Companion generates electricity as wind energy development direction of the technology, wind energy dynamo is technical down enlarge stand-alone edition cubage, alleviate enterprise kilowatt the suttle, development climate that improves changeover to lead azimuth, norms of wind report lamina is bigger, have higher demand in the light of material, carbon fiber because its weight is lighter compressive strength tall character, be applied slowly generate electricity at wind energy industry. Carbon fiber material applies at wind report domain, its advantage can reflect for: 1. Raise the flexural rigidity of wind report lamina, alleviate its are suttle what the opposite density of   carbon fiber compares Bo fine probably is small 30% , compressive strength however probably 40% fluctuation, especially tall 3~8 of rate of meet an emergency times, large and medium-sized wind report lamina uses carbon fiber material to be able to apply its bounce cotton adequately to pledge small dominant position. Scientific research shows information, it is the lamina with long 34M euqally, the character when using Bo fine to raise alkyd is 5800kg, the character when using Bo fine to raise epoxy resin glue is 5205kg, and the character when using carbon fiber to raise epoxy resin glue is only 3805kg. 2. Those who raise blade alleviate electromotor of wind of fatigue and characteristic   works below condition of nature of long-term sex outdoors in, environmental humidity, violent storm and accumulate waiting for element is to have make wind report lamina facilitates very likely injury, carbon fiber raw material is able to bear or endure outstandingly fatigue character reachs his to be had to air of salt of chemical soda acid be able to bear or endure admirably corrode sex, when be united in wedlock with compound colophony, became wind report dynamo to blend in one of raw material with atrocious weather good condition. 3. Make the power of centrifugal fan smoother more evenly, after raising   of wind-force application efficiency to use carbon fiber, of blade suttle the promotion with flexural rigidity, improved the hydromechanical character of wind report lamina, dropped the negative charge to tower and axial tenon, make the power of centrifugal fan more smooth then with the balance, raised wind energy to change efficiency. In addition, carbon fiber lamina is thinner, blade is longer fine, the Zuo that raised kinetic energy gives efficiency. 4, producible make the centrifugal fan that answers type lamina   to answer type, applied chemical fiber to raise the character of raw material neatly, can cause asymmetrical with various raw material, use a turn to fold, the design program of ill-natured lamina, make blade drop flashy negative charge when fresh gale change trains is moved, avoid the harm of pair of centrifugal fan. 5, the conductivity that applies conductivity to be able to prevent to use carbon fiber by   of be struck by lightning can, according to the overall design of fan lamina, can prevent to be damaged to what blade brings about by be struck by lightning reasonably. 6, after the production that reduces wind report lamina is made and   of content shedding cost uses carbon fiber raw material, the lamina of same norms more and more more light, production is made and content shedding cost is to be able to be reduced, operation of alterable small processing factory, reduce carry equipment. 7, producible make carbon fiber of   of low wind- driven lamina use blade of Yu Feng report, what can reduce blade is suttle, alleviate the bear of round of circle and axis, promote the accident of blade, produce the page of fan of big straight that makes an applicable low wind- driven region then, control cost then. 8, have shake decrease brace up of characteristic   carbon fiber shake decrease brace up character can prevent blade everything arises between rate of short Zuo of Zuo rate and tower of short duration of course in all the probability of shake.

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