On August 31, the limited company of science and technology of biology of Heibei benefit river that is located in Xing Taiwei county produces a business in the workshop, many facilities had approached, river of general manager wool is directing workers to undertake installing debugging. The product that this workshop will produce calls haemal fill to flow implement, the core material that makes it is DJ-95 adsorption colophony. DJ-95 build is very small, bead diameter is not worth 1 millimeter, but adsorptive capability is extremely strong, can filter toxin of the macromolecule in the much in blood, it is the “ ace ” that treats the disease such as uremia, diabetic complication. This fill sheds “ implement after appearing on the market, can replace the entrance product with high price effectively. ” Mao Jiang says to the reporter. DJ-95, the fill of the first kind of blood that is not production of benefit river biology flows implement colophony product, it still has a ” of “ eldest brother, be called LJ-HD-2. In exhibition hall of product of benefit river biology, li Zong of this company CTO times take a bottle of brown grain to say to the reporter: “ this is LJ-HD-2, only this one product, can bring 30 million yuan of turnover every year for benefit river biology. ”Had LJ-HD-2, for what even DJ-95 of research and development? “LJ-HD-2 is right β2-MG (β2- small globulin) particularity adsorption rate is only 12% , on infection of remedial kidney pathological changes, virus curative effect owes beautiful, this is fill of the blood on the market flows implement common fault. ” Li Zong times say, 2018, they are resolved, adsorption of research and development leads more expensive colophony product. Achieve this goal, not easy. “ makes an example, sift sand with bolt, bolt hole is large, n fine sand went; Bolt hole is small, n is impassable, fine sand flows slow. Best bolt is to cut off n, choose fine sand and make its are passed quickly. ” Li Zong times say, if why build the swift passage that has particularity toll-gate inside adsorptive colophony structure, it is the biggest difficult problem that research and development faces. Right now, mao Jiang thought of to the university leaves south the old friend —— of the enterprise. The university leaves to have abundant scientific research actual strength in domain of high polymer colophony south, both sides has cooperative concern early, still built associated lab. Very fast, the university leaves to expedite the scientific research group that with deputy researcher Wang Chungong is core south, will produce a gleam of, undertake tackling key problem around technology of preparation of DJ-95 adsorption colophony together with enterprise researcher. The key of the breakthrough, be in base round. Li Zong times these base round analogy becomes “ hand ” , the matter in “ blood is very complex, we cannot try to attend to big and small matters all at once, the function that should differ through assembling however base round, like grabbing child, show where catchs. ”But study a process, far catch baby ” than “ god-given much. How to find a pair of appropriate “ hand ” , did not let group of research and development less expend brains. “ does not have experience but abide, can feel stone to cross a river only. ” Wang Chungong says, they and enterprise researcher did a large number of delibrate together, organize a team to experiment respectively again. , after …… of again and again experiments more than 200 times, the group captured ” of this pair of “ hands eventually. Subsequently, group exploit a victory pursues and attack Wang Chungong, june 2020, break a tradition the bottleneck with low to β2-MG adsorption efficiency, poor particularity restrains colophony of large hole adsorption, adsorptive rate with one action promotes 55% , fill the technology of domain of domestic this fractionize is blank. Had entered technical difficulty, it is medium next try, solve industrialization problem. Want dimensions to change manufacturing DJ-95 adsorptive colophony, must consider economic benefits, and changing efficiency is a crucial numerical value. From 40% to 60% , arrive again 70% , subsequently, change efficiency to get stuck all the time in 70% do not go on the left and right sides. Each element such as the scale of feed in raw material of the solution in “ reaction process, order can affect final result. Our design target is 90% , if do not rise,change efficiency, cost is controlled very hard. ” Li Zong times know very well, do not have shortcut successfully, have ceaseless trial and error only. The breakthrough is eventually by 2020 arrival. The course is adjusted for many times, try in change efficiency to achieve 95% ! “ last year in December, we passed bureau of national medicine inspect to flow to haemal fill implement the spot that registers quality management system is checked, wait for Ⅲ kind medical apparatus and instruments registers certificate to come down, immediately fill of blood of DJ-95 of can mass production flows implement, future will hold the whole world exceed the market share of 10% stage by stage. Confidence of ” wool river is full. “ bottom of Mao Jiang enrages ” , come from the technical actual strength with increasingly powerful enterprise. Nowadays, benefit river biology owns invention patent 12, practical and new-style patent 46, become the whole nation has haemal fill exclusively to flow implement the enterprise of technology of production of entire industry catenary. “ next, we still will introduce resource of Beijing ferry innovation energetically, product of ceaseless promotion colophony is in blood kind the clinical application effect of the respect such as disease, pancreatitis disease, contribute force to guard people health. ” Mao Jiang says. (client of daily of Heibei daily, Heibei carries reporter Wang Lu red, Liu Rongrong)

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