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Car of spark of structure of new-style composite material " Zhu Rong " the shortly that ascend fire

On April 24, 2021 spaceflight day begins the ceremony that start is held in Jiangsu Nanjing. The ceremonially that start, our country Martian car name is announced, wait via asking for evaluation of name, expert, network to poll layer upon layer choose, eventually ” of date of “ Zhu Rong shows itself.

“ wishs spark of ” of date of be in harmony the height of the car is 1.85 meters, weight achieves 240 kilograms or so. Design life is 3 spark month, be equivalent to making an appointment with 92 earths day. Car of spark of ” of date of “ Zhu Rong will begin type of upper part, material to distributing on spark, the exploration job such as geological structure and Martian atmosphere environment. Day of “ of exploration task of our country second spark asks spark of a ” detector to on July 23, 2020 the success launchs course, be captured successfully on Feburary 10 this year by spark, enter annulus fire path smoothly. Had resembled finishing preelection to land through be being become for many times at present high-definition and video data gets the area, sequel will be begun by the plan land the job such as analysis of environment of area terrain landforms, atmosphere, for the last ten-day of a month in May, the touchdown that day of “ of second spark detector asks a ” implement with “ Zhu Rong car of date ” spark lands spark to prepare. “ day asks a ” spark explores the task is the condition that our country develops planetary border to explore independently, circle the “ that realizes pair of spark through blasting off, ” of move, make one's rounds, namely spark surrounds, spark lands, igneous face is perambulatory. Martian car should be in the spark with mixed operating mode to express face Sunday run to walk, of data of car of this pair of spark light quantify, stability of excel in tenacity, expensive measure, impact resistance raised extremely tall requirement, alloy of traditional aluminium, titanium hard give attention to two or morethings asks integratedly. Since group of Ma Zongyi of Shenyang metal place assumed development job 2015 oneself, the design gives a series of new-style excel in, tall model, tall stability composite material of aluminium radical carborundum, put forward small alloying element, multivariate the new-style design thought of miscellaneous aggrandizement of separate out interblend. In the light of “ Zhu Rong car of date ” spark differs the requirement of structural part, development goes new-style aluminium base carborundum composite material, relevant product is used at a few kinds of component such as Martian car structure, orgnaization, instrument. With the tradition photograph of composite material of aluminium radical carborundum is compared, plasticity of new-style composite material promotes one times above, maintain high strenth, tall isotropy, tall wearability and stability at the same time. Wait for technical bottleneck through solving figuration of plasticity of preparation of large size billet, material, the composite material type that develops a different specifications. What metallic place develops is new-style the assessment of imitate of severe exacting ground that composite material of aluminium radical carborundum carried condition of close operating mode to fall, relevant technology program obtains user height to approbate, make metallic place makes Martian car composite material offers aluminium radical exclusively money unit.
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