Brand-new collaboration will bring function to rival the   of   of ABS of environmental protection second birth that benzene gets Yinglishi to give birth to current data GP-22 formerly to be able to be a client to offer two kinds of norms to contain the material of 50% ABS of environmental protection second birth that reach raw material of 70% second birth respectively now for you, need not change existing technological equipment, can throw use   directly two kinds of norms all can reclaim completely use, already was produced in the Asia now and sell   Korea Er on July 8, 2021 / the beautiful / that tell a company- - supplier of famous styrene series product benzene gets Yinglishi to announce now, with Korea colophony of famous material manufacturer SamSung cooperates, make hand in hand reclaim the ABS series material that material content is as high as 70% . Conformity of litter of electronic electric equipment can reclaim to come to reclaim advancedly after benzene gets Yinglishi to consume what SamSung colophony handles in ABS recipe. ABS of second birth of this series environmental protection be about to mainland turns production, enter Asian market. This collaboration is the production experience with SamSung rich colophony and Yinglishi benzene gets the couple with powerful research and development and innovation perfect ability, produce material of more superior series of environmental protection ABS, the material photograph that with use tradition raw material produces is compared, can not sacrifice the function of its product and character. Have norms of ABS of second birth of two kinds of environmental protection, be to contain the 50% Terluran with 70% secondary material respectively? ECO GP-22 MR50 and Terluran? ECO GP-22 MR70, can provide standard black data, secondary material of its environmental protection results from the deserted electron wiring after consumption (WEEE) . These two kinds of norms already were entered now commercialize production, can use directly like virgin material, apply to each extensively to use a field greatly, include electric equipment of home appliance, electron, pack, toy, sports, recreational etc. Since 2019, benzene gets Yinglishi to produce and sell the data of these two kinds of norms in Europe all the time, the client that is Asia-Pacific area nowadays offers the product that be the same as a paragraph, realize mainland to turn production. Current data vice-president Mr Alexandre Audouard represents Asia-Pacific district: “ in Yinglishi benzene is gotten, the litter after consumption is regarded as a kind of valuable resource. We are honoured to be able to cooperate with SamSung colophony very much, make material of high quality series of ABS of environmental protection second birth, these material accord with our industry adequately not only the standard of lead product, the client implementation that still can help us reclaims second birth and carbon dioxide reduce a goal. ”Apparitor of SamSung colophony banquet Mr Young-Tae Hong talks: The product of series of ABS of environmental protection second birth that person benzene gets “ flower power is the solution of ABS of second birth of high quality environmental protection, conduce to decrease deserted and plastic demote use. Pass big limit reclaim reach make but secondary material, old rate land reduces litter, reduce us the influence to the environment, implementation economy circulates. Make the material with a superior performance at the same time, apply to extensive industry and application. ”

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