Card inspect can announce on July 16, 2021: Committee of negotiable securities supervisory management issues committee of examine and verify the 18th times to be held on July 22, 2021 issued conference of job of committee of examine and verify the 78th times 2021, the 4 hair company such as Inc. of general merchandise of mouth of food market of Inc. of gold of Inc. of far chemistry of Hua Yiwei of benefit of examine and verify, telegraphic Inc. , old store, Beijing.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Manual of raise capital by floating shares shows: Dimension of benefit China beneficial is far with Badger of American KBR, United States, Japan the international company such as Xu Huacheng cooperates, introduce the engineering technology with its banner international. Already built go into operation 350 thousand tons / year phenol acetone, 240 thousand tons / year double phenolic A mixes 130 thousand tons / year polycarbonate produces blame phosgene law can, it is domestic home has — of “ phenol, acetone the enterprise of catenary of complete product of ” of polycarbonate of double phenolic A— , entire industry, manufacturing unit is reasonable cloth park is same a plant area. The only waste time that polycarbonate spends A of raw material double phenol presses 0.9/ ton computation, far company of dimension of benefit China beneficial has the export of 120 thousand tons of double phenolic A every year to measure about, main client of double phenolic A has Jinan emperor spring and Jiangsu 3 wood. Bencilihua beneficial dimension is far plan to issue money common stock publicly not to exceed 13, 7.5 million, the scale of total capital stock after occupying a company to issue does not exceed 25% , total of predicting collect capital: 187, collect of   of 8.55 million yuan of   endowment plan 10 thousand tons to invest the “35 of construction / year alcohol of third of phenol, acetone, different combines project ” , “10 10 thousand tons / year high pure ” of project of 2 armour ester builds carbonic acid put into production, add 350 thousand tons newly / year phenol, acetone is produced can, the publisher after building will be company of production of country's big phenol, acetone; Still will add different third alcohol and carbonic acid newly at the same time the product such as 2 armour ester is produced can, the product is abounded further, industrial catenary is farther outspread and perfect. Build project general new increase production can 217 thousand tons / year phenol, 36 thousand tons / year acetone mixes 100 thousand tons / year different third is mellow. Current, our country phenol basically is used at producing colophony of double phenolic A, phenolic aldehyde, annulus personal ketone, salicylic acid and Ren base phenol, phenol imported a quantity to be 418 thousand tons 2018, increase compared to the same period 29% , entrance capacity is new since achieving nearly 5 years tall, market demand is clear. In the near future, phenolic aldehyde colophony and double phenolic A still will be the consumptive field with our country main phenol, catenary of industry of polycarbonate of — of epoxy resin of double phenolic A— is the main point of growth in prospective phenol consumption. 350 thousand tons / year phenol acetone device will satisfy device of this company future polycarbonate to be opposite the demand of raw material of product of double phenolic A and phenol, acetone, also will satisfy home, especially China northwest area is mixed to phenol the partial requirement of acetone product, ease the pressure that imports a product.

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15-18 December

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