On January 6, 2022, for the Olympic Winter Games the edition of new-style Olympic Games with quantity custom-built body revives group of date intelligence motor-car appears Beijing

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
On January 21, 2022, distance Beijing Olympic Winter Games kicked off to still have 15 days 2022, on the product line of Inc. of technology of Anhui abundant protoplast, employee people the live thing that offerring Beijing Olympic Winter Games in production of ground of in full swing but degradation tableware. To opening eve, abundant protoplast produces tot Beijing Olympic Winter Games 30 million (set) but degradation tableware. Use entirely but degradation tableware becomes Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee to make “ do not have model ” winter abstruse a epitome. On December 24, 2020, " operation of plastic pollution processing plans Beijing (2020~2025 year) " release formally, abstruse meeting will carry out Beijing Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete in the round “ green, share, of open, clean-fingered ” do abstruse concept, the agonistic place that runs in Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee, blame contest place, autograph arranges place of hotel, service / streamline and relevant business domain, link running contest fulfils concerned requirement strictly, decrease as far as possible cannot one-time plastic products uses degradation, accelerate advance new concept, new technology, new product to apply in setting of Beijing Olympic Winter Games. Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee is right height of job of management of abstruse meeting low carbon takes Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete seriously, introduce high grade biology actively but degradation data products, regard Beijing Olympic Winter Games as the significant step that low carbon environmental protection works. On November 9, 2020, the autograph makes an appointment with Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee and abundant protoplast, regard Beijing Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete as biology of abstruse meeting government its but degradation tableware supplier. Abundant protoplast offers live thing for Beijing Olympic Winter Games but degradation tableware and relevant support service, include one-time tableware and note model kind tableware, be like box of one-time knife, forked, spoon, eat, and note model kind 29 kinds of products such as tray, chopstick, straw. This kind of biology but degradation tableware uses live thing but degradation material —— gets together lactic acid is produced as raw material. Get together lactic acid is but the biology of complete biology degradation base new material delegate, it is the living things with sexual at present higher price but material of high polymer of degradation environmental protection, with traditional oil base material makings photograph is compared, every tons get together lactic acid can decrease a platoon to make an appointment with 3 tons of carbon dioxide. Because get together,this is lactic acid has good live thing but degradation sex, generate carbon dioxide and water eventually via microbial complete degradation. Compare at common and plastic use burn processing, in causing many greenhouse gas to emit into air, get together the 1/3 left and right sides that lactic acid produces the carbon of the process to discharge to polymer from raw material is general and plastic polyethylene. Li Rongjie of abundant protoplast president says: We produce “ get together lactic acid is to use aricultural litter straw, corn, cassava to wait but resource of second birth plant is made for raw material. Current, 100 thousand tons / year get together lactic acid mixes 20 thousand tons / year get together put into high gear of product line of lactic acid product, olympic Winter Games of main safeguard Beijing can be supplied of degradation tableware amply. ”Beijing Olympic Winter Games still used petrifaction to produce but degradation polybag. In September 2021, petrifaction place belongs to Beijing oil town of battalion of Zhang Shan of seat of competion area of Yanqing of northerly Beijing Olympic Winter Games donates 100 thousand but degradation polybag, basically use at what match place service and citizen life need. This batch but degradation polybag is by in supervise the manufacture of of branch of Beijing of petrifaction Yi Jie, the PBAT biology that asks for chemical fibber production with appearance but degradation is plastic entrust production to make for raw material and become. Photograph comparing is common but degradation polybag, this polybag is more durable, still have better thermal stability, mechanical property, and admirable biology degradation sex, fall in compost condition can complete degradation is water and carbon dioxide, reduce plastic pollution. The uniform equipment design in Beijing Olympic Winter Games, production, extend wait for each link to be being carried out as much can develop a concept continuously. 2019, beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee held water to subdue equipment committee of experts, rely on Beijing dress institute, how to step a company to establish laboratory of uniform equipment research and development, the respect waits in fabrics, structure, craft ceaseless research and development. On October 27, 2021, when Beijing Olympic Winter Games kicks off to time 100 days, abstruse meeting uniform installs Beijing Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete to be released formally in Beijing fully. Abstruse uniform installs the winter to offer Beijing Olympic Winter Games and wintry damage fully abstruse meeting officer of staff member, technology and volunteer dress are used, include dress, shoe to taste, fittings 3 kinds. Among them, equipment receives packet of uses yarn, it is to reclaim the packing bag of; of environmental protection yarn that uses production of useless old plastic products uses live thing but degradation material is made, rate of 180 days of degradation can amount to 90% above. But degradation material returned application to arrive to measure the Beijing winter with custom-built body for Beijing Olympic Winter Games on abstruse train. Beijing winter abstruse train was in Beijing formally on January 6 the line on Zhang Gaotie moves, partial train uses edition of new-style Olympic Games to revive group of date intelligence motor-car. Olympic Games edition revives of date inside outfit is all used environmental protection but degradation material, but degradation rate can achieve 50% above, can reclaim rate achieved 75% above. In addition, olympic Games edition revives date whole vehicle is used light quantify a design, with on the weight that generation model photograph compares whole train reduced 20 tons or so, integrated specific power consumption also reduces 10% above. Many Olympic Games that holds in recent years was used but degradation material. The Beijing Olympic Games that held 2008 uses biology degradation data extensively, in concentration part of have dinner place uses biology degradation plastic tableware, use biology degradation dinner service entirely in place of one-time have dinner, degradation of use biology of all rubbish bag is plastic goods. 2012 on London Olympic Games, london Olympic Games Organizing Committee puts forward to make a commitment 0 trash fill the Olympic Games that buries an area, the method that litter processing actors or actress is use biology plastic pack. Pack use biology radical plastic modified cellulose and collective blending polyester and starch are formed, the provision that uses and beverage pack flotsam to undertake reclaiming or compost is handled. Carry also can use Liyaoao 2016 but degradation is plastic tableware, wait with plant starch but secondary material makes but plastic tableware can be in degradation biology contented sanitation asks below the premise of energy-saving environmental protection. Also applied on the Tokyo Olympic Games that not long ago concludes many plastic reclaim second birth product, if get award stage to use but reworked plastics is made, cloth of dress of prize-giving ceremony emcee comes from reclaim fiber, put medal and the tray of prize-giving bouquet by but polymer of recuperative heat plasticity is made.

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