Recently, tang Shan of post stage county presses down developing zone of Dong Yue economy, inc. of Shandong Sen Rongxin material, special material production project is in the PTFE electron that always invests 380 million yuan tight construction.

Electron of this company PTFE is special material project is to saved major project 2023, the product applies extensively at computation of exchange of 5G\6G communication signal, cloud to store, drive automatically signal is collected, content of traffic of the compositive system such as radio frequency of content couplet net and medical treatment equipment, orbit, new energy resources, green flows wait for each big field, predict year of sales revenue to achieve 2.2 billion yuan, profit tax breaks through 350 million yuan.

Since this year, post stage county gets together the people's livelihood of economy of region of force breakthrough county, urban and rural confluence, character, society administers battle of 4 assault fortified positions, regard the puissant engine that breaks through battle of assault fortified positions of prefectural region economy as construction of high grade project especially, add continuously achieve post stage high quality to expand new dominant position.

Can come true after this project put into production produce per year 300 thousand pieces of PTFE copperplate of high frequency Fu, hydrogen of 1.6 million pieces of carbon kind copperplate of Fu of high frequency high speed, can apply extensively at 5G communication to exchange computation of system, cloud to store drive system, automatically signal collects the domain such as the system.

Rong Qingong of president of Inc. of Shandong Sen Rongxin material: After the project is carried out successfully, will solve home of industry of high-end Fu copper to block neck problem, take the lead in breaking monopoly of beautiful, day, implementation high end is high frequency what Fu copper plank expects is homebred replace, those who be electronic communication industry is high frequency change the data that provides adamancy to prop up.

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15-18 December

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