Beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song but Zhou Er of company of second birth energy expresses, had rolled out RecyclableBlades of a kind of lamina of wind- driven turbine that can reclaim, arrange of this with one action represented this industry how to try to find the new case of the method that uses data afresh. In a statement, this group claims its RecyclableBlades is “ of use of last the business on usable Yu Hai can reclaim ” of lamina of wind- driven turbine. Beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song expresses will cooperate with RWE of German utility company, the installation of electric field of Kaskasi maritime wind in German the North sea and experiment lamina, predict to will begin commercial operation 2022. This company shows, it still cooperates with EDF Renewables, aim “ is in “ of deploy of ” of maritime wind electric field many ” lamina. How they are being handled when should needing lamina of wind- driven turbine no longer is the problem that this industry headaches. This is because of the composite material that makes blade reclaims hard use, this means a lot of lamina to be able to be filled to bury eventually when service life ends. Try to raise its as each country government but capacity of second birth energy, the amount of wind- driven turbine can increase only it seems that, this will increase this industry to search conversely can last the pressure that the solution will come to handle blade. According to the view of beautiful Sa of Xi Menzi song, its can reclaim bit uses a kind of new-style resin, “ can have effect ground to depart colophony and other component when bit service life ends. ”This company shows, with other and existing traditional wind-force turbine lamina answers debit type photograph to compare, this process is called “ gentle ” , protected the characteristic ” of the material in “ lamina. These material can be used at new application afresh after depart. In going a few years, the main participator of a lot of wind energy domains has announced to plan to try to solve the problem that how tackles lamina of wind- driven turbine. This year in June, danish Orsted expresses, once retire, it reclaims “ , all turbine lamina in combination of electric field of recycle ” its wind. With the month, general and electric but department of second birth energy and cement manufacturer Holcim come to an agreement, explore lamina of wind- driven turbine reclaim use. Last year in December, general and electric but North America company signed second birth the sources of energy and Weiliya a “ is old consultative ” , tear open the lamina below in order to reclaim from turbine of American onshore wind-force. In January 2020, weisidasi expresses tycoon of another wind energy, its target is to arrive to produced “ 2040 turbine of 0 wasteful ” .

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