Pass stuff 20% , 30% with the carbon fiber of 40% , ba Sifu (BASF) expanded its Ultramid Ultramid? Advanced increases model carbon fiber gets together adjacent benzene amine of 2 armour acyl (PPA) product combination. The advantage of this kind of new material includes: The part that can be used at making imponderability, replace aluminium and magnesium surely, still won't loss stiffness and intensity, and have conductivity. Is the product of these new level integrated Ultramid? Advanced N (PA9T) the characteristic of material and advantage, make go up from the market already some carbon fiber enhance PPA show itself in the product: Low bibulous rate brought expensive measure stability, outstanding be able to bear or endure chemical sex and be able to bear or endure hydrolysis sex, and high strenth and high standard quantity. These new carbon fiber enhance material to be able to be used at making the car structural member on automobile body, batholith and dynamical assembly, industrial pump, fan, gear and compressor, and what consumptive electron industry uses is stable and exceed small cell. New carbon fiber enhances the mechanical performance of PPA composite material, can differ through the choice the carbon fiber of sort and content and will adjust through additive technology. Contain the Ultramid of 40% carbon fiber? Advanced N3HC8 has excel magnesium and aluminous intensity and modular amount below the temperature of 80 ℃ . Our new PPA carbon fiber enhances “ the metal that matching batch mixing is ideal replaces data, this just is not evaluated from the angle of material function. The Michael Pilarski of management department of business of PPA of ” Ba Sifu expresses, “ is close, we saw different magnesium produces business to facing safe problem, this makes supply cannot forecast, make a spare parts still can raise additional systematic cost with magnesium or aluminium. Because use us,the PPA of new level can be decreased weigh 25% ~ 30% , the metallic part that means us to be a tradition offerred a kind of safety, economy and replace data high-poweredly. "Does   combine Basifu's Ultrasim? Emulation software, can build correct model, with imitate component behavior, optimize mould appearance. Accordingly, ultramid? Advanced CF level conduces to disparate industry realizing a function compositive and decrease heavy: Electric car or fuel cell car can pass the weight that reduces structural part or dynamical drive disk assembly to lengthen add boat course of development; The high strenth that because new PPA material can be offerred,consumes electronic product and tall stiffness, excellent dimension stability and extremely low weight and good processability, can acquire frivolous exact structure; Heavy-duty, high load and long-term and durable industry equipment are like pump and compressor, the good measure stability that can provide because of new carbon fiber level and be able to bear or endure high chemical, heat-resisting and wearability and more make easily. With have similar the fibre glass that enhances material increases model polyamide (PA) photograph comparing, carbon fiber increases model model of lighter, drawing estimates the weight of PPA compound taller. The PA6 that with what weight increases for the carbon fiber of 20% PPA comparing uses stuff of 50% fibre glass or PA66 are light 20% . With fill 50% fibre glass increase model the data phase of polyamide is compared, increase model is carbon fiber content the Ultramid of 20% ? The tensile strength of Advanced compound is better, or is about the same, and processability can be better. For example, after high temperature ageing, ultramid? Advanced N3HC8 is very stable, heat in 120 Celsius 5000 hours or heat in 150 Celsius after 3000 hours, still withhold the drawing model amount of 100% .

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