Ba Sifu will be located in German road De Weixi harbor produces base get together the element in different butene measures a product (OPPANOL®The yield of B) can rise 25% . This investment aims to satisfy the whole world to be opposite high quality in molecular quantity gets together the demand that different butene increases ceaselessly.

“ passes arrange of this with one action, we consolidated Basifu serves as the position of reliable supplier further, puissant support the growth of each industry clients and strict requirement, lena Adam of senior vice president represents fuel of ” Ba Sifu SE and lubricant solution.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)

Molecular quantity gets together in the necessary function constituent that different butene is each industry products, include car, building, electron and food and the industry that pack. Applied domain includes data of bond of sealant of exterior diaphragm, window, batteries and food to pack a solution to wait.

What “ adds newly is medium molecular quantity gets together different butene (OPPANOL®The productivity of B) will make our client can achieve growth through innovation solution, make contribution to can develop continuously, be in for example energy-saving building respect. Be opposite by right of us the converse conformity of crucial raw material, we will develop Basifu adequately to get together as the whole world different butene is gotten army the actual strength of the enterprise, fuel of ” Ba Sifu SE and market of lubricant solution whole world and product development vice president Dr. Tanja Rost express.

This is produced can enlarge is added predict to will be finished first half of the year 2025.

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