This year first half of the year, ministry of colophony of company of Ba Ling petrifaction is grabbed seize market opportunity, optimize sale structure, epoxy resin is exported compared to the same period amplitude 13% , new development 5 terminal client, and take for “ all the way ” along the line and area client. This year first quarter, one unit project transforms unit of epoxy resin of the liquid of ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction that finish. Quality of device of one unit colophony stabilizes the liquid epoxy resin after transforming, daily output stability is in 147 tons of above, epoxy resin crop will break through 10 thousand tons in June. While effort does ” of cake of big crop “ , this increase the market to grind sentence, hold sale rhythm, control a venture effectively, surveyor's pole rate of exchange realizes rise in value compared to the same period. They optimize sale structure, add sell the brand with additional high cost, CYD-011 colophony product is added first half of the year annul 11% ; The key tackles key problem wind report uses epoxy resin client, wind report is added compared to the same period with epoxy resin first half of the year sell nearly 1 times; Develop new client actively, half an year develops 35 new clients, among them client of colophony of adjacent cresol aldehyde 5, foreign trade exports a client 5. As we have learned, basis of ministry of colophony of Ba Ling petrifaction client demand, increase colophony product to speak a name, accomplish exit breed diversification. This sale content sheds Zhou Sha of clerk of central foreign trade to introduce, epoxy resin market of Europe is very mature, and exit Europe has certain custom duty, “ is very difficult from which ” of position of race to control.

China unsaturated polyester resin (UPR)
A year ago, an Europe client begins sample to check the work, zhou Sha sends 5 batches of sample for the client in succession, consult to scientific research technician, provide technical support for the client, decide the applicable parameter of product index, help client solves applied technology difficult problem. After sample checks a success, this client from stabilize regularly not only since the beginning of the year today purchase product of epoxy resin of for private use, still recommend epoxy resin of Ba Ling petrochemical other client, ministry of the colophony that help strength is added sell synergism. First half of the year, some “ is taken all the way client of ” along the line is purchasing Ba Ling in petrifaction colophony process, requirement colophony packs a bucket ton the butterfly a powerful person that diameter of bucket valve nominal is 80 millimeter. “ normally colophony ton bucket valve is nominal diameter the ball valve of 50 millimeter, if change nominal diameter to be the butterfly a powerful person of 80 millimeter, without appropriate sealing ring. ” Zhou Sha introduces, colophony of “ afraid liquid is divulged in maritime line-haul process, considering the sealing of valve, we and supplier are communicated, and affirm repeatedly with the client, divulge to prevent valve, find the sealing ring of a special material, match the butterfly a powerful person of load door requirement, detect via the experiment after ensuring valve does not have leak, just deliver goods to the client. ” is current, this client already formed stability to purchase.

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