Cement bldg. needs carbon to amount to peak carbon to counteract

“ environment is the people's livelihood, green hill is beautiful, blue sky is more happy. ”2020 year in September, put forward clearly “ carbon amounted to a peak 2030 ” and “ carbon neutralized ” goal 2060. Well-known, cement is traditional heavy pollution industry, many temperature can arise in producing a course tall, humidity the big, dust that contains caustic gas, this also is the main source that PM2.5 discharges. Below double carbon target, as very essential traditional industry, cement will follow old strategy undertakes adjustment changing. How to defeat bureau, become an issue that cement industry ponders over. Makings of Bo fine filter helps cause of force double carbon

The occurrence that Bo fine filter expects, development brought the green that is cement industry to improve a chance. Makings of Bo fine filter can undertake disappear smoke removes dust, have the characteristic of the high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive, dew that fight a form. Filter without alkaline fibre glass material instantaneous is able to bear or endure Wenkeda 300 ℃ . In the flue gas that contain dirt, identical fabric structure, fibre glass bulk yarn filters of material breathe freely rate prep above is successive fibre glass filters material. Bulk yarn filters material is to use high-pressured air current, be opposite through specific abnormity nozzle successive fiber silk bundle undertake Peng turns treatment, made formation ruleless Peng loose fiber, enlarge the surface of the dust that catch market to accumulate thereby, compare with photograph of relevant successive fiber filter cloth, of bulk yarn filter cloth filter wind speed can raise 1/3 left and right sides, moving resistance of the system is lower, apply to the dust catcher with backflushing grey Qing Dynasty not only, thick model bulk yarn filter cloth filters left and right sides of wind scooter 0.8 M/min, return applicable at stronger use an arm pulsatile clear grey pattern, remove dust efficiency amounts to 99.5% above. Chongqing 100 million warmth ablaze new product of material of Bo fine filter

Chongqing 100 million warmth ablaze the Bo fine filter cloth that limited company of new material science and technology produces, use without bulk yarn of alkaline fibre glass, have exceedingly good corrosion resistance and ageing resistance feature, remove dust after laminating efficiency is as high as 99.9% above, can realize dust catcher ≤5mg/Nm3 to exceed discharge completely.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The part of flue gas contaminant of cement industry is complex, soot chroma is big. Choose those who have the high temperature resistant, anti-corrosive, dew that fight a form to filter material ability satisfies cement industry remove dust need. Considering dust concentration, remove dust efficiency, obstruction, dust comes off rate and broadwise of filter makings classics rupture the element such as intensity and economy, but preferential choose makings of Bo fine filter. The integral performance that the graph expects for of all kinds filter on is comparative. Chongqing 100 million warmth ablaze upgrade replacement new product

Chongqing on the 100 million foundations that warmth ablaze to be produced in filter cloth, advance to downstream industry depth, develop a bag of filter of of all kinds environmental protection successfully: GF filter bag (fibre glass) , PTFE filter bag (get together 4 fluorine ethylene) , PPS filter bag (get together benzene sulfur aether) , bag of polyester fibber filter. Among them, bag of filter of GF environmental protection is carrier with Bo fine filter cloth, compound EPTFE film, machine eventually for bag of finished product filter, have the following character: ◇ is able to bear or endure lukewarm sex is outstanding, can arrive in above of acerbity dew point between 260 ℃ move continuously, instantaneous temperature can bear achieve 300 ℃ ◇ to filter precision is tall, moving resistance is low at the same time, reduce ◇ of moving specific power consumption to use the surface to filter, dust comes off lead tall, clear grey cycle to grow itself of base material of ◇ Bo fine to be able to bear or endure oxidation, anti-corrosive, via the function after PTFE macerate more outstanding ◇ prevents oil according to water, reduce a knot to show the progressively standard that burnt bag phenomenon applies as terminal, GF filter bag obtained right applied result in cement kiln end, and remove dust as cement kiln head of craft optimize improvement, partial kiln head filters wind speed already fell to be reached to 0.8 M/min the following, the reduces to expect to laminating filter effect of big grain content in flue gas already was reduced considerably, GF filter bag also is in in the application of cement kiln head replace other data stage by stage.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Chongqing of company brief introduction 100 million warmthing ablaze is Wu of kimono of fibre glass of particular kind of a market and composite material research and development, production, sale, offer for the client more high-powered, more the new material company of the complete product solution of environmental protection. The company is relied on at Inc. of composite material of international of parent company Chongqing (CPIC) fine of Bo of large pool kiln productivity and platform of research and development, dedicated at Bo fine composite material is in environmental protection, smooth hot season, wind energy, building, car, communication, civil the application that waits for a domain is developed. Already was domestic and international much home well-known company offerred high grade product, cooperative object spreads all over Europe, North America, Japan, Korea to wait, the product suffers fully reputably. In future, chongqing 100 million warmth ablaze the viewpoint of value that will continue to hold to ” of “ sincere letter, deal with concrete matters relating to work, innovation, cooperation, fine of deep ploughing Bo composite material domain, provide the product that has value more and service for the client. Contact: Mr Guo phone: 13648327072 contact: Ms. Li phone: 13983261982

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