Sweden Chaermusili is versed in the researcher of the university has developed a kind of battery, contain carbon fiber, mix as electrode, conductor at the same time bearing material. The researcher that occupies an university says, the breakthrough of this research comes true to be in car and other technology substantially memory of energy of " imponderable " levelled road. Structural batteries is the batteries that shows the one part that serves as a structure again as the sources of energy already produces effect - go up in car automobile body for example. This is called " does not have quality " store can, when because become,batteries makes the one part that supports a construction, it won't add weight. Computation makes clear, of this kind of type muti_function the weight that batteries can reduce electric car greatly. According to the report, the function of the structural batteries of new development stores in electric energy, hardness and intensity respect exceeded far before technical level, the versatility of new-style structure batteries can be taller than the structural batteries prototype previously decuple. The energy density of this structure batteries is 24Wh/kg, than market practicable is at present congener lithium ion batteries makes an appointment with the capacity of 20% many pieces. As a result of OK and great reduce weight, the energy that advances place to need is fewer also, and inferior energy density also brought about bigger security. Because have the structural stiffness of 25GPa, this structure batteries can compete with a lot of other and common housing materials actually. The result that batteries of production structure sex tries before " is, batteries or has good mechanical performance, or has good electric performance. But here, we used carbon fiber successfully to design a kind already competitive store can the structural battery that ability has tigidity again. “Chaermusi controller of college professor, this project Lai husband - Asipu expresses. The negative pole of this kind of new battery is made by carbon fiber, positive electrode has the aluminum foil of lithium of phosphoric acid iron to be made by besmear, by the space of place of fibre glass fabric in electrolyte matrix. Having a new project that funds by Swedish spaceflight bureau at present, with improving the performance of structural batteries further. Aluminum foil will be replaced by carbon fiber, serve as positive electrode bearing material, increase hardness and energy density thereby. Fibre glass segregator will be replaced to be ultrathin version, this will come true taller efficiency and faster charge periodic. New project predicts will finish inside two years. Lai husband - Asipu teachs estimation, such batteries can achieve the hardness of the energy density of 75Wh/kg and 75GPa. This will make be stabilized like structural batteries and aluminium, but opposite for weight should be gotten gently much. Accordingly, next generation structure batteries have tremendous latent capacity. Inside a few years, possible production gives weight to have only today computer of the smartphone of the half, notebook or dynamoelectric bicycle, and more compact. And from long-term in light of, also can imagine, electric car, dynamoelectric plane and satellite will be designed by structural batteries and drive.

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