On June 18, lang Cheng of special chemical company held “ Lang Chengya in Shanghai chemical industrial district too area ” of celebration of practice of application development center. New center increased the capacity of native land innovation of the company greatly, integrated Lang Chengju adds up to content additive (PLA) , lube additive (LAB) with polyurethane system (URE) the project of research and development of business department. Bright center of Cheng Yatai application development is located at the internationalization with new division of garden of Shanghai chemical industry to be versed in new material innovates center, it is this center the project of devoted operation. Bright Qian Mingcheng of president of Cheng Yatai division, Germany is stationed in Shanghai the industrial district is in charge of chemistry of Tang Mengsai of consulate general acting consul general, oil and Li Shousheng of chairman of chemical Joint Industry Conference, Shanghai appoint conference chairman Ma Jing, Lang Chengya. Day of Chang Mu of chairman of board of directors of management of Lang Cheng group and directorate member Dr. Bao Kexin are online make a speech.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Bright those who fill center of application development of Asia-Pacific of   of opening grand ceremony of center of Asia-Pacific application development build, the growth potential that revealed Lang Cheng to be opposite is confident. It is big chemical market, 40% what hold all chemical sale, to 2030 this is occupied than will be close to 50% . Cooperate with with synergism, take root in order to amount to far. To capture the market demand of constant growth, langcheng increases the business position that be in through investing continuously, promote oneself the market position in whole Asia-Pacific area. 2018, the company established new area framework in Asia-Pacific area, enclothe large area, Japan, Korea and east alliance, promote and between business department cooperate with synergism. In September 2019, lang Cheng and Shanghai chemical industrial district signed cooperative memorandum, as in the new base that can expand continuously. Transfer to the product that has additional cost gradually in view of the demand of the market, the demand that changes product name to this locality increases continuously, after two months, lang Chengxuan cloth plans to build center of an integrated application development, reach the innovation capacity of Asia-Pacific area with strengthening a company to be in. In March 2020, chemical industrial district of Shanghai of optional location of center of application development of Asia-Pacific of Lang Chengxuan cloth, finished building consign in December 2020. The abidance that profit from is in layout, this area becomes Asia-Pacific area during epidemic situation the market with only vigorous requirement. 2020, 14% what sale of Lang Cheng large area occupies total sales.

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15-18 December

New York City