On July 10, by in dynamo of wind-force of permanent magnetism of half straight drive is in the high-power 13.XMW that company of Che Yongji electric machinery develops independently Shandong east battalion yields successfully. Indicating our country high-power is maritime the own development capacity of wind- driven dynamo went up again a platform, realized 13MW above wind-force the dynamo is overall the breakthrough with component key technology, the promotion that promoted technology of industry of cable of our country wind and industry of maritime wind cable grow steadily continuously, equipment of phone of maritime to improving our country further wind develops ability to have the sense of milepost type. Developing zone of Shandong bayou economy is led and but second birth the sources of energy learns wind energy only appoint machinist of meeting, agriculture trade association wind energy conversion system fetterses branch, Ming Yangzhi the trade such as center of attestation of center of attestation of joint-stock company of intelligent energy group, GL, CE is large Ga and medium car Inc. , it is 13.XMW jointly dynamo of wind-force of permanent magnetism of half straight drive yields uncover variety. DNV of GL attestation center but area of Hua Dong north of electric equipment of electron of INTERTEK of center of attestation of Zhao Guobin of general manager of division of attestation of second birth the sources of energy, CE sells chief inspector Li Yifeng issues letter of new product certification. Car vice-president Yu Weiping is in in speech middle finger goes out, current in it is important that car development study carries out ” of July 1 of “ of Xi Jinping's secretary-general speaking spirit, remember entrust well, take on to be, make forward top-ranking in the travel before car objective is firm. 13.XMW dynamo of wind-force of permanent magnetism of half straight drive is medium car and each partner together, xi Jinping of carry out travel's secretary-general is innovating independently the ardent entrust of the respect, carbon of the “ that help strength amounts to peak carbon to counteract the crucial act that ” target realizes at an early date. Hope always company of aid electric machinery continues to begin party historiography be used to to teach deep, with Shi Weijian, start tomorrow, accede and promote spirit of great found a party, with more insurgent motive force, fuller enthusiasm, design and make piece more high-power, lower cost, intelligence is changed, the product of maintenance-free, the hundred time that is a party with more outstanding achievement absurd tribute, to realize the yearning and indefatigable effort that lives to happiness. Wang Bin of general manager of limited company of Che Yongji electric machinery expresses in, “ carbon amounts to what peak carbon neutralizes ” goal to put forward, the development of industry of the cable that it is wind is brought once in a blue moon good luck, the intense competition of times of price of wind report contest and cost pressure also brought unprecedented challenge. Good luck and challenge coexist, we new start of base oneself upon, “ of travel of thorough carry out only the market person the king, person that innovate only is strong, only crusader wins, carry actor of the person that pledge only, only the market, innovation, reform, concept that promotes the person that pledge to get the better of ” , insist to be mixed with “ market drive, technology drive, reform drive data drive ” defeats solution to develop difficult problem, develop the market actively, accelerate a product to upgrade, inside and outside develops simultaneously, make an enterprise can expand capacity continuously, implementation more high quality develops. The 13.XMW that gets offline this Ming Yangzhi of form a complete set of dynamo of wind-force of permanent magnetism of half straight drive can, it is medium company of Che Yongji electric machinery advances “ actively ” of two seas strategy, deepen the another practice carrier that fulfils “ carbon to amount to peak carbon to neutralize ” goal. Characteristic of this product technology can be summed up for “ couple 3 control ” . @Vol.1   dependability   uses double winding design, when breakdown of a winding, a winding can run the dynamo alone, promoted a product to run reliability. Shafting oil path uses labyrinthian and sealed technology 3 times, ensure the shafting gets lubricating but do not produce leakage oily phenomenon. @Vol.2   wear   is aimed at maritime and harsh environment, use advanced and anticorrosive system, raise wear of electric machinery environment can. Quality of @Vol.3   product controls   to design initial stage to begin FEMA failure mode and influence analysis namely, make full use of FEMA kit, fill strong quality is bit more fragile. Temperature rise of @Vol.4   electric machinery controlled   to develop ” of “ iced system, namely stator is used in technology of company of Che Yongji electric machinery, complementary undertake forced wind to the dynamo with cooling fan cold, pass “ water-cooling + means of empty cold ” , solve problem of electric machinery temperature rise thoroughly. Design of dynamo of   of control of quality of @Vol.5   electric energy is used differ design of long air gap, big limit reduces harmonic of inductive electromotive force, weaken electromagnetism torsion pulsatile the effect that causes to electrified wire netting. Innovation drive high quality develops   in last few years, company of Che Yongji electric machinery holds to innovation drive in, as efficient as the user cooperate with, developed 7.6MW successfully in succession half straight drive, 10MW dynamo of wind-force of half straight drive reachs half straight drive, 13 MW dynamo of wind-force of permanent magnetism of maritime high speed of dynamo of wind-force of 7.XMW double make a present of, 7.XMW lead the industry, type that has epoch-making sense, it is a target in order to become leader of technology of wind phone transmission from beginning to end, it is with chain length of dynamo industry catenary oneself, with whole life cycle maintenance-free plan is direction hard, lead industry technology ceaseless innovation, breakthrough. Future, the company will continue to implement science and technology free-standing self-improvement, quicken wind cable technology to upgrade, with the technology the new product with advanced, reliable function enhances company core competition ability ceaselessly, advance development of high quality of wind cable industry, counteract ” target to contribute the green motive force with constant in a steady stream to realize “ carbon to amount to peak carbon.

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