Composite material is will two plant or the material of different character passes two kinds of above to shape technically craft and production method is compound and a kind of when become high-powered new material, can divide by use requirement for structural composite material and functional composite material, so far, main development way is structural composite material, but the composite material that also developing market structure and functional unifinication now. It is what the material that constitutes composite material or raw material say constituent material normally (CoNstituent Materials) , they can be metal, pottery and porcelain or high polymer material. To structural composite material character, constituent material includes matrix and strengthen put oneself in another's position, matrix is the successive photograph in composite material, its action is to will strengthen put oneself in another's position solid writtens guarantee together and increasing load is delivered between body; Strengthening put oneself in another's position is the main body that bears the weight of in composite material, include fiber, grain, any crystalline substance beard or piece account other people the buildup that wait body, among them fiber can be divided for successive fiber, long minute peace keeping weak point cuts fiber, can divide again by fiber material for fiber of metallic fiber, pottery and porcelain and polymer fiber, and use more at present it is important to mix is carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is the successive filament data with a kind of extremely detailed diameter, diametical limits is inside 6 ~ 8 μm, it is a kind of when nearly a few years development rises new-style material. The carbon fiber that uses in composite material at present basically has two kinds big: Polyacrylonitrile base carbon fiber is mixed bitumen radical carbon fiber, use polyacrylonitrile former silk respectively (say for van body) , bitumen former silk is passed special and complex carbon influence craft preparation and get. Adopt carbonization technology, the element such as the hydrogen that makes fiber medium, oxygen be able to eduction, make a kind of material that is close to pure carbon, the quantity that contain carbon is in commonly 90% above, and itself quality is reduced greatly however; Because carbonization process is medium,undertook edge axial to fiber beforehand drawing processing, make be arranged so that molecular edge axial undertakes orientaton, consequently tensile strength of carbon fiber axial rises greatly, the high-powered fiber material that makes stability of quantity of a kind of light qualitative, high strenth, high standard, chemical function. With carbon fiber and high-powered colophony matrix compound and those who become is advanced colophony radical composite material is current use more, also be composite material of important a kind of construction. In addition, make the resin that strengthens put oneself in another's position with fibre glass and natural fiber, basalt fiber base composite material also is developing quickly.

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