Salomon of manufacturer of outdoors exercise equipment (France Annaxi) begin to design its to be provided most up to now but durative ski, function or quality do not sacrifice in the meantime. The ski of this company is used wet the craft that fold a layer is made, include wooden core layer, basketwork layer, plastic core layer and adornment roof, all layers all are united in wedlock with liquid epoxy resin, shape through suppress next undertake solid knot and solidify. When designing set of ski of its Highpath complete landform, solomon evaluated all data that use in its ski, search an opportunity to use reclaim or biology radical substitute replaces existing data, hold the property of ski at the same time. To Highpath, this includes finally to introduce the second birth polyethylene of 50% in plastic basic level, and in board the predestined relationship introduces the secondary aluminium of 20% outside.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Glass of the Mu Xin that other layer includes to pass FSC attestation, double axis ” of carling of “ of fabric of He Xuanwu cliff, these “ carling ” bespread whole length to board end from board head in order to add veneer of power, bamboo and the live thing that make by castor base roof.

To the epoxy resin that is together all component agglutinate, salomon to Sicomin of supplier of high-powered epoxy resin (French Châteauneuf Les Martigues) seek a help. Before rolling out Highpath ski series, two companies had cooperated more than two years, sicomin is offerred to lab of Solomon research and development a few epoxy resin checks biology radical material. Salomon began to be in 2022 the GreenPoxy28 that its use Sicomin in manufacturing board partly.

Be what lets GreenPoxy you can develop continuously? Say according to Sicomin, the ” of main “ component of epoxy resin is annulus oxygen chloric propane, use at making A of double phenol of the body before epoxy resin. GreenPoxy is not typical petrifaction raw material, biology radical glycerine makes the deserted byproduct in be being produced by grease chemical however. This company claims its strategy is to use the richest live thing base raw material, assure industrial crop, come true as far as possible at the same time can develop continuously.

To Highpath board, solomon hopes to use a kind to be able to replace acting colophony substitute continuously, this substitute can be proved can match with the function photograph of traditional epoxy resin. Accordingly, sicomin had comprehensive test, in order to ensure GreenPoxy28 colophony satisfies the requirement of the company, include (the most important perhaps is) ensure the component of all much material of circuit board has firm agglutinate power.

To have this test, the beat of same table climb that Sicomin invested Salomon to be used in its own test lab comes off test machine, had a large number of tests to all Highpath material, won't bring about mechanical function in order to prove colophony of its biology source and traditional epoxy resin photograph are compared to drop.

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