Recently, the reference of glasses of wireless AR intelligence that song Er knows technical company high to release platform of brave dragon XR2 hand in hand designs ® , aim to aid force brand manufacturer to face the market more apace rolls out the AR product that is based on platform of brave dragon XR2. Song Er already was based on brave dragon at was being rolled out last year the reference of wired AR glasses of ®XR1 platform is designed, referenced design can realize issuance AR glasses how-to, long-range assistance, study and imitate train recreation of office, game, task wait for a variety of application setting. With on generation photograph is compared, this AR glasses can join through Wi-Fi 6 / 6E and blue tooth smartphone or PC are used directly; Used those who upgrade to exceed plan of optics of frivolous and free curved surface, the small OLED that provided 1920*1080 resolution displays screen, ply of the casing before glasses is reduced nearly 40% , glasses around is balanced deserve to weighed a design to be reduced effectively load feeling, adorn more comfortable; Second high strenth carbon fiber application arrives on leg of AR glasses lens, intensity promotes and ply is thinner. Song Er and connect technical company high to began to spread out collaboration in XR domain 2015. Be based on the computational ability with brave dragon powerful platform, song Er combines oneself to use the technical advantage that waits for a respect and deep system in acoustics, optical, sensor, material compositive ability, the VR/AR reference that makes forward position for the industry designs model, the business that helps force accelerate a product is used change a course. Song Er share is a high-tech company that established 2011, dedicated the research and development at high accurate component and intelligent hardware, sale and make, connect company cooperation high with the United States, rolled out be based on Snapdragon (brave dragon)®The brand-new and wireless AR of XR2 platform (enhance reality) intelligence is examined implement referenced design. The another confluence of product of electron of level of this burgeoning spending and high-powered composite material, developed new development perspective. Civil market demand also will enlarge a batch of high-powered composite material such as carbon fiber further.

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