Recently, empty company of Korea big Han Hang (Korean Air) with program of technology of Korea national defence and development institute (KRIT) body of add autograph concealed develops a contract without man-machine, contract period of efficacy lasts to 2025. This year September, empty company of big Han Hang ever signed “ low discovery with KRIT probability studies without man-machine technology ” project develops a contract, be in charge of technology of ” of body of concealed of “ of unmanned to leaving generation aircraft having a test. Airline expresses big Han, arrived 2010 August 2021, the company ever was bureau of development of Korea national defence (ADD) development goes Kaori-X not to have end concealed body to did not have man-machine archetypal machine to finish a flight to check, this machine was used reduce area of cut of scattering of unmanned aircraft radar (RCS) radar sucks wave structure “ muti_function composite material ” . Current, company with institute of Korea electron technology (KETI) , 6 institutes such as Ren He university and university launch a contract, joint development radar sucks electric current of surface of wave construction composite material to control a technology.

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15-18 December

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