After epoxy resin market will suffer raw material to prop up whole to rise August, each are big below cost pressure the enterprise is moved for many times go up, end 18 days market of epoxy resin of liquid of Hua Dong area is in 14900-15400 yuan / ton clean water leaves factory, market of epoxy resin of solid of yellow country region exchanges views in 14700-15200 yuan / ton collect now send.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

A of raw material double phenol goes up continuously, itself suffers phenol of double raw material / acetone is propped up below, value of market of mainstream of Hua Dong of double phenolic A exchanges views to 12000-12100 yuan / ton. Market of crude of near future international is supplied or will last nervous, its are down product pure benzene - phenol - double phenolic A or will push continuously go up, and whole all is faced with current natural resources to measure intensity, and receive filling money of National Day false early days, double phenolic A is short-term and strong continue.

Market of annulus oxygen chloric propane is horizontal dish arrange, chloric propane of oxygen of annulus of Hua Dong market consults valence is in 8500 yuan / ton. Newest and referenced price is in raw material propylene 7360 yuan / ton, fluid is chloric relatively rise considerably last week, newest and referenced price is in 700 yuan / ton. Abundant beneficial grease still is in jockey sea of the Jiangsu inside condition, week promotes device to restart, rate of industry whole start working is in 6 into above.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
In light of, short-term raw material will still strong move, the stock up before together with National Day is affected, lag of marry again of high cost of downstream PC and epoxy resin, cost face props up next short-term epoxy resin to will still go tall continuously.

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