On June 17, beautiful luck new material issues announcement, build ” of garden of industry of “ polyurethane new material to advance the layout in catenary of industry of polyurethane new material to draft investment further (this project of ” of project of “ of the following abbreviation or “ ” ) , the project is given priority to with producing polyurethane new material, develop downstream up, the polyurethane new material that forms chain of an entire industry eventually produces base.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
Project of garden of industry of polyurethane new material period the plan builds 100 thousand tons of particular kind thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer and fluctuation swim product, construction location is development of technology of economy of treasure mountain of crane wall city, the project makes an appointment with 895 mus with the ground, total investment makes an appointment with 3.5 billion yuan. Project executive main body is the limited company of beautiful luck science and technology that by tripartite joint investment establishs. Beautiful luck new material plans to sign strategic cooperation agreement with limited company of group of Henan energy chemical industry, undertake deepness project cooperates, manage those who reach technical personnel to establish to hold a platform Qingdao with the core of limited company of chemical industry of coal of wall of crane of group of chemical industry of energy of Henan of its subordinate subsidiary, project business of partnership of lucky China investment (limited partnership) as project operation firm. The value of market of core raw material that produces need of place of special type TPU is higher, the part needs to count an import. Beautiful luck new material builds project of garden of industry of polyurethane new material through investment, will to upper reaches of polyurethane industry catenary outspread, through developing upriver product, what can realize raw material of core of special type TPU on one hand is self-confessed, reduce manufacturing cost thereby; On the other hand outspread the product line of the company, the upriver product that drafts production of research and development also has wide application in the other sphere beyond TPU, and technical threshold is higher, have stronger gain profit ability, will bring new profit growth for the company.

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