Particle of inorganic accept rice has the smooth, hot, report, character such as magnetism, introduce its polymer matrix as filling, can increase to arriving since polymer not only, the effect that adds pliable but strong; OK still and significant favourable geographical position captures easily with particle the characteristic that combustion reaction gives off freedom radical, raise the flame retardation of material; Also can use particle combustion moment to form compact and even block secondary floor to achieve flame retardant goal in material surface, obtain the data of compound accept rice of the efficient flame retardation with superior integral performance thereby. Among them melting point of 2 oxidation silicon can reach gas phase 1650   (±75) ℃ , be a kind outstanding flame retardant material. Be able to bear or endure high suffer 1500 ℃ ! Gas phase 2 oxidation silicon is flame retardant the effect has fire retardant of rice of accept of   of much fiercer   to have state of inorganic oxide, hydrate, layer after all silicate, clay, unconscious take off rice of accept of earth, carbon the canal, but in flame retardant the respect such as mechanical perhaps function still puts the result in certain limitation, 2 plant or a variety of fire retardant are used also is flame retardant the trend of a kind of research of material. Be able to bear or endure high suffer 1500 ℃ ! Gas phase 2 oxidation silicon is flame retardant the effect has after all much fiercer

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
The graph is epoxy resin and SiO2 accept rice on the appearance of incomplete carbon form of composite material. Can see apparently, pure epoxy resin burns entirely almost, the incomplete carbon quantity after cone-shaped quantity heats up a test is little. As the addition of SiO2 dosage, the incomplete carbon quantity of composite material increases gradually, carbolic layer is more and more compact, wholer and wholer. (note: This graph is brought from " accept rice 2 oxidation silicon is flame retardant epoxy resin studies " )     gas phase 2 oxidation silicon is main it is by the halide of silicon in oxyhydrogen blaze first high temperature hydrolyze, again condensation and become without finalize the design particle of accept rice class, have purity tall, free from contamination, porous, high temperature resistant wait for character, its bead way is small, older than expressing an area, can better in matrix colophony dispersive. Because surface of gas phase SiO2 has silicon hydroxyl structure, can contain gas phase SiO2 the element such as phosphor, nitrogen to reach with what have flame retardation base preparation of round reaction of flame retardant and organic matter does not have fire retardant of bittern, avirulent, low smoke new-styly; The silicon hydroxyl of surface of gas phase SiO2 and have flame retardant element reaction of alkyl of organic bittern silicon, but the scanty water fire retardant with new-style preparation. This kind of fire retardant has flame retardation not only, and the consistence that raised gas phase SiO2 and organic matter, be helpful for improving the integral performance of material.

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