Develop to the direction of completely electric car quickly as car manufacturer, company of industry of sand spy base (SABIC) ceaseless development with thermoplastic plastic those who be a foundation solution, use professional technology and knowledge to aid force automobile industry to optimize electric car (EV) function. Aiding power cell group to decrease what heavy 30%   is worth to pay close attention to among them is, the car business section of SABIC uses systematic project method, development went a kind with plastic the concept of EV batteries team that give priority to, disentomb pledge gently plastic value, mix in order to satisfy automobile industry to safety of function of agile design, promotion, aggrandizement the requirement that raises economic benefits.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
relatively the design of groovy batteries battery that waits for traditional material at using aluminous etc metal, SABIC is used pledge gently thermoplastic plastic batteries team concept, OK and potential ground reduces the weight of every component 30%-50% , increase energy density, simplify assemble craft, reduce cost, improvement heats up control and safety, increase be able to bear or endure bump into a gender. SABIC is thermoplastic the project is plastic express with Abdullah Al-Otaibi of market solution general manager: “ is in the car is electric the job that changes technical aspect, our expert group not only be confined to comes material conjugate those who have a design each component, considered system of whole EV batteries and car structure adequately however, so that give our automobile client to provide needs support, help them realize crucial car to develop a target. ”The batteries series idea that SABIC of   of   of concept of EV batteries team develops made full use of thermoplastic plastic character and intensity will improve performance, reduce cost and weight, and support is mass-produced. The window of concept of this batteries team includes: Single cell is compositive at batteries bag, next box of group of model of batteries of park thin wall, does this batteries box use the SABIC of fill of 30% fibre glass? Flame retardant polypropylene compound moulding and into. The function of the structure of double deck, novel muscle grain and innovation is integrated, all these profit from SABIC is thermoplastic plastic, aim to reduce product weight and contented construction demand. Innovation ground uses function of plastic anisotropy heat conduction, in order to optimize heat management. Does batteries tray use STAMAX? FR grows the gold of compositive type model that material of fibre glass PP makes to mix a structure, can optimize heat to conduct, contented decline test requirement, and absorb tremendous favorable opposition of susceptive of component of bogie side frame to attack energy. Batteries group crust uses moulding of STAMAX FR colophony and become. This kind of material accords with UL94 V-0 flame retardant grade requirement, can have cover board metallization is handled, disturb with screen electromagnetism (EMI) disturb with radio frequency (RFI) . Reduced spare parts amount, rose to assemble efficiency, saved cost, and can be enjoyed thermoplastic the design with inherent material is spent freely. Innovate in coordination     SABIC is dedicated extend professional technology knowledge and product at lasting, for etc of electric car batteries electric car applies the innovation of the domain to provide support. SABIC established a technical group that forms by chief engineer, researcher and senior scientist, their duty is as companionate as client, development, and on whole value catenary other each (mix to tool supplier from OEM, various supplier test orgnaization) begin deepness to communicate with cooperation. Al-Otaibi expresses: “ car ecosystem is occurrent the change of seismic displacement class. Only whole supply catenary to cooperate with cheek by jowl, automobile industry ability is in quite continue to develop and be perfected on the foundation of electric car technology currently. Long-term since, SABIC grasps all the time maintaining means of this kind of thinking and operation pattern. Future, we will continue to pursue the cooperative opportunity that encourages innovation and associate. ”Through cooperating with the abidance of automobile industry, SABIC expectation was used a few kinds 2024 thermoplastic the large batteries crust of plastic moulding produces the amount of devoted and electric car. car of mixture motivation of some type that plug phone (PHEV) had used SABIC PP compound to replace aluminous material to be produced at batteries group crust, reduced weight thereby, enlarged a design to be spent freely, controlled warp appearance, and brought other all sorts of benefit. . Current, inside limits, also have a few otherer the quantity produces electric car to use SABIC data at all sorts of component, include module of box of batteries bracket, batteries, batteries and batteries case. Besides developing the new material demand with contented and electric car, SABIC still devotes oneself to to develop all sorts of relevant technologies, for example: The production of large part, join and assemble, hot management of collision analysis and design, batteries, anti-flammability, electric character and function check.

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