On May 26, at present of five heart Mai Ken releases Global Wind Power Market Outlook Update of new research report " wind cable market is looked into " , analytic future inside 10 years, driving force of code, market reachs the policy that reachs market of cable of each area wind to add installed capacity newly to forecast. " report " point out, wind report added installed capacity 95GW newly 2021, decrease compared to the same period 16% , those who be next to record-breaking 2020 113GW is new increase outfit engine level. Be in partial area, project construction delay brings about original plan to be deferred to come to was built 2022 at delivering the capacity of carry 2021. Began to enter par online period 2021, year be added newly and net outfit machine is close to 48GW, the market is primary face still driving. Except, of other region market added installed capacity newly to exceed 47GW, grow 14% compared to the same period, main ascribe Asia-Pacific (grow 134% compared to the same period) , boreal Europe (grow 100% compared to the same period) with Latin America (grow 82% compared to the same period) the remarkable growth of the market. " report " predict, strong policy support will drive wind cable market future adds 657GW newly 10 years and the net is installed machine, among them, 45% what maritime wind report adds outfit machine newly to will occupy maritime wind report to increase outfit chance newly, this also affirmed its regard the sea as the position of windward cable market.

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In addition, 2021 year, add value of fan order total newly to approach 57 billion dollar. According to Wood Mai Ken thises " fan order analyses a report " , 2021, already affirmed fan grows 42% compared to the same period in hand order, among them, the order of the market achieves record-breaking 55GW, asia-Pacific (outside dividing the continent) the order of the market is close to 9GW, the order that the growth of Asia-Pacific market order offsetted the others market is brought about because of supplying catenary to interrupt decreases compared to the same period 8% .

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