Recently, ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction researcher last a period of time between a year of a long time, development goes firm of unit of cresol of colophony device adjacent to contain test new method. Classics test, new method expects every batches but managing the analytic time of 2 hours, percent of pass improved adjacent cresol plant 16% . All the time since, the crucial factor that restricts promotion of output of unit of colophony of aldehyde of cresol of adjacent of Ba Ling petrifaction is viscosity of on the low side of percent of pass, product cannot accuse. To raise yield, plant technology backbone undertakes to index of calendar year product statistic is analysed, discover on the low side of percent of pass is main the reason is A makings solid contains an analysis to forbid, a expects solid is contained matter to the affiliation with alkaline reaction to measure, the equivalent that affects a product eventually, organic chloric, viscosity and colour and lustre. To solve manufacturing bottleneck, shorten man-hour, raise percent of pass, began last year, backbone of technology of plant of colophony of ministry of colophony of Ba Ling stone and researcher of epoxy resin center together, contain an analysis to undertake tackling key problem to solid. They break free from conventions, adopt new way durative to 80 batches solid is contained undertake dogging, according to data contrast is analysed, ceaseless and perfect, make gave a brand-new solid to contain analytic method, wove detailed operation program. Method of “ new analysis has convenient, fast, accurate advantage, after using, unit daily output is in adjacent cresol to promote steadily. ” colophony device produces director Xiao Xiong to say. In the past, every batches of makings measure solid to contain need to do 3 appearance to take average at the same time, the time that make appearance is long, and analytic result wave motion is big. After new analysis method is carried out, every batches of makings need to do an analysis 1 times only, do model time to shorten 2 hours, improved manufacturing efficiency effectively. As we have learned, current, method of this kind of new analysis already tried Ba Ling petrifaction run half month, the accord that acquired staff reputably. Author: Plum Hengyu plum seedling

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