“ is brunt absolutely on development of new energy resources, none exaggerated says, we are. ”“ is done not have but the extensive development of second birth the sources of energy, have impossibly but since the rise suddenly of fast bitter fleabane of second birth the sources of energy, for transition of the sources of energy, answered climate change to make contribution. ”On March 30, zhang Jianhua of director of bureau of the sources of energy does a news briefing newly in the country, the introduction but second birth the sources of energy develops achievement. He is mentioned, but second birth the sources of energy is the main component that the sources of energy of many rounds of drive of our country supplies a system, to improving structure of the sources of energy, protection zoology environment, answer society of economy of climate change, implementation to be able to develop continuously have important sense. Machine of outfit of water and electricity is continuous 16 years of   up to by 2020, our country but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity outfit machine total dimensions achieves 930 million kilowatt, 42.4% what take general assembly chance, relatively increased 14.6 percent 2012. Among them, water and electricity report of 370 million kilowatt, wind is 280 million kilowatt, glossy volt generates electricity 250 million kilowatt, raw material generates electricity 29.52 million kilowatt, respectively successive 16 years, 11 years, reside firmly 6 years with 3 years. 2020, our country but electricenergy production of second birth energy reachs 2.2 trillion kilowatt hour, occupy whole society to use the proportion of n to amount to to 29.5% , relatively increased 9.5 percent 2012. The sources of energy of fossil of blame of the our country that prop up occupies the sources of energy to consume specific gravity to amount to 15.9% , come true to was not fossil energy consumption to occupy 2020 as scheduled than obtaining the commitment of 15% . Our country of before component of company of 7 smooth hot season is ranked 10   already was formed relatively complete but system of industry of technology of second birth energy. Domain of water and electricity has big 1 billion tile hydraulic turbine group designs engineering capability independently, especially expensive dam and ability of construction of design of room of large underground hole all live banner standard. Technology of cable of wind of low wind speed ranks front row, 90% above use machine of outfit of domestic wind report homebred fan, 10 million cover with tiles maritime fan begins an experiment to move. Technology of Guang Fufa cable is fast iteration, for many times refresh batteries changes efficiency record. Industry of smooth hot season holds dominant position, in the enterprise of before component of smooth hot season is ranked 10, our country holds 7. Entire industry catenary is compositive make thrust moves cost of wind report, Guang Fufa report to drop continuously, come nearly 10 years onshore wind report and kilowatt of unit of project of Guang Fufa cable are average cost drops respectively 30% and 75% the left and right sides. Managing last year   of   of 1 billion tons of coal 2020, our country but development of second birth energy uses dimensions to achieve coal of 680 million tons of standards, be equivalent to nearly 1 billion tons replacing coal, reduce discharge capacity of oxide of sulfur of carbon dioxide, 2 oxidation, nitrogen to amount to 1.79 billion tons about respectively, 864 thousand tons with 798 thousand tons. Boosting the area that do not have report while electrified wire netting is outspread, our country is carried out actively but second birth the sources of energy offers electrical engineering Cheng independently, accumulative total lets the about a hundred 10 thousand masses that do not have report use green electric power. Since 2012, start working of impoverished area accumulative total builds large hydroelectric station 31, 64.78 million kilowatt. Accumulative total builds smooth hot season of 26.36 million kilowatt to help deficient power station up, arise 4.15 million benefit and nearly 60 thousand impoverished villages, poverty door, every year generate electricity accrual 18 billion yuan, find a place for accordingly commonweal post 1.25 million, the high-quality goods project that smooth hot season supports deficient to already became our country industry to help deficient up supports one of deficient projects definitely with 10 large fine. The enterprise is assumed abroad on the building site of 7 water and electricity that are in into “ of   of   of job of construction of water and electricity, the personnel that great majority can see. ” serves as big but market of second birth energy and equipment make a state, the enterprise was assumed abroad the water and electricity of 70% builds the task. Industry of smooth hot season supplied the polycrystalline silicon of 58% , silicon chip of 93% , batteries of 75% for the market piece reach the component of 73% . In the meantime, our country still is to go up big fan makes a state, the in part that crop takes. In recent years, our country is taken in “ all the way ” along the line and area but investment of project of second birth energy appears to rise situation continuously, active help is owed develop to use technology of advanced green energy with area promotion, build green “ to be taken in all for high quality all the way ” contributed wisdom and force.

Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City