Personage love a car knows, former plant lacquer cannot be replaced along with all the others only, once get,injury also is not reversible. To maintain the “ face ” that loves a car, drive at ordinary times not only cautious, attention weather changes, go regularly even 4S inn waxes or plating brilliant, take time is arduous. Then in recent years, the TPU that already protective function has hairdressing effect again is invisible friend of car of car garment fashionable is encircled.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
RODIM®TPU is invisible car garment PPF (Paint Protection Film) comes from Basifupin to assure character invisible a kind of common that car garment is diaphragm of colored varnish face says, the market is at present genteel row and high grade is TPU material those who pledge is invisible car garment. Right invisible car garment, the move since the character of TPU decides action. And Mu of RODIM Luo Di is invisible car garment, weigh a pound to manufacture by the TPU supplier Ba Sifu of top class character just about. From former expect finished product. Ba Sifu ensures product quality is complete industrial catenary but date from. Garment of car of Mu of each Luo Di is 10 all-round abiding brightness is all-around invisible protection, resist effectively cadaver of all sorts of acid rain, bug, gummy wait for pollution, hour defend lacquer of your former plant car. Hard nucleus actual strength, the gas end achievement hard nucleus arrives from particle base film, coating, luo Di Mu transfers dominant position of entire industry catenary adequately, make clothing of more exceedingly good car of Luo Di Mu, 3 big characteristics reveal his extraordinary hard nucleus actual strength: Ego rehabilitate, without rice of accept of TPU of dread nick harm top class coating has outstanding automatic rehabilitate to behave. Tip radical film, establish doughty soul to use tip radical film, taller flatness, brightness, be able to bear or endure more by force await a gender. Accomplished Luo Di Mu beautiful beautiful without the car with mark, changeless with the passing of time Qishou is protected. Abiding wear-resisting, without technology of dread years forward position, promote car garment wear-resisting the index considerably. Abiding guard, make all previous of face of former plant lacquer long cover is new. Service of rich product selection, perfect form a complete set is current, RODIM is invisible the ROD-R2 Low Gloss of the ROD-RI that car garment has bright side, ROD-R2, ROD-R2Pro, ROD-R3 Pro and dumb light a few kinds of norms, product function all passes strict test, its ply, fight coloring, brightness, fight corrupt function, fight blow function, repair function, be able to bear or endure yellow change the respect such as aging behavior is in an industry to precede, and but according to client demand the body is custom-built. Ba Sifu still is offerred one-stop excellent service, the workshop of the construction that do not have dirt that has major and equipment, experienced construction personnel, professional technology and tool, the operation flow that standardizes strictly, offer for you close, put be convinced Wu.

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