restrain the sex of exceedingly good and oscillatory damp that tremble and absorbs vibration, the agreement that can control vibration product of level of company of person of the Supreme Being 1/4, after big limit ground reduces sports product to encounter concussion, can be out of shape already, still can restrain asp. Group of person of emperor of future of   of program of 3 follow-up development will develop the carbon fiber that accumulates up to now and the technology of the material intermediate, offer the value of requirement of contented sports field ceaselessly, “TENAX PW” is popularized in sequel, “TENAX BM” two brands while, return the development that will strengthen carbon fiber product further, through offerring innovation sex high-powered data and solution, wish for a long time forward the becomes “ to drive prospective society to develop enterprise ” of scene and indefatigable effort.

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