On Feburary 25, ba Sifu releases a company outstanding achievement reported 2021. 2021, sale of Ba Sifu group achieves 78.6 billion euro, promote than 2020 33% . Chairman of executive board of directors of company of Ba Sifu Europe Dr. Bao Mule (Dr. Martin Brudermüller) say: “2021 year, our product price promotes 25% , sales volume synchronism rises 11% ; All business domain achieves the double growth of price and sales volume. ”2021, not plan the accrual before the interest duty of special project, depreciation and amortize is 11.3 billion euro, relatively on year rise 3.9 billion euro; The accrual before interest duty, depreciation and amortize is 11.4 billion euro, relatively on year rise 4.9 billion euro. Not plan the accrual before the interest duty of special project is 7.8 billion euro, achieve 2020 double much; Compare the level before epidemic situation promoted 2019 67% . Ba Sifu's positive profit performance basically reachs data business domain to drive by chemical business domain. Domain of finishing technology business and field of industrial solution business are right also strong anabiosis make contribution. About the market Basifu expresses: Will continue to enlarge the manufacturing base that be in, confident to market development. The unifinication base that Ba Sifu creates in Zhan Jiang is one of sources of power of this company main growth. The chemical output that Basifu was in 2021 grows 7.7% .

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
European the sources of energy rises in price the negative effect that business continues to be in short supply by semiconductor related the car that causes cost to increase Basifu. 2021, especially the fourth quarter, raw material rises in price, the profit that the addition that the sources of energy and content spread cost also gives all business the territory causes adverse effect. To European base of Basifu, rose further as a result of natural gas price 2021, bring about additional cost to make an appointment with 1.5 billion euro, only the fourth quarter achieved 800 million euro 2021. Bao Mule announces: We will be in “ future raises price considerably further inside a few months, in order to answer the rapid growth of cost, raise the yield of downstream business thereby. The established price program of these ” business caused this one delay. Picture cash flows to grow considerably! Q4 sale 19.8 billion euro 2021 annual, the ready money that Ba Sifu manages an activity to arise flows for 7.2 billion euro, was 5.4 billion euro 2020. This grows to basically come from net income considerably rise, achieve 5.5 billion euro. Free 2021 cash flows the 2.3 billion euro from on one year to carry to 3.7 billion euro. the four seasons was spent 2021, the cash that management activity generates flows increased 1.2 billion euro, achieve 3.3 billion euro. Free cash flows for 1.8 billion euro, with photograph of the fourth quarter was compared 2020, increased 84% . The sale that the four seasons spent 2021 and photograph of the corresponding period compared growth last year 24% , achieve 19.8 billion euro. Although performance of the fourth quarter is driving 2020, but Basifu is in the fourth quarter divided data business territory 2021 outside, the sales volume photograph of other department is compared the corresponding period grew somewhat last year. Not plan the earnings before the interest duty of special project, depreciation and amortize increased about 100 million euro, achieve 2.2 billion euro. The accrual before interest duty, depreciation and amortize amounts to 2.3 billion euro, and the fourth quarter was 2 billion euro 2020. The fourth quarter not plan the accrual before the interest duty of special project is 1.2 billion euro, the corresponding period was 1.1 billion euro last year. The accrual before the four seasons spent interest duty 2021 is 1.2 billion euro, the corresponding period was 932 million euro last year. Draw up is sent every breath 3.4 euro are in Basifu on the year shareholder plenary meeting this year, ba Sifu carries out board of directors and supervision board to will offer every faction grows 3.4 euro, promote 0.1 euro than last year, ba Sifu will pay 3.1 billion euro according to the share amount of the end of the year. Bao Mule expresses: “ offers to be adopted like this, be based on the share price end 2021, ba Sifu will offer the high dividend yield of 5.5% . ”Implementation is not financial goal Ba Sifu to already established a goal, to 2030 carbon dioxide discharge capacity relatively decreased 2018 25% . 2021, discharge capacity of carbon dioxide of Ba Sifu annual is 2, 200 thousand tons, compare 2 2020, 800 thousand tons are reduced somewhat. Bao Mule expresses: “ considers the driving growth of crop, this falls very outstanding. ”Far antedate original plan, ba Sifu already came true to was surmounted 2025 model the goal that product sale achieves about 22 billion euro. These can develop the product with outstanding contribution continuously to value catenary, already achieved 24.1 billion euro in the sale 2021. Bao Mule expresses: “ because this, we will adjust the directive target that this one product sets during 2022. ”Ba Sifu of 4.6 billion euro was in plan capital expenditure to was 25.6 billion euro to the plan capital expenditure 2026 2022 2022, than before one plan cycle came 2021 during 2025 tower above 2.7 billion euro. Hans-Ulrich Engel expresses: “ main reason comes from the investment that in base of brand-new Zhan Jiang unifinication and batteries data business at us this two big keys increase a project to go up. They are crucial to driving Basifu's future to develop. ”The investment stability on existing business is in Basifu average and annual the level of 2.6 billion euro. Hans-UlrichEngel expresses, ba Sifu handles the investment that be held with Yu Wei and achieves growth of existing business profit very will carefully. He says: “ this will ensure we are same can with average and annual the capital of about 2.6 billion euro is used at growing a project. The capital expenditure that we get on in growth project will reach peak 2024. ” photograph compares the 3.4 billion euro 2021, ba Sifu achieves 4.6 billion euro in the plan capital expenditure 2022. The one-year budget that is used at activity of research and development is 2.1 billion euro about. Ba Sifu group looked into us to greeted 2022 2022 very driving begin, the digital prep above that appeared in January last year the corresponding period. Bao Mule expresses when looking into the outstanding achievement this year to behave. Ba Sifu predicts, in experience 2021 strong after anabiosising, economic growth will tend 2022 gently, achieve the growth of 3.8% . Bao Mule expresses: “ because the order keep long in stock of industrial domain is more, we predict industrial production will grow 3.8% , chemical product production will grow 3.5% . ” company is forecasted, bulunte every pails average price is crude oil 75 dollars, exchange rate respect converts 1.15 dollars for 1 euro. Be based on these hypothesis, ba Sifu predicts to will realize 74 billion euro to come 2022 the sale between 77 billion euro. Basifuji is round not plan the accrual before the interest duty of special project predicts to come in 6.6 billion euro between 7.2 billion euro. Already employed capital return rate (ROCE) predict to be in 11.4% to 12.6% between. Predict discharge capacity of annual carbon dioxide will be in 2022 1, 9.6 million tons to 2, 600 thousand tons between. Impact of Ba Sifu that calculated limits to consider uncertainty is caused, the supply that lasts especially catenary is interrupted, the promotion of the further progress of new coronal epidemic situation and price of the sources of energy.

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