Finance and economics of Peng rich new energy resources was released recently wind report rectified share of aircraft manufacturer market to rank 2021. Data shows, wind report added installed capacity newly to be defeated nearly 2021 100, reach the historical high level of 99.2GW. Among them onshore wind report installs machine 82.3GW, occupy than 83% ; Maritime wind report installs machine 16.8GW, relatively grew 161% 2020. The basis increases hoisting size newly 2021, beautiful Sa of science and technology of wind of Weisidasi, gold, Xi Menzi song row TOP3, 36% what installed capacity of add up to holds market share. Distant view the sources of energy is resided firmly the 4th, export volume rises considerably, general and electric (GE) after close therewith row the 5th. Advanced 10 in doing aircraft manufacturer greatly, wind report is overall business takes 6 place, it is the sources of energy of golden wind science and technology, distant view, carry to amount to share, bright this world respectively report of intelligence, electric wind, Oriental wind report.

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Newsolar Conference
15-18 December

New York City