By Carnegie university of · plum grand (CMU, carnegie Mellon University) the student develops independently super- light, composite material is concentrated model detector “Iris” will enter lunar phase later on this year.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Car of small miscarriage ball, cross an one stride   Carnegie · Mellon university (Carnegie Mellon University) composite material is concentrated model moon car “Iris” (Iris Nano Rover) in imitate month scene aspirant travel is revealed, the plan finishs job that enter a month at 2021 second half of the year. Iris will serve as next generation compact model the technology that remote control aerospace overflows travelling block sets an example. The account that build and launchs unmanned moon car is varied, include to pass airborne sensor or facility for transporting to collect data, unmanned moon car is car of exploration of space of makes to roam in moon face robot, remote control. Go up oneself century since 60 time end, had had 4 unmanned detector successful on the moon travel, it is respectively before the Lunokhods of Russia (moon person) - 1, 2 mixed “ the Jade Hare-the moon (Yutu) one, 2 ” , although still come from the United States without at present, but more unmanned detector plans are in different program, development and test phase. Among them the detector that a plan launchs in 2021 second half of the year, it is composite material of a carbon fiber the ” of box of 2 kilograms of shoes on production ” wheel, kaneijimeilong university (CMU, pittsburgh of Ni Yazhou of standard of American guest evening) assistant of undergraduate students research, also be chief of machine of project of Iris moon detector at the same time Nicholas · Akuna (Nicholas Acuna) so its. The robot of CMU ascends month of plan to began to quicken 2014, the Andy of this school before this enters lunar concept car (Andy Lunar Rover Concept) in Gu Ge moon X large award is surpassed in the money award that won 500 thousand dollar for CMU. Although the Andy moon car first because volume is huge, cumbersome and costly and cannot carry, cannot use as the feasible plan that explores outer space, but the gangplank of the small-sized design that it is later, eventually confluence is the Iris moon car nowadays. Iris is by William (Red) a group of students of the CMU robot institute that Professor Whittaker heads and teaching and administrative staff are versed in researcher is developed independently, it put forward a kind of new exploration tool, call accept rice to overflow travelling block (Nano-rovers) . Follow the consistent idea of miniature cube satellite, accept rice detector aims to pass a series of relatively small-sized, modular, cheap unmanned detector, use off-the-peg component to make exploration democratization mixes aerospace to be changed quickly. Iris begins research and development from 2017, be a kind by batteries pilot system of robot of long-range remote control, plan 2021 embarking United States of second half of the year launchs alliance jointly (ULA, american division collect helps much city) god of Vulcan Centaur(fire Centaurus) the rocket blasts off, will carry Astrobotic company (Pittsburgh of Ni Yazhou of standard of American guest evening) Peregrine lands implement arrive at a moon, will be subsequently over there deploy makes an appointment with 72 hours, use its in order to serve as the demonstrate person of this technology the data that airborne sensor takes concerned moon appearance. If its mission is successful, iris will become prospective accept rice to overflow the example of travelling block. Composite material design and car of production   this moon are comprised by the batholith of carbon fiber composite material of shape of a box, mix of electric machinery, camera lens inside the car photograph like head and remote control equipment, there are 4 to exceed wheel of large composite material of cap shape carbon fiber outside the car. Acuna explanation says, there is much room inside chassis, can big limit ground reduces weight, can join at the same time relative to larger wheel, so that scale fraise. Acuna says: We think “ to go up in bulk as far as possible earth development overflows travelling block, still want to accord with our budget at the same time. ”The original design of Iris includes two larger wheels and a stable construction that are similar to ” of hind “ tail only, in order to poise. Acuna says, this kind of design aims to reduce quality as far as possible, but defect is it can move ahead only. Optimize degree to rise as what whole designs, summer 2018, with current four-wheel the design replaced movement two rounds, in order to increase advancement and regressive capacity. Chassis dimension is 250×175×105 millimeter about, by Janicki Industries of composite material manufacturer (Sedro-Woolley of American Washington city) make, and the wheel is designed by CMU researcher proper motion and make. To chassis, CMU offerred requirement and hardware design, and the professional knowledge that Janicki provided field of its aviation structure will coach schedule of material choice, lay up and lay up layout are designed. According to chief inspector of Janicki research and development · checks Todd this (Todd Chace) the introduction, chassis is made in a side that has challenge sex is, a few hardware of moon car need to receive chassis to go up repeatedly directly, this needs special accuracy and careful sex, wrinkle with avoiding material to appear or joining together. In addition, the strict exhaust that the colophony system that is used at the spare parts needs to satisfy NASA to make asks; Chose company of Solvay composite material (Alpharetta of American Zun Zhiya city) MTM45-1 3K carbon fiber / annulus oxygen beforehand dip stuff will satisfy these requirements. To make chassis, the group of lab of Janicki research and development is designed first and made a kind of aluminium make the tool that fold a layer. The lay up of chassis digitlizes a design, use Yisiman (city of American new York Bufaluo) cut machine cut, use autoclave solidify next. The Zimmermann of use Janicki (the United States rests closely root city Wixom) milling machine undertakes nap and bore to solidify spare parts. Chace says, this spare parts has 4 only the layer is thick, because this machines a group,need to handle the structure of this kind of nicety carefully. Janicki made 3 identical chassis component - one is used at the test, one is used at backup and one enters a month eagerly. This component passes elaborate design, can satisfy rigid space flight standard, can accommodate the sensor of Iris, camera, batteries and wheel accessory. Chassis is attacked with Yu Chong and vibration checks, blast off with imitate and land condition. Two when remain rise gather undertake —— executes the mission flying; Another on call, any problems appear before blasting off in case. Wheel design: At the beginning of the process   of a study, the wheel of Iris by what make by aluminous net type punch disc was comprised at 7 o'clock. However very regrettablly, acuna says, these wheels roll effectively hard, make a wheel that does not have damaged very hard, and the object that the wheel weight for 18 centimeters compares every diameter to decide 25 grams formerly weighs on 50 grams even. Joined research December 2019 when him when the group, acuna led current wheel to design the development of the project. He says: I put forward “ geometrical structure, calculate a dimension. ” classics designs iteration for many times too, use fold paper first, use true composite material next, developed the moon of version of composite material of 12 crawler carbon fiber nowadays car wheel. Walk on thorn (also call a tooth-like part of anything that seize the ground) be stood by cheek by jowl and point to the ground, so that be on difficult landform better drawing wheel. The main body of the wheel by person of the Supreme Being (Japanese Tokyo) Tenax HTS40 exhibits filar carbon fiber (the fraction of Composite Envisions company that carries city of American Wisconsin Wasau is sold) with Hexion (American Ohio Columbus) EPON 862 epoxy resin (through the United States Kangniedige city Danbaili, regard solidify as the agent with the Epikure W of Hexion. Disc by the TeXtreme of 76 Gsm (Sweden Bolasi) the pedrail that one-way belt makes MS0SC undertakes consolidate, this fiber belt is taken by the Toray Composites Materials America of 1K (horse of division of tower of American Washington city) T300 tabby fabric increases. The carry out that go up pricks the wheel of every cap appearance of Iris to be called to pay ground a tooth-like part of anything, its action has what the dot resembles sneaker going up to prevent slippery hammer or spike, aim to help moon car development and move back and forth at bestrewing petrosal moon landscape. The wheel of ’ of cap of carbon fiber ‘ that “CMU produces is absorbing, ”Chace says. They found “ the stiffness that a kind of simple and light method will come to increase a wheel, offer traction for car. ”Say according to Acuna, in light of the angle that chooses from material, a demand that has challenge sex particularly is to ensure all uses data are had low commentate temperament, and fly to the touchdown of destination with embarking Iris implement with the rocket compatible. He says: The material of avery kind of on “ exploration car will be exposed in aerospace vacuum environment, if any releases a steam below vacuum environment, land implement condensation phenomenon may appear on lens, he says ” . The second success iteration that the wheel designs is finished through wet lay up; After the design is finished, · baud of Er of Miao of a place of strategic importance (Samuel Porter, the graduate student assistant of CMU and machinist Master Cheng, in the composite material of robot institute development group works) the help was developed provide more but the vacuum perfusion craft of repeatability and efficiency. Baud says: The main challenge that we face “ is not to want to be hanged in corner office in fabrics. ” to solve this problem, study layer of group general fabric and coating of teflon of a three-layer come off layer pile is in mould coping, the custom-built clamping apparatus that develops with baud is secured in proper place, play material mould figure with vacuum bag next. Once joint mould, this part immigrant oven plays perfusion in high temperature in order to maintain low colophony viscosity, undertake oven solidify next. Baud says: “ is whole the process, I think we had gone to comparative grow one Duan Lu ” . He helps the quality that established research group assure a plan, in order to make the lab reachs space flight level, include to make clean room, establish safe program, improve the production of detector it is but reduplicative, have according to the process that can examine. Finish eventually in moon car before building, the person that the test version that assembles completely roams must pass strict vibration, concussion, temperature and other attestation. The development of Iris accords with bureau of American space navigation (NASA) standard of current environment test and verify (GEVS) , and land deploy of free travelling block of Astrobotic set in Peregrine implement the requirement that go up. The 3rd times of moon car whole side iteration is called EM-3 or project model 3, had a test in emissive environmental test in equivalent, include random and oscillatory test among them, sine vibration checks and pound a test, in order to ensure moon car can handle space flight and descendent resonance and vibration. Still undertook at the same time acoustics evaluate and temperature checks. These tests coached fly eventually model place needs change. Pass after examining, the Raewyn Duvall of manager of Iris group project that be filled with exultation says to the member on Zoom conference: We are in “ to advance ceaselessly we want …… enter a month! ”Small make up the ID that found her on Facebook, if she beautiful remains a student it seems that,dimple. But the family's archives is already clear writing: Engineer of the robot before NASA. (of others home learn bully) once the model is finished and   has a test eventually, iris launchs preparation. Acuna and Porter, and all and other student that has worked for Iris and its predecessor in going a few years, very glad to see a project obtained positive result, to them, this is activity of extracurricular of a learning. Akuna (Acuna) say: I just joined “ big temporarily, do not think I can make a lot of contribution. Just began, I am recording moon vehicle eventually in the wheel of research, fly to the moon. This is the dream that a Yao cannot reach it seems that. Now, we are close to him quickly, the issue that this is about to produce is real to us too mad. ”To CMU, the end is far also more than at Iris: Although Iris will be by the moon car of deploy, but it is CMU only one of project of car of a few moons. For example Moon Ranger, one bigger, 13 kilograms of heavy moon cars, use composite material extensively also likewise, predict to will be in deploy arrived 2022 the moon is antarctic.

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