According to abroad media coverage, teknor Apex, pawtucket, r.I. 3 kinds when roll out recently do not have bittern flame retardant Bo fine enhances nylon 66 base compound, its UL94 grade is V0, with standard glass fill flame retardant 66 photographs compare nylon, have the higher liquidity that note model, exceedingly good face bright and clean spend the performance with be mixed better to maintain a gender. The fibre glass content of Creamid brand A3H7G3, C3H2G4 and C3H2G6 is respectively 15% , 20% with 30% . Their without bittern flame retardant the recipe can satisfy European RoHS and WEEE instruction and in-house OEM requirement. Teknor Apex proposal uses these compound at home appliance and dynamoelectric tool crust, electron to hold equipment, electric car to charge the car batholith component of infrastructure component and certain need flame retardation. The Mike Anderson of commercial chief inspector of ETP branch says: "Teknor Apex drew lessons from the chemical principle of half balmy nylon, enhanced these compound to retain the ability of drawing function and stiffness after be affected with damp be affected with damp. A3H7G3 product is being used at car bonnet at present, after the hot ageing of 170 C/338 F, its function maintains rate achieved OEM norms. "The C3H2G4 name that     enhances to 20% glass, show of function of dry type moulding and recuperation quite, breach cantilever Liang Shichong attacks intensity to increase 10KJ/m2 from 7KJ/m2; Tensile strength drops from 125 million handkerchief 85 million handkerchief; Rupture percentage elongation from 3 increase to 3.4% ; Drawing model volume drops from 8300 million handkerchief 5500 million handkerchief. According to the strategy Pratik Shah of plan chief inspector introduces, these compound make the engineer can satisfy requirement of increasingly strict recipe of the FR that do not have bittern, still can find at the same time consolidate the new method of the spare parts. "Include to have the name that changes without haloid stability, these brands are for sensitive electronic application design, because ionic and migratory meeting brings about the invalidation of electronic component. We continue to enlarge us to be in nylon and other project are plastic (like PBT, PPA even PP) medium FR range of products, a few kinds of new names already were entered those who commercialize hind level. We hope to have the method of neutral of a kind of polymer, the problem that is individual client offers optimized solution. "

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