On December 9, petrifaction of the coronal in Zhuhai produces per year 100 thousand tons but project of degradation green new material puts on record through. Notable is, this always invests 1.4 billion yuan project, have Cong Zhengding alkyl to arrive again to suitable anhydride 1, 4- Ding Erchun (the entire industry catenary of BDO) . In fact, since this year, to enhance market competition ability further, the enterprise of much home petrifaction such as Qi Xiang Teng Da, petrifaction flourishing rainbow all is in layout —BDO— of butane — suitable anhydride but catenary of industry of degradation new material, the tide of put into production of project of suitable anhydride unifinication comes sadly. Market price of insecurity of supply and demand soares     “ goes up mad, go up mad, 5 skies went up 4000 yuan (ton valence, similarly hereinafter) ! ” recently, the manufacturing business with suitable downstream anhydride plaints in succession, suitable anhydride receives commodity price check one sky a step. Occupy data of business company statistic to show, in December 6~10 day this a week, suitable anhydride all price rises with the week of 31.17% rank price of heavy goods of more than kinds of 100 chemical industry to go up of an a list of names posted up, than last year the corresponding period was to rise more 94.98% . On December 15, suitable anhydride market consults valence is 17666.67 yuan, than rising at the beginning of the month 39.47% . Price of closing quotation of “ international crude oil goes up continuously, rise for heavy goods offerred motivation to prop up, also drive suitable anhydride price to go tall. ” business company arranges anhydride product analyst to think, besides macroscopical element, from the point of suitable anhydride oneself, the near future suffers epidemic situation effect, plant of Zhejiang area portion jockeys in succession, and product shipment suffocate suffocate, the factory of other area also shipment of set limit to. At the same time go into operation of trade of downstream not saturated colophony is held firm, insecurity of supply and demand brings about suitable anhydride price to be pushed continuously go up. And since December, pure benzene market of upper reaches walks below the concussion of terminative also and successive a few months situation, begin look forward to firm go up, had risen up to now at the beginning of the month 5.21% , at present the market all valence achieves 6670 yuan, suitable to benzene law anhydride formed fixed cost to prop up. Market of suitable to later period anhydride goes situation, business company arranges anhydride product analyst to think, at present epidemic situation influence still is put, zhejiang area shipment continues suffocate suffocate, condition of shipment of set limit to of continuance of other area plant, tight situation is supplied to last inside field, predicting near future arranges anhydride market or will exalted concussion. Ban model to make open “ of   of demand space   at present, in traditional demand firm in added base goes up, but the application of degradation new material will open the demand space with suitable potential anhydride. Wei Kai of analyst of negotiable securities of ” the Yangtse River thinks, but degradation is plastic material gets together to benzene — of 2 formic acid oneself 2 acid Ding Erchun ester (PBAT) , get together Ding Er is acerbity Ding Erchun ester (PBS) is with arranging anhydride downstream product is raw material, drive in what ban model to make below, as but degradation is plastic produce can release, future will replace a tradition stage by stage plastic, space of the application that arrange anhydride will expand continuously. The BDO with suitable downstream anhydride is one of important raw material of PBAT, PBS. According to Introduction Wei Kai, 2021~2024 year as PBAT and PBS new increase production can be released in succession, will pull move BDO to increase demand newly 4.86 million tons / year, and new increase production of BDO of predicting the corresponding period can 3.62 million tons / year, both between exist 1.24 million tons / year demand breach. Those who deserve attention is, at present BDO new increase production basically can be the craft of alkyne aldehyde law that is raw material with calcium carbide, calcium carbide suffers as development of industry of high-energy bad news be restricted, the project of BDO of calcium carbide law with because this is current medium program whether as scheduled put into production still remains test and verify. Relative to character, craft of suitable anhydride law more environmental protection, and do not attribute high cost can industry, if did not come 4 years,BDO supply gap complements by craft of suitable anhydride law, will pull so change suitable anhydride requirement 1.43 million tons / or so years. Outside dividing BDO, the another that arrange anhydride is downstream Ding Er acid is PBS producer goods. According to not complete count, if PBS was produced 2024,can achieve 1.41 million tons / year, ding Er of corresponding need raw material is acerbity 960 thousand tons / or so years, if all use production of suitable anhydride law, corresponding pull change suitable anhydride requirement 980 thousand tons / or so years, will add demand newly to make an appointment with 820 thousand tons / year. Predict according to negotiable securities of the Yangtse River, if PBS and PBAT add unit newly can as scheduled put into production, will pull change BDO and Ding Er acerbity requirement, drive suitable anhydride then 2.41 million tons / year potential demand of the left and right sides. Unifinication project suffers “ of favour     to consider suitable anhydride price is higher, suitable anhydride is bought to produce BDO outside not quite be to one's profit, and the raw material of suitable anhydride butane also is bought outside need, the price and supply control hard, because this is taken oneself of butane, suitable anhydride but degradation new material produces chain, reach in cost make sure raw material supplies steady side to have definite advantage. ” introduces according to the personage inside course of study, the project of BDO of suitable anhydride law that builds since this year can choose commonly butane arrives BDO unifinication course. Home arranges Teng Da of Qi Xiang of anhydride bibcock enterprise to arrange anhydride crop actually 2020 to achieve 230 thousand tons, produce can utilization rate has exceeded a design to produce can, home market is had lead 30% above. On November 15, qi Xiang Tengda issues announcement, with Cheng of Tianjin Bo chemical industry limited company is signed " strategic cooperation agreement " , in but degradation is plastic PBS/PBAT, suitable anhydride device is energy-saving fall bad news and suitable anhydride are downstream BDO etc is downstream wait for a respect to begin comprehensive collaboration. Future, qi Xiang vacates the technical dominant position that amounts to combinative Tianjin Bo to change, can produce directly according to machine of choose of vicissitude of the market but degradation is plastic, produce in suitable anhydride can use on more agile. Through seeking cooperation with Qi Xiang Tengda outspread industry catenary differs, filling what rainbow petrifaction adopts is the industrial catenary with direct investment relatively complete construction. Network of official of Cheng Hong petrifaction is public on October 14 show, the company will invest 7.64 billion yuan, in Lian Yun harbor petrifaction base builds 340 thousand tons / year suitable anhydride, 300 thousand tons / year BDO, 180 thousand tons / year the device such as PBAT, use oneself refine to turn unifinication project deputy those who produce butane, form suitable anhydride unifinication to produce an advantage. In addition, garden of science and technology of petrifaction of medium shot of shade of blessing clear river 3 period the project predicts total 2024 put into production, have 800 thousand tons at the appointed time / year suitable anhydride, 600 thousand tons / year BDO produce can, can realize catenary of industry of medium shot petrifaction again outspread; World new share adjusts light hydrocarbon to use announcement of project first phase integratedly at will be being released on October 27, the company will add 90 thousand tons again newly / year suitable anhydride mixes 160 thousand tons / year BDO is produced can, the project content after adjusting is 240 thousand tons / year suitable anhydride, 280 thousand tons / year BDO, 60 thousand tons / year the device such as PBAT/PBS. Visible, be restricted as the government model legislation and execute the law of strength strengthen continuously, of consciousness of environmental protection of the whole people rise increasingly, the cost that the technology progresses or governmental subsidy brings drops, but the development space of future of degradation new material is vast. Petrifaction tycoon has aimed at business chance of this one market, the layout that grab a beach arranges anhydride unifinication construction, with period share at an early date but the market extra dividend of degradation new material.

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