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Ba Sifu oneself 2 amine are produced can come extend 260 thousand tons / year

On January 17, 2022, ba Sifu announces to will expand in Europe on its official net oneself 2 amine and nylon the productivity of 66.

Ba Sifu decides the Chalampé in France (Sha Langpei, mattress of the Lai on France is provincial) build a new oneself 2 amine (HMD) factory. New plant predicts 2024 put into production, will make 2 amine produce per year Basifu's oneself after put into production the quantity increases 260 thousand tons. In addition, ba Sifu still announces to will begin to be in Germany from 2022 Freiburg (Fulaibao) enlarge nylon of 66 produce can. According to Introduction Basifu, this investment plans to will enlarge the 66 business of nylon that its bought from Suoerwei 2020 further. Chief of branch of Ba Sifu monomer Dr. Ramkumar Dhruva expresses: “ is passed build in Sha Langpei oneself 2 amine factory and nylon expands in Fulaibao of 66 produce can, ba Sifu will ensure can offer more reliable oneself for the client 2 amine and nylon 66 products, also will satisfy the demand that the market increases ceaselessly at the same time. ”
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